How to find web design agency to create a new website.

How to find web design agency? How to choose the right one? Where to start? The answers you're going to find in this article.

Why should you hire a web design agency at first place?

Today there are a lot of opportunities to create a fancy website by your own. But is it going to be good enough? And how much time is it going to take? These are the right questions you should be asking at first place. To develop a website you are going to need 2-3 month and probably your website will still look clumsy.

There is also another option to hire specialist in house to develop a website. It gives a high credit of control, but one web developer is not enough for sure. You will have to hire the whole team - web designer (UI/UX), web developer, project manager, QA specialist and content-manager to get a content for your website (images, texts). And the right question here is what to do next, when the project is over? This will take lots of HR specialists hours and your own time to control the process. By the way it is going to be much more expensive that web design agency services.

If you don’t want to waste time on learning and developing website and definitely not going to spend extra time and money for inhouse specialists. You need web design agency services only once in 4-5 years. You may read it as “what’s the point of learning web development if i need it so rarely?” or “it is better to trust specialist in order not to do it all over again in one year!”.

Hiring a web design agency relieves you from headache and cuts the cost, bringing new opportunities to your business in web.

How to find a web design agency?

One of the best option to find a web design agency is to find their work. Search for websites design you like in your business’ niche and then check who is the author. Sometimes the name of web design agency written in the footer, sometimes you need to go on google. But unfortunately it doesn’t always works out. Because if you like the design doesn’t mean your customers will. From the other hand, many web design agencies sign a contract with their clients, that prohibits working with other companies in your sphere.

The other option to find a web design agency is to check on top lists. There are many companies in plenty different ratings. The problem here is that such ratings are usually sponsored by web design agencies who want to be listed.

Of course you can also look over Upwork or maybe Goodfirms and find some design agencies there. You will see the ratings by users, reviews and tips. Also you can simply write “hire web design agency” or “web design agency + anything you need” (for example name of your city) in google and check on results. Or you can find an expertise in web design agency blog considering your issues. Just like you did if you are reading this article. Then you can go further through our website and leave us your contact details.

The reason we are not advising any of those for sure is your unique business needs. We have no idea what budget do you have and what idea you want to implement on your website with a help of web design agency.

That is why we will continue with short tips on how to find a web design agency, what questions to ask and how to understand that you should hire a web design agency you’ve found (with any uplisted methods).

For the start choose 5-6 web design agencies you like (the more the better actually). And then call each web design agency (or ask your assistant to do it).

Where to start with choosing a web design agency?

At first place you should figure out what is your resources for new website. That means you should ask few questions to yourself at first place.

1. What is the estimated budget for the whole website project?
2. Do you have the content for a website (images, texts, marketing materials)?
3. In what time do you expect the finished website (is it urgent or not)?
4. What are the web design examples you like (you should choose 2-3 website to show web design agency account manager to explain what you expect website to look like).
5. What functions have to be on website (e-commerce, filters, advanced search, registration etc).
6. What is the main goal of new website?

For example:

Let’s say you need corporate website for your business to introduce your services to potential customers in the Internet. Estimated budget for a website project is $3000. You already have a website so there is no rush but you expecting to get the new one in three month as you have just finished the new brand book. Alos you already have the texts and images for the new website.

You want users to read information about your services, check on your cases and leave you a message through the standard contact form on website and poping up contact form. Also you expect new website to have clean design with your brand color, advanced animations and interactive web design.

And of course you want to be able to change the content by yourself, which means you are going to need the admin panel. Let’s assume you had the previous website on most popular platform - WordPress. There is no reason to change it as all team is familiar with it.

Questions to ask web design agency.

If you want to understand if the web design agency you are calling to is the right one, you should ask the right questions. After you briefly described your project, and the web design agency person is still on the phone continue with questions.

Here is what we suggest to ask your potential web design agency:

1. How big is web design agency team?
2. How many specialists are going to work on website? What are those specialists?
3. Does web design agency team similar with developing on platform you’ve chosen (Of course they are if you want wordpress. But in case you want custom admin or other platform you should check).
4. Does the web design agency have experience in your business niche?
5. What are the payment options and schedule?
6. How is the whole process organized?

For example:

Our web design agency consist of 11 people working on website production. We have at least 4 people working over the project we described in this article as an example. Those specialists are digital marketing and seo specialist, web designer (UI/UX), web developer and, of course a project manager, controlling the process and communicating with client.
For more complex projects such as web apps we have frontend and backend developers.
Our web design agency specialists developing websites on most popular platforms such as WordPress. We have experience in developing custom admin panels on clients wish and also have experience of building websites on Opencart and Magento, We take 50% payment at the start of the project and charge the rest when the website is on clients hosting and domain.

The last question is the most important. Because the qualitative website received before the deadline depends on web design agency workflow. As well as web design agency customer orientation level.

For example in our web design agency we go deep into clients business and the competitors digital strategies. We analyze the niche, and offer a client the best option to become the best with new website.

1. So after the first contact we do the market research and offer couple options for the new website design and architecture.
2. We create the prototype of future website and show it to the client. Basically it is a scheme where we explain where elements are going to be. It’s based on website’s users behavior research.
3. Then we send all pages design layouts. The main goal is to help client to understand how the website will look like exactly.
4. The next step is not visible for the client and is called web development. During web development project we do the website pages markup and make the website work as one integrated system. Afterwards we show website to the client with all the animations, functions and admin panel that client requested.
5. The last step is a website transfer to client’s domain and it’s release.

On every stage of a project client is involved in the project and can accept or reject features and design elements. Basically we let our clients to influence on web design and development process on every stage.

What to do next after you’ve chosen the right web design agency?

If you did everything we wrote in this article you’ve become much closer to picking the right web design agency. If so, we advise you to relax and help your web design agency by fast feedback during 2-3 days.

It is much better to choose professionals instead of amateurs and we hope you will make the right decision and hire web design agency to create new website.

If you want to ask us some questions, please press a button in below, in the website footer and send us your contact details. We will be very happy if you let us be your web design agency and make the best website for you.

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