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Order a business card website

How developing a business card website will help your business

Creating a business card website is a simple and affordable way to improve your brand image in the eyes of your customers and potential partners. The main advantages of this type of website include lower costs and shorter production times compared to complex websites. A well-developed business card website is built considering your target audience's interests and preferences. It can be just as effective as a more elaborate website. Ordering a business card website offers an affordable way to enter the market. 

Another advantage of a business card website is its flexibility in adding various content formats like videos, polls, and subscription forms. This variety helps for better audience engagement and leaving a positive impression.

A custom business card website serves as a platform for interested parties to access your contact information and engage in real-time communication, enhancing your visibility and establishing your leadership in the industry.

The price of business card website development services depends on the project complexity including design, functional features, and individual preferences. You can order a ready-made template or a custom design, both are possible with Digiants.

Contact us to discuss your project and get the estimated cost of your business card website. We are looking forward to helping you to identify key features that set you apart from competitors!

Leave your details and we will call you back to discuss pricing and arrange a special discount just for you.
Showcase your brand

Business card website development with Digiants

Creating a good-looking website isn't enough. It's about building a unique and striking image that connects with your clients. Since standing out from competitors is essential, we help you do it in a unique way. With our business card website development service, we find fresh ways to showcase your company that resonate with the values of your clients. Sharing these values helps build trust and loyalty, keeping your relationships with your audience strong and productive. If you’re ready to introduce your company to a broader audience, a business card website is a great starting point.

We're experts not only in creating business card websites but also in showing the unique traits of your brand. We create ideas and designs that make you stand out and be remembered by potential clients.

business card websites

created by Digiants every year


is all it takes to develop and launch a business card site!

Our advantages
Guaranteed quality
Timely project delivery
Affordable prices
Creative team
Exceptional service
Trusted by businesses

What problems does a business card website development solve?

Business card websites are beneficial for startups because they:

  • Build trust

A business card website creates a positive and professional image. This helps to foster customer confidence in your business.

  • Attract clients

By tracking visitor numbers on a business card website, you can gather valuable customer data for further strategy development.

  • Provide information

A business card website ensures customers can access information about your company anytime and anywhere. Even outside business hours, your website remains active, allowing visitors to reach out via a contact form.

Key benefits of developing a business card website

  • Affordable price

The cost of a business card website is lower compared to other IT solutions. It serves as an effective advertising tool, allowing you to allocate resources towards business optimization and promotion.

  • Quick development

With fewer pages and functionalities (up to 10 pages), developing a business card website is faster. Thus, you to swiftly enter the market and establish your presence.

  • Informative

A business card website usually presents concise and meaningful content without unnecessary clutter. Users receive the exact message you want to convey. The message forms the image. The image forms the perception of your brand.

  • Easy self-management

An intuitive content management system allows for independent administration. You can update necessary information and content without external assistance.

How we work
First contact

Reach out via phone, Facebook, email, Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp to discuss your project

Learning about the project

We collect project details either by
requesting the completion of a brief form
or through direct discussions with our
dedicated manager

Contract and advance payment

Upon agreement of the project scope,
we prepare and send you all the necessary
documents for signing and payment

UI /UX design

We strategize the optimal placement of
elements and create the visual concept,
providing a layout for each website page


Our team designs, animates, integrates
the admin panel and applies additional
optimizations to ensure everything
works fine across all devices

Adding content

If you prefer not to add content to
the website on yourself, we are always
ready to do it for you.
Available upon prior arrangement.


We review the website/landing pages
to ensure compliance with the project

Project delivery

Your project is done! We hand over
the ready website to you, ensuring
results exceed your expectations

Business card website development - prices

Business card website
from 1 000 $
Business card website * Ready-made solution
from 700 $
WOW business card website
from 3 200 $

Fill out the form and we will find a solution for you.

Find out the development project cost!
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Check out a couple of projects where we've provided our business card website development service. Curious to see how we handled it? We're confident you'll love our work!

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FAQ about our services

Find answers to common questions below or get in touch with us to get a free consultation.

What is the price of website development?

You can check our prices on this page .
The most popular website development services are:

What are the advantages of DIGIANTS?

In our work, we always focus on delivering results, meeting deadlines, and offering competitive prices. We have extensive experience collaborating with international companies. You can learn more about us in detail on our About Us page and explore our portfolio of work. The primary goal of our company is to successfully complete assigned tasks, which we clearly define before starting any project. We maintain open communication with clients, ensuring that we fully understand complex requirements to achieve the best results.

What are the most popular website development services?

Here are some of the most popular website development services:

What is the cost of Business card website development?

It depends on the project. You can leave a request and we will contact you for more detailed information and calculate the final price for you.

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