Tampa web design. How to make your website trendy?

Web design trends are changing fast and your website is remaining the same. How to figure out if your website design in Tampa is still good?

Creating new website in Tampa. Web design in Tampa.

Web design and website development in Tampa vary. You can find amazing example of extraordinary web design, websites with clean and simple web design with different range of unique features and functions. But, unfortunately, most of websites in USA and specifically Tampa got out of trends long ago.

If you consider creating a new website in Tampa you should go over the core issues to understand what is really needed to make website effective. In this article you are going to find some trends in Tampa web design based on Tampa websites example with pros and cons.

Tampa web design trends and trends all over the world.

Of course, everyone wants to get a quality website with fancy web design at affordable price, but nothing comes for free. Therefore, it doesn’t worth to cut costs on website. After all, a well-designed online resource or website is not only a tool for making money, but also a business card of your business. So what is the perfect modern website?

Clean website design

A lot of text, flat icons, scrolling, realistic web design - forget about it! Today minimalism and simplicity rule the web design trends all over the world. And Tampa's web design too by the way.
The right way to web design trends leans through the empty space, white or gray background, asymmetry, bright colors, huge fonts and big pictures - this is what will make your customers' hearts tremble in 2019.
Focus on content and product. Say no to old web design trends. There are great examples of local Tampa web design and local Tampa websites.

Here is two examples of website design we are talking about. The first web design layout is an example of local Tampa website (appliances trading) and example of what you shouldn’t do with your website design. And the second image shows our web design sample which we created for the company in the same sphere called “Karcher”.

As you might notice, clean simple design looks much better than the layouts trashed with tons of text and images. All you should be focus on is to present your product on your website. While the product gets most attention when there is nothing distracting around. We believe that business in Tampa should grow faster and go conquer the web surface, as it clearly has much to offer. All you need to do is to create a good website with clean and pleasant web design and start your Internet conquest.

Mobile first! Pay attention to mobile version web design.

Do you remember the times when a website loading speed was a bit faster than a sleeping sloth? These times are long gone. Today, the web surface allows us to perform more and more actions on the Internet from a smartphone getting more and more customers from Tampa and the whole US.

According to our data, by the middle of 2019, the average percentage of mobile traffic by DIGIANTS agency clients reached 65%.

World statistics says the same thing:

1. In 2018, 52.2% of global online traffic was generated via mobile devices, which is 1.9% more than a year earlier (Statista, 2018).

2. 70% of smartphone users who bought something in the online store, on website first looked for product information on comany website from a smartphone (Google, 2017).

3. 89% of people are more likely to recommend the brand to others after a positive online experience on website from the phone (Google, 2017).

4. Over 40% of all online transactions are made from mobile devices (Google, 2017).

5. 80% of managers of B2B companies are looking for information about products or services in the evening on the tablet (IDG Global Solutions).

Today, adaptive web design is a must. According to uplisted and other multiple researches (that claim Tampa’s websites mobile traffic share to be 57%), your potential clients prefer surfing your website instead of checking on brick-and-mortar stores.
Unfortunately many websites in Tampa have poor adaptive web design and show low website response rate from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

So pay attention to the website mobile version and if you have troubles recognizing website design on mobile device you should seriously consider the rebranding with new web design for your business.

When planning a mobile version of website do not forget about these elements:

1. Call button that allows customer to contact the company with a single touch;
2. Slide shows and carousels of images on website;
3. Simplified website navigation;
4. Reduced website graphics (headlines, images, interactive web design elements).

Videos instead of longreads on websites.

If you are worrying that the video will make your website slow and rigid? Nevermind! We prefer our clients to be happy instead of worry. That is why we cut videos to the smaller size and make them adaptive on website. Which negates the speed reduction troubles. The absolute pro of placing a video on website - conversions and website viewing time increase. A short clip can tell much more about your business than paragraphs of text on your website. For example for one of our clients (well-known worldwide car rental company AVIS company) we’ve made the whole package of video materials, showing short circles of promo videos with business areas views and image videos starting on mouse hover. Here is how it looks like on the homepage of leasing service’s branch website.

Website animations. Interactive web-design.

Your website user experience should be fun. Yes, you read it right - fun! Interaction with the website interface is the most important part of potential customer experience. So the best option is to plan website animations (automatic reactions to any action) during web design process.
Animated web design elements, dynamic images and changing their color on mouse hover buttons. With the help of animations in web design you can make website blocks appear and present your products the way the user won’t ever forget.

But don’t you ever forget that the website user should feel the functionality on an intuitive level, without thinking about navigation at all. The simple test for the any Tampa website and web design simplicity and usability is to count clicks for the final destination, there shouldn’t be more than three clicks over the website.
For the corporate and B2B websites the final destination is leadform. For e-commerce websites and online stores website should lead a customer to the purchase. You can’t even imagine how many customers drop their shopping carts because the purchase process is too long and complex.

To check how the animations look like, you can check our homepage, hover your mouse cursor on our buttons or check out DIGIANTS agency client’s websites in “Portfolio” website section.
Unfortunately we couldn’t find trendy examples on Tampas websites and online stores. It means that Tampa web design haven’t been challenged for a long time. But there are good news as well. There is the whole Internet to conquer for Tampa small and middle sized businesses.

How to get effective web design and trendy website in Tampa?

The first thing you should do is to open your website and to take the yellow scratchpad. Divide the list in two columns and fulfill left column with your website pros and the right one with website cons. But be fair and honest!

If the left column has a longer list, and you start thinking of a new website design, fulfill the contact form on our website and we will start creating the best website in your business niche!

If you are looking for more information check out other news and insights in our blog.

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