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Service costs

What are the costs for website development and SEO services?

Usually, when developing a website or online store, the payment is split into 2 or 3 parts (depending on the size of the project). If the project lasts more than 2 months, we may split the payment into 3 parts according to the format: 40% upfront, 30% after the design approval, and the remaining 30% at the final stage.

The price of a website may depend on various factors, with the main ones being the number of pages and functionality. For example, if you need the standard functionality of an online store (the ability to manage goods and orders), the price will be lower than that of an online store with a personal account, loyalty program, and product modifications.

As for SEO services, the price depends on the type of website (online stores have more pages, and it is more labor-intensive to optimize them than regular service websites) and whether the company has a technical specialist to implement SEO strategies.

What determines the cost of creating a website

At Digiants, we offer website development services at competitive prices and with efficient time management. We specialize in developing websites of any complexity, which naturally affects the pricing. The main stages of the development process are the following:

Stage 1: Filling out the brief

Once you have decided that you want to order a website and sent a request, we will contact you to discuss all the details. Your project is our priority; therefore, we do not just do technical work but also delve into the specifics and tasks of your business in order to offer the most optimal solution. Our cooperation in the development of a website at affordable rates begins with filling out the brief. This will help us picture the final product to understand what functionality, features, design, and other elements are required in order to calculate the cost of website development.

Our specialists know the peculiarities of each type of web resource: e-commerce, landing page, business card website or web application. If we understand that the development of your website requires more advanced functionality and additional modules, we will immediately inform you how this affects the cost.

Stage 2: Creation of layouts

Once the brief is filled out, the technical specifications are established and the price is agreed we start with the website development. Our experts create several options for placing elements of the future page, information blocks, and offer different menu options. We understand that each business has its own characteristics, and you have a vision of what kind of website you want to have.

For some resources, the pages may look the same, and there is no need to develop separate layouts for each of them. However, more and more often, we are faced with a request to develop more complex sites, where each section requires a separate layout and individual placement of elements, which affects the final price.

Step 3: Approval of the design

After the page layouts from the previous step are approved, we start developing the design. The cost of a website development will depend on the complexity of the visual solution. We agree with you on colors, fonts, and graphics to use.

Stage 4: Layout

Another factor that determines the cost of website development is the layout complexity. At this stage, the design is implemented in the form of HTML code. Digiants experts know how to make your resource look the same on all browsers and gadgets, load quickly, and create an extremely positive user experience. 

Stage 5: Programming

It's time to install the content management system, configure its modules, and integrate layouts and web resource pages into this system. Our experts will implement any of your requests for user interaction so that you get an optimal website that will pay off its price in the shortest time possible.

Stage 6. Content

You can provide information to place on the website on your own, or you can contact us. Since website development is our key specialization, we work with trusted contractors of various profiles. They will help you write optimized content that engages customers and encourages them to buy.

Stage 7: Testing

In the final stage, we thoroughly test the website's functionality. This includes verifying that prices and other business information are accurately entered and displayed across various screens and operating systems. Our experts proactively anticipate potential issues to ensure the seamless operation of the website.

Do you want to know the cost of creating a website for your specific case? Send a request, and we will contact you to discuss the details.

Leave your details and we will call you back to discuss pricing and arrange a special discount just for you.

Price for website or online store development and SEO services

When it comes to developing a website for a specific business process of a company, program, or online store with customized functionality, it is not possible to give a specific and detailed price without the project details.

Someone needs to go into space, and someone needs to go to the local market faster.

On this page, we indicate the indicative prices for our development services, but the actual costs may vary. So, for example, an online store can cost 1100, but the functionality will be limited, although more than enough to start. The same goes for websites. Someone needs a business card website, while someone else needs a corporate website with an internal chat and separate offices for employees of different departments.

Below you can find the price estimation for our website development and SEO services. 


Website development



Service /Product
Landing page design
299 $
1 week
Web design
550 $
1-2 weeks

Digital Marketing

Service /Product
Google Analytics setup for e-commerce
160 $
2 days
Google Analytics setup
80 $
1 day
G-suite setup
80 $
1 day
CRM integration with website
80 $
2 days
Integration of 1C warehouse with the website
540 $
1-2 weeks
Export-import of goods without images
280 $
Week 1
Export-import of goods with images
390 $
1-2 weeks
Meta Pixel installation
20 $
1 day
Online Telegram/Facebook chat on the website
280 $
Week 1
Registration via Facebook/other social networks
120 $
for one social network
Online delivery order module
340 $
(as standard)
Change of phone numbers on the website
20 $
Breadcrumbs creation
40 $
1 week
Dropdown menu (design + layout)
120 $
2 weeks
Microdata markup
80 $
(example - FAQ)
Telegram bot with notifications
150 $
1 week


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