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Construction and real estate company site

Image website of a construction company in St. Petersburg

  • Services: design / development
  • Admin panel: custom
  • Design: 10 unique pages layouts
  • Mobile version: responsive design


Our client is a construction and real estate company in St. Petersburg, which is engaged in renovation. We have been cooperating for a long time, so it was us who were approached with the aim of making the website easier and less cumbersome. The main task was to simplify the website interface and make it more modern and attractive.

  • Content: text
  • Monthly visits: > 9 000
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Budget: $2200

project TERMS

Knowing the preferences and needs of the client, we have compiled a technical task and prepared a prototype of the site, so that we immediately have an understanding of how the elements will be located. We agreed to maintain the internal architecture of the site and completely replace the content. A special wish was to place a large feedback form in the first block of the main page.

FEATURES OF construction company website DESIGN

We decided to prepare an American-style design - big elements, flowing animations and big headlines. It was important for us to create a design that is understandable and convenient for a wide audience of all ages.
Therefore, the main “feature” of the site was the availability and clarity of information that helps the user make a choice.

construction and real estate company website DEVELOPMENT FEATURES

Since we have been cooperating with this client for a long time, the choice fell on a custom framework that is flexible and allows you to make as many changes as you like, not only in the content of the site, but also in its architecture. So that later there is no additional time spent on adjustments and adding functions.

PROJECT RESULTS of the real estate company website development

For 8 weeks, at a quiet pace, we developed a new version of the site, took a number of design adjustments and complied with the wishes of the client. After that, all the content of the site as well as all the necessary documentation was transferred to the legal department of the company with the subsequent release.

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