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Order SEO site optimization

Order SEO promotion of an online store or website

Why do you need search engine optimization of a site?

Each search engine has a ranking system - the principles by which he chooses which site to show the user in the first place, and which - in the last. SEO promotion services are aimed at ensuring that the pages of the site are in the first positions in the search results.

If we are talking about small and medium-sized businesses, then most of the traffic sites often get from the search results, that is, from the requests of potential customers who have googled the product or service of interest. The higher the position of the site in the search results, the more likely a person will visit the site. And vice versa: if the site is lost somewhere on the fifth page in Google, then the chance of getting customers from the search engine tends to zero. Remember yourself: how often during your search do you go beyond the second page?

High-quality content on the site is important. But if a competent SEO optimization of the site is not carried out, then people will simply stop learning about its existence as soon as contextual advertising is turned off. As great as the content is, it should be tailored to the requirements of the search engines. In this case, the business is not so heavily dependent on paid promotion methods. Even if you stop allocating your advertising budget, SEO SEO will continue to bring customers to your business.

Who benefits from SEO optimization?

In short, most people need optimization and website promotion companies. Therefore, this method of promotion is often used by a variety of types of business: online stores, service companies, information portals, news sites. An SEO service can benefit both a small company and a large international corporation.

On the one hand, website optimization brings obvious business benefits:

  • increases the flow of visitors;
  • the number of targeted user actions is growing;
  • the brand becomes more recognizable;
  • the company's authority is growing.

On the other hand, SEO website promotion is useful even for visitors. Thanks to him, people get exactly the information they were looking for, and quickly find the right product or service.

If the statistics of search engines says that there are thousands of requests per month for keywords relevant to your site, then it is definitely worth order website promotion so as not to miss out on potential buyers. If your business occupies a very narrow specific niche, then the promotion is more complicated, but you can still work with similar key queries.

SEO efficiency depends on a large number of factors: product or service topics, number of competitors, budget for promotion. Write to us to get a forecast of the effectiveness of your website promotion.

Effective website promotion from DIGIANTS Agency

We bring websites to the TOP. For this we need a few steps.To begin with, we check the quality of content and technical optimization on the site and draw up an improvement strategy. We prepare technical assignments and recommendations in order to correct errors on the site: first the coarsest, then small ones.

Preparing the semantic core, on the basis of which the content will be compiled. We formulate technical tasks for copywriters, write headings, meta tags and other details on which the ranking of the site depends.

Then we start optimizing the content. Copywriters write texts, we control the process and send you finished articles for approval. As soon as the text is agreed, it can be published on the site.

Our work is impossible without regular monitoring. Every day we check the dynamics of changes and errors that hinder SEO promotion. If suddenly the site starts losing ground, we immediately adjust the action plan and solve the problem.

When you should contact us:

  • if you are not sure if SEO works ;
  • if you know SEO works;
  • if you have collaborated with another company but are not happy with the result.

Our goal is to helping to optimize your site for search engines to bring your business clear and measurable results. We are not magicians and we do not promise that in a week your site will be in the TOP-3 with a wave of a magic wand. But it is in our power to apply our own experience for the benefit of your business. Many sites of our clients get to the TOP of the search engine after several months of intensive optimization.

SEO services of DIGIANTS Agency: how we work

Over the years, we have optimized not only dozens of client sites, but the very process of work within our company. The cycle of work lasts from 3-6 months and usually consists of several stages:

  1. First - we get to know you, study the current state of the site and tell you what we can do for it.
  2. Then - we agree on the work plan, sign the documents and start cooperation.
  3. After signing the contract, we draw up a detailed work plan for a month and a more general strategy for promoting the site in the search engine for 3 months. We strictly follow the deadlines, and therefore all work is always completed on time.
  4. Every month - we provide reports on the work done and the plan for the next month. We will show the first tangible results after 3 months of work. At this stage, low-competitive and low-frequency user requests go to the TOP.
  5. After 6 months of work, your site will significantly advance in the search results, and the traffic will increase. This is enough for small sites, but after that we can continue to cooperate to achieve even better results.

Cost of SEO-site promotion

We offer several packages of SEO services - site optimizations that have different costs.

  • For service sites

If you have a full-time copywriter and developer, we recommend the "Optimal" package with basic SEO -work.The "Advanced" package additionally includes the introduction of technical corrections, the "Maximum" package - the implementation of technical technical corrections and the writing of optimized texts. For local businesses outside major cities, we have developed an affordable Smart SEO package.

  • For online stores

The Retail package includes SEO works for sites that sell products. If your team does not have a developer on staff, the "Retail Plus" package with SEO works and additional implementation of technical edits will suit you.

Write, and we will select the best rate for you!

Leave your details and our operators will call you back to calculate the cost and agree on a discount especially for you
SEO promotion

How do we promote sites in the TOP of Google and Yandex using SEO?

