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Website presenting leasing services

Strict image B2B website

  • Services: design / development / seo
  • Admin panel: custom
  • Design: 13 unique pages layouts
  • Mobile version: responsive design


Our client is Ukrainian office of the international company AVIS. In addition to car rental, the company provides services in the b2b segment (car leasing) and also sells used cars after leasing. Unfortunately, their website did not meet technical and marketing requirements, due to lack of flexibility. The main client’s task was to present various services and products provided by company, while logically fitting different proposals into one structure. An important aspect was the user-friendly admin panel and the ability to change “anything you like” on future website.

  • Content: images / videos / text
  • Monthly visits: > 8 000
  • Duration: 7 weeks
  • Budget: $3100

project TERMS

In order to offer maximum customization with the possibility of adding extended functionality in the future, we immediately abandoned the standard solutions and offered to develop a website on framework. Websites made on a flexible engine, usually, are much easier to promote on Google, and if there is a good developer for customization there are no limits - everything is possible.
We have presented detailed technical brief and prototypes of the future website and admin panel. After several meetings and some adjustments - we made a deal and came to work.


Like any large company, AVIS has a great brand book to work with which made it much easier and faster. Because we had a common starting point with a client.
In the development of the concept, we proceeded precisely from the corporate style and sought to create an image story on the main page, with a detailed description of the advantages and value of the product on the embedded pages, with the help of which we presented leasing services. A separate section of the website is devoted to the car sale. And now this section is in the top of Google for key queries.
As for UI-design, we created interactive elements, and the design itself was aimed at making it clean and airy, to avoid presenting large amount of information in blocks of text piled on top of each other. We divided pages with a large amount of content into zones, and presented in the form of special leasing “packages”. We presented extended information in the form of a “customer journey” or “client's way”, explaining the process of car leasing and putting it into successive stages for a deeper understanding of the service.
The entire design was custom, no patterns. The design of each page was approved directly by the client.


As we said earlier, we used a flexible “engine” for development, so that in the future the site could be quickly and simply redone, making adjustments. Starting long-term cooperation, we understood that, in the future, more functionality and more modern technologies will be required. These technologies can not adequately fit into the structure of the site on something like Wordpress or Joomla. In addition, if the company wants to move to Google - custom solutions will work much better.
Following the technical task for the week, we coped with the layout of the site, and within two more weeks we completed the work on the site backend and the admin panel. All that remained was testing, site presentation and final client approval.

leasing website PROJECT RESULTS

In less than two months of work, we prepared a website that fully complies with the technical requirements, took into account all client’s adjustments and sent the website to the release within the next three weeks after the final approval.
Website development was the first step towards continuous cooperation with partners, and we are very proud to work with leaders we are very proud.

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