Cincinnati web design. Six ways to get effective website.

In this article we go over web design and web development process and different options to get a good website in Cincinnati

Cincinnati web design. 6 different ways to get effective website.

Web design and website development is a crucial task for every business owner. In this article, we would like to go over different ways of building a website for businesses and the costs associated with them. We will also talk about Cincinnati web design companies and their approach to website development.

Why do you need a website in the first place?

According to multiple sources, 90% percent of the American population regularly uses the internet. Do you already feel the wind of opportunity? It is also known as the wind of change for the business in the US. Considering the fact that the population of Cincinnati is a bit over 300 thousand, you might think about reaching this audience of 270 thousand with the help of your new website.

Web domination changed the marketing discourse and made it simpler. The classic 4P concept (product, price, promotion, place) now has a significant remark. The last P became the whole internet. The business services and products are now in one place, at your website, accessible by users in any village, town, city, country and the rest of the world. No more attachment to the old-school brick-and-mortar offline spots.

Of course, you still need to be represented in the offline space, but many businesses have moved on further into the web, by creating websites and promoting their websites with the help of digital tools.

6 ways to create an effective website.

Now that we have clarified why you need the website, let’s talk about how you can actually get a website, most importantly, how you can make it work effectively. In this article we will talk about 6 different ways to get a website to achieve your business goals:

1. DIY by learning web development.

2. DIY with the help of website builders.

3. Find the small local web design agency in Cincinnati.

4. Ask the big digital and web design and development company to do website for you.

5. Find a web design company with the development team on outsource.

6. Figure out what exactly you need and pick a suitable web design agency.

We will discuss the pros and cons of every way mentioned to become a website owner and (in the spirit of full disclosure) will offer our website development services at the end of this article. But for now, we want to concentrate on helping you to choose the best option to achieve your business goals.

DIY by learning web development

Despite the common opinion about the web development process and the programming languages related to website building, they are far from being rocket science. And if you are only starting your path as an entrepreneur and you are full of energy and enthusiasm, creating a website is a good starting point for you.

What you are going to need:

1. Plan what you need to learn to create a website: for standard website development you are going to need HTML, CSS and a little bit of PHP.

2. Spend from 4 to 5 hours a day to learn web design and development over the 2 to the 3-week time period, in the up listed order (the timing may vary depending on your learning process).

3. Check out at least 100 other websites in the US (the more the better) to learn about current trends in website development, such as website pages layout, general website style rules, and the operation details.)

4. Stay patient and finish what you have started and to learn web design and web development.

The result of your work won’t look awesome, but you will build simple standard website. Of course for the duration of 2 or 3 weeks, you won’t have anything new, but it’s a good place to start, for someone with a low budget and high ambitions :)


1. Complete understanding of how the website works.

2. The ability to change anything you want on your website.

3. It’s free! No web design agencies and website developers required.


1. High time expenses for learning, website design and web development.

2. You won’t be able to focus on your business goals during a month or so.

DIY with the help of website builders

If you want to be fast and need your website ASAP with low cost and medium quality you can use platforms like Wix, Template Monster, WordPress template, Tilda or other website builders, without web design agency help. There are plenty of reasons that such platforms are getting more popular nowadays.

Choosing this path will cost you from $200 to $400 to get a ready-made website template with standard or a bit customized web design without web development at all. After you get a website template all you have to do is to input the content (texts and images) with the help of website’s admin panel or visual editor (depends on the platform).
With the help of some of them, you will be able to create your own website design and edit the layout. But, of course, the customization of your website and layout capabilities will be limited.


1. Low price tag for a website, which makes it really good for startups and small businesses.

2. Even though the customization is narrow, you have the ability to create your own web design, using the visual editor.

3. Fast website development. You can make yourself a new website over one week if your content is ready to go.


1. Medium website quality. Limited website customizations capabilities will mean limited ways in which you will be able to deliver your message through the website based on the unique goals of your business.

2. There may be additional costs associated with fixing and maintaining the website (since you don’t have the understanding of the code). And the website’s price tag for corrections is pretty high nowadays.

3. The website design and layout will remain standard. Anyone else can use the same website template as you, aka your website will not be unique.

Find the small local web design agency in Cincinnati.

This issue is specific to Cincinnati state entrepreneurs. We researched local Cincinnati web design and web development companies and came back with some unsettling results. Most of local web design agencies in Cincinnati (and in Indianapolis) offer low price web design and web development with even lower website quality than the website builders. This practice falls below the market standard. As a general rule of thumb, most web design agencies developing companies tend to be more involved in clients’ website projects, are more customer-oriented and provide their clients with unique web customization features and individual website development approaches.

