Do I need a mobile version of the website?

Why do you need mobile version for your website. Why it is so crucial in 2019 and what are the causes. Click to find out more.

What are the prospects for mobile development?

In 2018, the amount of mobile traffic worldwide has exceeded 50%. Users increasingly prefer to surf the Internet via mobile devices.

What does this mean for business?

This fact will have to be considered and forget about the lack of a mobile version of the site. Today in the trend of mobile first, both for ease of use and for ranking in search engines like Google.

Strive to simplify the user's path, choose a convenient and fast mobile version of the site. Your potential client in two or three clicks should get to the goal that interests him and you. That is, in fact: Read the product information, click on the button (CTA) and leave a request.

Please note that mobile layout should be made for extensions from 320 pixels wide to 719 pixels. Also, follow the implementation of adaptive layout for extensions from 720 pixels to 1199 pixels for small laptops and large tablets.

Fast loading, simple, but creative design, user-friendly and intuitive interface. What else is needed for the generation of smartphones? ..

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