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Of course, all clients are unique. However, there are general, basic questions about web development, internet marketing, and design that we see more often than others.

Therefore, we made a small selection of such questions with our answers to them :)

WEB development
App development
SEO promotion
What is Landing Page?

"Landing page" is translated as "landing page" - that is, the one to which all traffic from advertising comes. In essence, a landing page is a one-page site with a structure and selling content, built wisely from a marketing point of view.

what is a business card site?

A business card site is a standard site consisting, as a rule, of the following pages:
- Home
- About Us
- Services (Or another product)
- Service (Or another product). Sometimes even without subpages of services, but only with a list.
- Contacts

The purpose of the business card site is to give brief information about the company. Often, these sites rarely make it to the top of Google.

what is an online store?

An online store is a catalog site with a list of products on the site and the ability to buy them (basket and payment).

how to link to the site?

In order to make a link to the site, you need to register and buy a domain and hosting, as well as link them together in your personal account on the hosting - then a working link to the site will appear.
If the domain and hosting are bought in different places, it is better to contact the specialists.

how to promote a landing page?

A landing page can only be used as an endpoint for traffic from different marketing channels. The most popular are advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram. For CIS countries except Ukraine - Yandex is also suitable.
This works like this: a link to a landing page is given in a relkam, people clicking on a link in an advertisement go to the landing page.

what is hosting and domain?

Imagine that the site is a company on the Internet.
Any company has an address and actual location (building, office center where the company is located).
An address is a domain, a link to a site. Knowing the domain we can come to the site. (As in the song of the "Leningrad" group: "... My address is not a house or a street, my address today is: ...")
Location is the hosting where the site is located. (His physical location)

How much does it cost to create a website /online store /landing page /application?

As much as building a house.
If you ask builders "How much does it cost to build a house?" ", They will almost certainly answer - depending on which one!
After all, someone needs a dacha, and someone needs a mansion. Someone from natural materials for themselves, and someone faster and for change :)

What is the difference between an online store and a catalog site?

The main difference is that you can buy goods on the website from an online store. There is a shopping cart, payment and other related functions.
This cannot be done on the catalog site, while the catalog can contain anything you want. For example, services.

What payment systems are the best to connect to pay in Ukraine?

We recommend using liqpay - it is the simplest, most reliable and familiar to users. Some people prefer way4pay or portmone.
If you have an online store and you work officially, be sure to connect Apple pay and Google pay

Which payment systems are the best to connect to pay for payments from abroad?

The most convenient and popular payment services are Paypal, Fondy, Stripe.
However, there are different solutions for different sites and different platforms. Payment systems also vary greatly from country to country.

What are Google Ads?

This is Google Ads. When you search for something on Google, the first 1-4 results you see are ads. (they are marked with an advertisement).
Google eds also makes it possible to do banner ads on Google partner sites and google market ads.
Also called "context-media" - because advertising in the TOP of Google is configured based on the context of the request, and banner ads are in the media.
An example of key phrases for contextual advertising:
"" Buy a bag Kiev "" "" "Buy a charger for an iPhone Kiev" "and so on ...

What is targeted advertising?

Targeting advertising is advertising to a specific audience (by gender /age /interests, etc.) Target - a goal, targeting - targeted, targeted advertising. This is the name of advertising on Facebook and Instagram, here we choose not a keyword, but the audience of which this advertisement may be interesting.
For example: If you sell car insurance, you can select people who are often interested in auto parts on the Internet.

How to connect and configure Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica?

As for the connection, there are several ways. As a rule, you need to follow the prompts from Google /Yandex and add a small file to the hosting where the site is located.
But setting it up yourself, especially if it's an online store, will most likely work out badly and for a long time.
Therefore, it is easier to turn to specialists.

How do I get mail with the site name at the end?

