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Mobile application development service

Order application development in DIGIANTS

How much does it cost to create a mobile application on a phone

As in any business where there is application development, the price depends on the complexity and task performed by specialists. When it comes to standard solutions that do not require additional features, it makes sense to quickly create a mobile application using ready-made templates. This solution is suitable for small businesses related to, for example, the beauty industry, restaurant or delivery service. This also applies to the creation of a mobile application for an online store.

However, it is worth considering that in this case you are deprived of the possibility of individual design or adding new functionality.

If you need a unique solution, developing mobile applications from scratch is the specialty of DIGIANTS. We will analyze your initial data, prepare a technical assignment based on your completed brief for creating a mobile application, create a description of user stories and make prototypes. This solution is suitable for startups wishing to implement a new business model, companies with a request to develop a corporate mobile application, and automate business processes.

Leave your details and our operators will call you back to calculate the cost and agree on a discount especially for you

Development of mobile applications

If you still doubt whether your business needs application development, then statistics will tell better than any evidence: the conversion of purchases through developed mobile applications is three times higher than on the website. For businesses that have both a mobile site and an application in their arsenal, 47% of sales come from the second resource. It is mobile services that are leading among the factors contributing to business success in the modern world, and 90% of brands around the world, regardless of industry, invest in ordering applications for the phone.
Therefore, whatever the area of ​​your project - medicine, travel, banking, educational, retail, the creation of mobile applications will help you not only increase sales, but also become more customer-oriented. We will tell you more about the advantages, possibilities and prices for the service for creating an application.

Applications, PWA, Marketplaces

Developed by DIGIANTS over the past three years.

cheaper than competitors

The price of our applications is much lower than the market, you can check it yourself, order a calculation from us and our competitors :)

Our advantages

Compliance with deadlines
Quality assurance
Creative team
Affordable price
Victory orientation
Estimation of the result by kpi

Why does your company need to develop a mobile application?

Process automation

Increasing sales is certainly a huge, but far from the only advantage. So, companies often contact us with a request to develop an application, the price of which would be affordable, and the goal is to increase the efficiency of employees. Our specialists are aware of the importance of this request - after all, business results directly depend on the productivity of the team. Therefore, we know exactly how to create mobile applications to automate processes, with the help of which your team can complete daily tasks faster and work in a more structured way.

Better interaction with the client

An equally important reason why you need to develop an application, the price of which would correspond to the quality, is a more convenient interaction between your client and the company. According to statistics, users spend 20 times more time in custom-made mobile applications than on a mobile site. Therefore, if you familiarized yourself with the analytics and saw that your customers visit the site on a phone or tablet, DIGIANTS will be happy to develop a mobile application for you. After all, the more time a client spends with you, the better you can get to know him and offer an individual solution.

Repeated sales grow

Unlike a regular website, creating a mobile app increases repeat sales for your business. Through it, you can launch promotions and notify customers about them, calling to action. Study the preferences of a particular user, offer him a promotional code or a promotion and send a push notification to the phone, thereby increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Simplifying the life of the client

Mobile development applications not only make life easier for your employees, but also for your customers. Analyze the problems of your customers and voice them to us - our team will find how to solve them by creating a mobile application for an online store or other website. For example, it may be inconvenient for your client to constantly search for a card to pay for purchases - we will introduce the ability to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Building an improved loyalty system

Cards loyalty has long ceased to bring such profit as it was in the beginning. Development of a turnkey mobile application is another matter. The benefit in this case is simply twofold: you - no costs for creating and issuing cards, your clients - no inconvenience to carry them with you. DIGIANTS experts will help you integrate a loyalty program into a turnkey mobile application, and you can accumulate data about each customer by sharing electronic bonuses with him.
According to statistics, 84% of customers buy on impulse. Setting up a convenient loyalty system helps to increase this indicator.

More opportunities for visualization

Provide a portfolio, upload photos, give a 3D visualization of the project is much more convenient if you decide order a mobile application. This will open up more customer touchpoints and a better customer experience for you.

Work process

First contact
You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp
Most likely after the first communication,
we will ask you to fill out the brief online
or together with a member of staff to find out all the details.
Analysis and preparation of the proposal
We analyze the market, your business tasks
and needs. Preparing an offer
in several versions
UI /UX design
We think over the optimal location
elements and visual concept.
We provide a ready-made layout with design
every page of the site.
Development of
Layout, animate, connect
admin panel and some more magic,
for everything to work as it should
and on all devices;)
Quality control of the produced
product. We check carefully
sites and landing pages for compliance with the terms of reference.
Content Submission
If you don't want to fill content
on our own - we are always ready
do it for you.
By prior arrangement.
Delivery of the project
We sign acts, transfer the site
or an online store for your domain and hosting.
We issue a final invoice and ask for your feedback :)

Application Development - prices

Web applications
from 3 000 $

Fill out the brief and we will find a solution to your problem

Find out the cost of the project online! 💰
Answer a few questions and find out how much it costs to develop your site!
fill out the brief
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