We are designers, developers and strategists.

We began our journey in 2016. During this time we managed to overcome the path from a startup, to a well-coordinated team with branches and representatives in 5 countries all over the world. We provide services in 4 languages ​​and every day we help to solve problems of clients around the world. Our company creates practical, fine and functional IT-products for businesses.

For such a short period of existence, thanks to our work, more than 50 projects have seen the light, and they are successfully operating to this day. Such as design and development of websites of varying complexity, applications for developers with interactive 3d models, software in the banking and legal sphere, CRM systems for large businesses, e-commerce platforms and popular b2b websites for corporate customers.

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Client-orientation
  • Always creative
  • Affordable price tag

We are creating and implementing marketing strategy, visualizing companies offers, products and stories on the web-surface.

Partners and Countries

Being new on a difficult market is always hard. That's why we have put some work over the partners search, and right now we have strong mutually beneficial partnerships all over the world.

At the moment we have five partners and representatives all over the world:

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  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • San Francisco, USA

Clients who trust us:

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