Such mail is called "domain mail" ". Since the domain is specified in the mail address.
You can connect it yourself on the hosting, if there is such a function and your domain is with the same provider as the hosting.
But then you will not be able to use mail using the usual Google mail, for example.
Therefore, we advise you to contact the specialists and connect G-Suite (for details on how to do this, see the Google instructions).

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is design for mobile and tablet versions and various device screens. When the site view "adapts" to the device and its screen format, and does not show the same version for all devices.

What is cross-browser layout?

This is when, when developing a site, we check and observe the correct display of the site in different browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge).

Why is it so expensive with us?

We rarely work with templates and provide quality solutions for our clients' businesses. We focus on results and meet deadlines. Our team has a successful track record of working both with local clients in Ukraine and Kiev, and with international and foreign companies. We have partners and representatives in Israel, Sweden, Spain, USA and other countries.

Why is it so cheap here?

We are a young team and have been on the market for only four years. Therefore, the price of work is much lower than that of competitors in our segment. Therefore, working with us today, and not in a year, means saving 50% -100% of the cost of the website.

What is a website template?

A website template is a ready-made website that changes minimally (for example: colors, logo, pictures) or does not change at all. Simply put, this is a ready-made website with layout and admin panel, you just have to add content.

What is SEO?

"SEO - stands for" search engine optimization ". That is, roughly speaking, website promotion in gulga. As a rule, it consists of three stages:
- Technical optimization
- Content optimization
- Promotion due to external factors
Roughly speaking, the goal of SEO is to make the site as relevant as possible to Google's evaluation criteria. "

how to create your website in Google /Yandex and other search engines?

You cannot create a website in Google /Yandex.
The site is created on the Internet, and then - Google /Yandex makes it possible to send your site for indexing, that is, "" register "" "in Google /Yandex and other search engines.

how to promote a website on Google?

"There are two main ways:
- Advertising in Google ads and pay per click. (The cost per click is set by Google and can range from 10 to 450 UAH.) This method is suitable for companies with too high competition in SEO, and sales are needed today. It is worth noting that incorrectly configured ads and selected keywords can give zero results, if you or your employees do not have experience setting up advertising, it is better not to do this yourself.
- SEO promotion is website promotion due to unique content, keywords, site optimization and many other factors that affect the best indexing of the site, this promotion method requires a specially trained employee with at least 2 years of experience.

how to promote a website /online store for SEO?

"You are unlikely to be able to promote an online store or website using seo on your own.
This is only possible in narrow niches, such as the sale of trolley wheels. In the rest, you will have to turn to specialists and invest in promotion. "

what is website traffic and where to find it?

Traffic is the number of clicks to your website. Traffic data can be viewed in Google Analytics or Yandex Metrika. You can connect Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics with us.

What is the difference between organic traffic and ad and referral traffic?

The main difference is the origin of the traffic:
- Advertising traffic is site visits from advertisements that you place
- Organic is site visits that you don't pay for. For example, from a Google search for your company name.
- Referral is the traffic that you receive when you go to your site through links from other sites (referral traffic, for example, can be considered referrals to the site from media publications with native advertising)

These are the main types of traffic, there are many branches, classifications and variations :)

How long does it take for a site to reach the top of Google /Yandex?

Depending on the requests and their popularity.
It all depends on your keyword and the competition for it.
Before starting work, we analyze key queries, dividing them into 3 categories.
Low-frequency - the release period for such requests is from 1 to 3 months. (Suppose one such request brings up to 10 clicks per month)
Medium-frequency - the release period for such requests is from 2 to 6 months. (By analogy, let's say that one such request brings up to 100 clicks per month)
High-frequency - the release period for such requests is from 5 months. (Let's say one such request can bring about 1000 clicks).
Conclusion: the more competitive the niche, the more time.

How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

"In Google, you pay for clicks. Accordingly, you pay according to the formula" Average cost per click "multiplied by" Number of clicks ".
You can read more about how to calculate the budget for advertising in our blog.

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