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Mobile app development services

Digiants mobile application development services

What are the costs for a mobile app development service?

The price for a mobile app development service depends on the complexity and tasks performed by specialists. For standard solutions that don't require additional features, it makes sense to quickly develop a mobile application using ready-made templates. This approach is suitable for small businesses related to, for example, the beauty industry, restaurants, or delivery services, as well as for developing mobile apps for online stores.

However, it is worth considering that, in this case, you won't have the option of individual design or adding new functionality.

If you need a unique solution, mobile app development services from scratch are our specialty. We will analyze your initial data, prepare a technical assignment based on your completed app development brief, create user story descriptions, and develop prototypes. This solution is suitable for startups wishing to implement a new business model and for companies aiming to develop a corporate mobile application or automate business processes.

Leave your details and we will call you back to discuss pricing and arrange a special discount just for you.
Our service

Mobile app development services

If you still doubt whether your business needs to invest in app development services, statistics can provide a clearer picture. The conversion rate for purchases through developed mobile apps is three times higher than on websites. For businesses with both a website and a mobile app, 47% of sales originate from the app. Mobile services are a leading factor in business success today, with 90% of brands across industries investing in app development.

Therefore, whatever the area of ​​your project - medicine, travel, banking, educational, or retail, developing a mobile app will help increase sales and customer engagement. 

Contact us, and we will tell you more about the app development service advantages, possibilities, and prices.

Custom Applications, PWA, Marketplaces

Developed by DIGIANTS over the past three years.

cheaper than competitors

The price of our apps is much lower than the market, you can check it yourself, order a calculation from us and our competitors :)

Our advantages
Timely project delivery
Guaranteed quality
Creative team
Affordable prices
KPI-based results

Why does your company need a mobile application?


Process automation

Increasing sales is a great advantage, but not the only one. Companies often contact us with a request to develop an app with the goal of increasing the employees' efficiency. Our specialists understand the importance of this request, after all, business results directly depend on the productivity of the team. Therefore, we know exactly how to develop mobile applications to automate processes, allowing your team to complete daily tasks faster and work in a more structured way. 

Better interaction with the client

Another important reason why you need to develop a mobile app is to facilitate interaction between your clients and the company. According to statistics, users spend 20 times more time in custom-made mobile applications than on a website. Therefore, if you familiarize yourself with the analytics and see that your customers visit the website on a phone or tablet, DIGIANTS will be happy to develop a mobile app for you. The more time a client spends with you, the better you can get to know him and offer an individual solution.

Increase sales

Unlike a regular website, developing a mobile app increases repeated sales for your business. Through the app you can launch promotions and notify customers about them, calling to action. By studying specific user preferences, offering promotional codes or deals, and sending push notifications, you increase the likelihood of purchase.

Simplifying the life of the client

Mobile app development makes life easier for both your employees and customers. Analyze your customers' problems and voice them to us. Our team will find a way to solve them by developing a mobile application for an online store or another website. For example, it may be inconvenient for your client to constantly search for a card to pay for purchases and we can integrate the payment options with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Building an improved loyalty system

Card loyalty has long ceased to bring such profit as it did in the past. The development of a mobile application will bring you many benefits: no costs for creating and issuing cards and no inconvenience for the client to carry the physical card. Our experts will help you integrate a loyalty program into your mobile application, and you can gather data about each customer by sharing electronic bonuses with them. 

According to statistics, 84% of customers buy impulsively, and setting up a convenient loyalty system helps to increase this indicator.

More opportunities for visualization

A mobile application makes it much more convenient to display portfolios, upload photos, and provide 3D visualizations. This expands the customer touchpoints and improves their overall experience with your brand.

How we work
First contact

Reach out via phone, Facebook, email, Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp to discuss your project

Learning about the project

We collect project details either by
requesting the completion of a brief form
or through direct discussions with our
dedicated manager

Offer preparation

We analyze the market and your business
objectives to prepare tailored proposals
in various versions

UI /UX design

We strategize the optimal placement of
elements and create the visual concept,
providing a layout for each website page


Our team designs, animates, integrates
the admin panel and applies additional
optimizations to ensure everything
works fine across all devices


We review the website/landing pages
to ensure compliance with the project

Adding content

If you prefer not to add content to
the website on yourself, we are always
ready to do it for you.
Available upon prior arrangement.

Project delivery

Your project is done! We hand over
the ready website to you, ensuring
results exceed your expectations

Mobile App Development - prices

Web applications
from 3 000 $

Fill out the form and we will find a solution for you.

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Check out a couple of projects where we've provided our mobile app development service. Curious to see how we handled it? We're confident you'll love our work!

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