The correct answer is effective!

Our goal is the result of your business. Our task is to increase the traffic and positions of your website or online store for targeted requests in Google and Yandex.

We do not feed our customers with empty promises and do not show the illusion of a result. We prepare honest reports every month and provide our clients with complete data on the growth of positions and traffic for the month, and the statistics of our clients - almost always grow! :)

If you think SEO doesn't work or you know exactly what works and that's why you came to us - in any case, you are at the right place!

Let's start by telling us all about your online goals and we'll find a way to achieve them through SEO.

satisfied customers

At the moment when you are watching this, most likely there are more of them :)

result guarantee

We guarantee that in 6 months your site will be in the TOP of search engines

Our advantages
Compliance with deadlines
Quality assurance
Great service
Creative team
Affordable price
Positive Feedback
Victory orientation
Estimation of the result by kpi

How do we promote websites and online stores using SEO?

Conventionally, we divide our work into several areas, in which we work hard for the first 3-6 months

    We check the level of technical optimization of the site. In simple terms, let's say that search engines have a checklist of what a website or online store should look like. At this stage, we check the client's site for compliance with this checklist, prepare recommendations and technical specifications for correcting errors and implementing the necessary functionality, markup, etc.
  2. SEO
    As for, directly, SEO - we collect the semantic core from targeted (!) queries for the client's business. Based on the collected semantics, we prescribe headers, meta tags, alts and form technical specifications for copywriters, taking into account the required number of occurrences of key queries and the structure of articles. For filters and pagination pages - we compose and connect meta-data generation formulas.
    We optimize the content on the site itself. Where necessary, we create the generated text. We control the work of copywriters or provide ready-made texts for your website or online store.
    We regularly make a snapshot of the results and daily monitor the performance of our clients' websites and online stores. Therefore, if there is a drop in traffic or positions, we will immediately find out about it and get to work! We are the night watchman of your Internet resource, with us your traffic will definitely not be lost :)
Work process
First contact

You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp


Most likely after the first communication,
we will ask you to fill out the brief online
or together with a member of staff to find out all the details.


We conduct a website audit for you free of charge.
To understand his current optimization level
and the prospects for growth in positions and traffic.

Contract and advance payment

After agreeing on the terms of reference
we prepare all documents and
we send you for signing and payment.

Drawing up a work plan and strategy

We draw up a work plan for the month, as well as
promotion strategy for the next
three months of work

Monthly reporting by kpi

Our kpi is the growth of positions in the search results and growth
organic traffic to your website.
We are responsible for the result.

Three months later

In three months we show the first
results and demonstrating growth dynamics.
We go to the top in low-frequency and
low-competitive requests.

Six months confused

We bring the site to the top 10 for targeted queries.
We increase traffic to the site by 40-60%.

SEO promotion - prices

Fill out the brief and we will find a solution to your problem

Find out how to get to the TOP in 2024! ?
Answer a few questions ONLINE and find out what you need to make your website reach the TOP!
fill out the brief
Examples of our work
Our portfolio

By the way, here are a couple of examples when the "seo promotion" service was ordered from us. Do you want to see how we did it?
We are sure you will like our case on the topic "seo promotion" and you will want to too :)

all cases
What do we offer
Services similar to "SEO promotion"

Still thinking? Here is a list of services related to the "SEO promotion" theme. Our prices for the service "SEO promotion" and similar services will pleasantly surprise you;)

Posts in our blog

In case you are interested in learning more about "seo promotion", we have made a selection of useful things from our blog especially for you.

all articles


As an independent company, we started our activities in 2016. During this time, we managed to go from a startup to a well-coordinated team with branches and representatives in 5 countries of the world.

What is the cost on SEO promotion?

Ours presents a large list of development services. You can leave a request and we will definitely contact you for more detailed information and miscalculation.

Why is the development of an individual website expensive?

An individually designed website will be able to optimize all the client's business processes and make website editing very simple and straightforward. Individual development of SEO promotion may include:
- Full study of UX /UI with full immersion in the client's sphere and study of references and successful competitors.
- Writing a technical task for the script of the site, adjusting the application to the technology in two clicks, integration with marketing tools
- Creation of an admin panel convenient for the client, in the language he needs and with the ability to edit 95% of the site
- Selection of hosting and linking it to a domain name.
- Basic SEO or complete SEO for a site and placing it in search engines such as (Google /Bing /Yahoo /Yandex, etc.)

SEO promotion and additional services?

Basic information on the SEO promotion service. You can read on the page as well as additional services SEO promotion in search engines.

Do you provide discounts on SEO promotion

For our clients, we often carry out Promotions for website development and SEO promotion . You can also check the current promotions by phone
Ukraine: +38 (044) 299 27 66

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