In addition to the low-quality service web design agencies and web development companies in Cincinnati charge to the high of a price. The price tag for a website falls between $1000 and $4000.)

Nevertheless, while web design companies in Cincinnati provide outdated product (your website) for the unreasonably high cost, they are locally based providing an option to walk into their office if needed. This accessibility is found to be important for people of 40 years old and older (generally speaking), who used to work with people face to face.

To summarize, using services of local web design companies can prove to be very advantageous for most firms, especially in big cities like Dallas, San Francisco, New York, and Boston. In general, they provide higher quality web design and web development services and the opportunity to meet your contractor face to face in their office if needed. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the web design and web development firms in Cincinnati. While the teams are accessible and the customer service is adequate, the quality of the websites is lower than the market standard.


1. Lower price tag comparing to “top players” in web design and web development services.

2. Customer oriented approach.

3. Old school business approach: the opportunity to be physically present in the office and talk to your vendor face-to-face.


1. Low quality of web design and development in Cincinnati.

2. Higher price tag comparing to website builders (which is vital, considering the quality of the website).

3. Estimated website development time 2 month.

Ask the big digital and web design and development company to do website for you.

Of course, the best option is to find the “big players” on the market and to ask the big web design agency or web development company to do it for you.
You will get at least 4 specialists to work on your project and build your website (business analyst/project manager, backend developer, frontend developer, and web designer). The contractor will go deep into your business to make an individual and customized website to satisfy all your business needs, fit in with the audience and attract potential new clients. You will get a website of far superior quality comparing to local Cincinnati web design agencies and web development companies.


1. Total website customization that fits your business goals.

2. Creative and effective web design and web development approach.

3. Full attention to your website development project.


1. There is only one big con: the price for such websites usually starts at $10k and up - depending solely on your wishes considering website and available budget. This path can get pretty expensive for small-sized businesses. It is a good option for medium-size ad big-size companies willing to invest in digital exposure.

Find a web design company with a web development team on outsource.

The main secret of “top players” success on website production is the outsourced web development teams. Some web design agencies and website development companies work with talent from India, Israel or Eastern Europe.
While the outsourced specialists provide the same level knowledge as US specialists concerning website production they accept a much lower hourly rate (two or three times less).
So basically when you buy services from the US-based company with the US-based employees, the cost you are paying needs to cover their real estate expenses as well as the salary of the account manager who is going to work with you during website development process.

While outsourcing has been a go-to strategy for major US web design agencies and web development companies, it is not the approach that other businesses take when thinking of building their website. The reason for that is while the US audience takes comfort in the familiarity of the local vendors, the foreign web design agencies and web development companies are not as easy to come by on their own or simply by googling them.)


1. You get the same quality website as with the big web design agencies and web development companies, the same number of specialists to build your website, but you pay twice as less, for the web design and development services provided. In other words, you get the “top players” level website with the local Cincinnati web design agency price tag.

2. Total website customization to achieve business goals, and the high-level team of professionals at your exposal.


1. There is no opportunity of physical presence at your contractors’ office, which is the main and only problem of this approach. Also, there is a risk of miscommunication, in case if the vendor you are working with over your website creation is not proficient in English.

Figure out what exactly you need and pick a suitable option.

It is crucial that before you move on to creating your website you take your time weighing your options and choose the approach that fits your needs most. We want you to feel comfortable with your choices, therefore, we urge you to consider all the options mentioned earlier their pros and their cons (you can use the yellow notebook or your tablet’s sketchpad). Once you figure out what website does your business need we hope we can be there to help you get it.

What we offer is the outsourced talent option for web design and website development. We are a web development company, based in Ukraine (with representatives in US, Spain and Israel). We work with other web development companies and web design agencies in major US cities, like San Francisco and Miami, as well as creating websites working directly with other clients as well.

You can see the examples of our work (websites built by us) in the “Portfolio” section of our site, along with our standard price offers for web design and web development services under “Services and prices” website section.

We believe that we can provide you with high-quality website for the more than reasonable price. Our company consists of skilled young professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality websites and excellent customer service experience. We would like to bring our expertise to Cincinnati and are confident that the quality of our work can speak for itself.

If you had the chance to weigh your options and find that our web development and web design company meets your needs, just click the “Callback” button in the footer, fill in your details and the account representative will get right back to you.

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