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KAMBLER medical equipment distributor website

In 2018, we created a website for a distributor of medical and cosmetic equipment from Israel under the KAMBLER brand. Read more about the project and all its stages below :)

Medical company KAMBLER
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Our client is a official distributor of Israeli medical equipment . It was important for the client to have time to make the website on time, as there was an important conference on innovative medicine on the way. And, of course, it was important to be presented not only at the stand, but also in the digital space.
The client's company operates in an expensive segment of the market and the starting price for even the cheapest equipment is quite high. Therefore, the request was to beautifully but strictly present the products: medical and cosmetic laser equipment.


Since there was very little time (namely, 3 weeks to create the site along with the content and content of the site), we immediately started planning and organized the work in such a way that immediately after the design was approved, each individual page would go into development without waiting for the next. Thanks to the client's prompt feedback, we were able to pass the page approval stage in a few hours, which also contributed to the site delivery on time.

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For development, we used a flexible "engine" so that in the future the site would be as fast and simple as possible to redesign, making adjustments (we assumed in advance that , in the future, the client will need this, since it is simply impossible to take into account all the nuances). We added the ability to change each line to the admin panel, and made the admin panel itself convenient and understandable so that in the future, the content manager and optimizers would not face problems “where can I find this?” and "how to change it?" After all, if we had chosen WordPress, there would have been quite a few questions about filling the site, interactive elements and language versions (in WordPress, this is done using plugins, for example).

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Despite the tight deadlines, we made the structure of the site similar to an online store. Thus, we did show the user that the site contains equipment that can be purchased. All you need to do is leave a request. Clustering equipment by category on the site, we adhered to the same strict style and classic colors: gray, white and black. For a detailed presentation of the product (there is always a lot of information about medical equipment), we left the usual tables and prepared an interactive element that unfolds and shows information about the product in 3 slides.

KAMBLER medical equipment distributor website - photo №6

Color palette and typography

KAMBLER medical equipment distributor website - photo №7


We managed to prepare a demo version (due to the lack of photo content, we had to involve a designer, and the processes were delayed) on time. However, at the time of release, the site had all the key products. Some of them lacked content and we replaced them with videos that showcased the product and brand. When clicking on a video, in the future, potential customers would be directed to the desired product. Also, the owner of a medical equipment distribution company ordered SEO from our company. At the moment, the site is in the top 10 for target requests in 3 languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, Russian), receiving constant traffic to the site from 5000 visits. (considering that this is a b2b segment aimed at a narrow audience).

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