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Website development for AVIS

We are proud of our three-year partnership with such a strong, world famous brand as AVIS. We love working with the strongest players in the market, and this is exactly the player that AVIS is. The history of our cooperation goes back to 2018, when we developed a website for AVIS for leasing services provided by the company in Ukraine. Read more about the project below!

B2b segment, Auto, Leasing
SEO, WEB development
AVIS leasing company website - photo №1


Our client is the representative office of the international company AVIS in Ukraine. In addition to car rental, the company provides services in the b2b segment (car leasing), and also sells used cars after leasing. Unfortunately, the previous website did not meet the technical and marketing requirements due to the lack of flexibility. The main task of the client was to profitably present various services and products of the company, while logically incorporating different proposals into one structure. An important aspect, also, was the convenience of the admin panel and the ability to change “anything” on the site.


In order to offer maximum customization with the possibility of adding advanced functionality in the future, we immediately abandoned standard solutions and offered to develop a site on a framework. Sites made on a flexible engine, as a rule, are much easier to promote in Google, and if you have a good developer, there are no limits for customization - absolutely everything is possible.
We presented detailed terms of reference and prototypes of the future website and admin panel. After a few meetings and adjustments, we shook hands and got to work.

AVIS leasing company website - photo №2


As we said earlier, we used a flexible "engine" for development so that in the future the site could be quickly and easily redone, making adjustments. Starting a long-term cooperation, we understood that, in the future, more functionality and more modern technologies would be required. These technologies cannot adequately fit into the structure of a site on something like Wordpress or Joomla. In addition, if a company wants to promote in Google, custom solutions will work much better.
Following the terms of reference, in a week we completed the layout of the site, and within another two weeks we completely completed the work on the backend of the site and the admin panel. All that remained was testing, website presentation and final client approval.

AVIS leasing company website - photo №3 AVIS leasing company website - photo №4
Website development for AVIS - photo №5


Like any large company, AVIS has an excellent brand book, which is easy and pleasant for a designer to work with.
Concept development we proceeded precisely from the corporate identity and sought to create an image story on the main page, with a detailed description of the advantages and value of the product on the nested pages, with the help of which we presented leasing services. A separate section of the site is devoted to the sale of a car after leasing. And now this section is in the top Google for key queries. As for the UI design, we created interactive elements, and the design itself strove to be clean and airy, so that a large amount of information is not presented in blocks of text piled on top of each other.

We have divided pages with a large the amount of content per zone, and presented in the form of special leasing "packages". We presented the extended information in the form of a “customer journey” or “customer journey”, explaining the process of car leasing and laying it down into successive stages for a deeper understanding of the service.
The entire design was completely developed individually, no templates or cripples. The design of each page was approved directly by the client.

Website development for AVIS - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Website development for AVIS - photo №7


In two incomplete months of work, we have prepared a website that fully meets the terms of reference, took into account all the client's corrections and sent the site for release during the next three weeks after final customer approval.
Website development was the first step towards ongoing collaboration with partners that we are very proud of.

  • SERVICES: design / development / seo
  • ADMIN PANEL: individual
  • DESIGN: 13 unique pages
  • MOBILE VERSION: adaptive
  • CONTENT: photo / video / text
  • VISITS PER MONTH: > 8,000
  • TERM: 9 weeks
  • BUDGET: $3100

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Business card website template
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Business card website
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