medical supplies and equipment website

strict corporate b2b website for medical supplies distributor

  • Services: Design + Development
  • Admin panel: custom
  • Design: 8 unique pages layouts
  • Mobile version: responsive design


Our client is an official distributor of expensive Israeli medical equipment. It was important for the client to make the site on time by strict deadline, since an important conference dedicated to innovative medicine was coming. And, of course, it was important to be represented not only on the stand, but also in digital space.
Our client’s company operates in the expensive market segment and the starting price even for the cheapest equipment is quite high. Therefore, the request was to beautifully but strictly present the products: medical and cosmetological laser devices.

  • Content: images / photos
  • Monthly visits: > 5 000
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Budget: $1400

project TERMS

Since the deadline was extremely close (3 weeks to create the website including the content for the website), we immediately started the project and organized the workflow in a way so the design immediately was approved, and each individual page went into development phase without waiting for the next one.
Thanks to the quick customer feedback, we were able to go through the approval phase of the pages in a few hours, which also contributed to the delivery of the website on time.

FEATURES OF medical webSITE’s web DESIGN

Despite the tight deadlines, we made the website structure similar to an online store, telling the user that the website has medical equipment and devices that can be purchased. All you need to do is to leave a request.
Clustering the medical products into categories on website, we adhered to all the same strictly style and classic tones: gray, white and black.
For a detailed presentation of the product (there is always a lot of information about medical equipment), we went away from the usual boring tables and prepared an interactive element that expands all product details in 3 slides.

Web development features FOR THE medical webSITE

We used a flexible website “engine” for web development in order to make the website as fast and flexible as possible for making extra adjustments (we assumed in advance that, in the future, it would be necessary for the client, since it is simply impossible to take into account everything in such short terms).
We added the ability to change each line to the admin panel, and the admin panel itself was made convenient and understandable so that in future the content manager, seo and marketing specialists would not encounter problems “where to find it?” and “how to change it?” but could do anything they need through the admin panel.
After all, if we had chosen something like popular WordPress, there would have been much questions about how to fill in the info on website, upload content to the interactive elements and change the language versions (in WordPress this is realized with the help of plug-ins, for example).

Medical website PROJECT RESULTS

We managed to prepare a demo version on time (due to the lack of photo content, we had to involve another designer, and the processes dragged on). However, by the time of release, the website had all the key products. Products without content were represented by videos demonstrating the product and the brand, clicking on which, in the future, potential customers would fall on the right product.

Also, the owner of a company that distributes medical equipment has ordered SEO from our company besides the website. At the moment, the site is in the top 10 for targeted requests in 3 languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, Russian), receiving constant traffic on website in amount of 5,000 visits a month. (considering the fact that this is a b2b segment targeted at a narrow audience).

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