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order an online store on bitrix

Order an online store on Bitrix (Bitrix)

For large projects, a high level of protection and stability are especially important. Bitrix meets both of these requirements, so it often becomes a platform for the development of large online stores.

Bitrix is ​​perfectly adapted for Russian-speaking users. It's not just about high-quality interface localization. The platform supports many Russian-language services that can be useful for more effective site management.

Bitrix has built-in tools that allow you to analyze site traffic, user behavior, and referral sources. In terms of functionality, these tools are somewhat weaker than Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica, but they also serve as a source of useful information about the site's operation.

By ordering a website creation service on Bitrix, you get a number of useful marketing tools, the price of which is included in the price licenses. The most useful of these tools:

  • a system for sending notifications;
  • widgets for prompt communication with clients;
  • the ability for users to log in through social networks, and also share the link on your page on social networks;
  • analytics tools that provide information about the audience and site traffic;
  • A /B testing, which allows you to compare the effectiveness of two versions of the site.

Design on Bitrix

There are two ways to develop an online store on the Bitrix platform: using a ready-made template or creating a customized design. Each method has its own characteristics.

Small online stores are usually developed on the basis of templates with a ready-made structure and features for displaying content. Sites with such templates are perfectly displayed on all devices, since they have a high-quality responsive layout. Bitrix provides over 30 templates and 200 blocks. Templates allow you to create a website quickly and inexpensively.

Bitrix has a visual editor that allows you to make cosmetic adjustments to the design. The possibilities of the editor are limited and allow you to modify not the structure, but only individual elements. Sometimes such customization is not enough, and it makes sense to order deep customization. The price for such a service will be higher, but as a result you will get a unique design that will make your site stand out from others.

Order an online store on Bitrix

The price of developing an online store on 1C Bitrix (Bitrix) depends on the complexity of the project and is determined individually with the client. We approach the issue in a comprehensive manner: we analyze the preferences of your target audience, we know the advanced promotion trends and take into account your wishes at every stage of development. The cost of creating a turnkey 1C Bitrix online store includes the development of a unique design and writing selling texts, due to which your resource will stand out among competitors. This will allow you to attract the maximum number of potential buyers and optimize your sales. If you have a seasonal product and you need to enter the market in a short time, the creation of a Bitrix store can be implemented using a ready-made template. We consider all these options based on the set business objectives. Fill out the brief on our website and we will contact you to discuss the project for developing an online store on Bitrix, advise and determine the price of your order.

Leave your details and we will call you back to discuss pricing and arrange a special discount just for you.
Order an online store on Bitrix

Development of an online store on Bitrix

Bitrix is ​​a reliable and high-load resistant platform that allows you to develop any online retail outlet. The system has wide functionality and is well suited for expanding and maintaining an online store. However, in itself it is quite complex and requires special knowledge to develop a high-quality web product.

To order the creation of a Bitrix online store from us means to get qualified and effective project support. We know how to make complex development easy to use. We know how to create your online store attractive to both the buyer and search engines. We create a turnkey 1C Bitrix online store and provide you with a reliable and effective tool for realizing your business goals.

Who is suitable for creating a site on the Bitrix platform?

If your site will consist of all several pages, then ordering it on Bitrix does not make sense - the platform is designed for more complex tasks. For landing pages and business card sites, other systems, for example, WordPress or Joomla, will be more appropriate. The same goes for blogs, news outlets, and other text-based sites. But there are situations when you simply cannot do without an advanced engine.

Online stores on Bitrix are often ordered by novice entrepreneurs, as well as companies that transfer business from offline to online. Bitrix is ​​an excellent start-up option, which provides the company with the opportunity to grow comfortably.

The development of a site on Bitrix is ​​suitable for existing online stores, which for various reasons are not satisfied with the current platform. It is not always possible to choose the optimal platform the first time, and in some situations the transition to a more reliable and convenient CMS is simply necessary.

Large online stores and marketplaces with a complex architecture are often created on Bitrix. The price of such services is quite high, but the platform provides many necessary functions for tracking conversions and other indicators.

online stores in the CIS

Made on the Bitrix platform (Bitrix)

working weeks

Required to create an online store on Bitrix

Our advantages
Timely project delivery
Guaranteed quality
KPI-based results

Functionality of an online store on Bitrix

The Bitrix platform has all the functionality necessary for effective management of an online store:

  • convenient management of product cards, sales and prices;
  • the ability to specify any units of measurement;
  • the ability to separately specify retail and wholesale prices;
  • the presence of built-in payment systems;
  • convenient warehouse management;
  • tools for reporting on the profitability of goods.

All of the above functionality can be implemented on other platforms, but the development cost in this case can be much higher. The service of creating a site on Bitrix is ​​well suited for large commercial projects that require a wide range of site management tools. Often, ordering a site on Bitrix turns out to be cost-effective: you can develop a site based on your budget, if necessary, abandoning secondary functionality. This is an excellent solution in terms of labor costs: if a project needs to be implemented in a short time, Bitrix provides a lot of opportunities for this.

The Bitrix platform also provides ample opportunities for search engine optimization, which is the most important component of modern online marketing.

Features of developing an online store on Bitrix

Creating an online store Bitrix helps to solve the following business problems:

  • Ability to keep statistics

Online store on Bitrix allows you to keep track of items of goods and orders. Thus, you get direct feedback in objective terms and can build and improve the strategy for the development of your online resource.

  • Support for different payment systems

Online store on Bitrix allows visitors to pay for an order using either a VISA or MasterCard credit card or using virtual currency. Your client will be able to pay with both MasterCard or VISA credit cards and electronic money (Webmoney, Yandex.Money, etc.). For a client, this is a convenient way to make a purchase, for you - ample opportunities for making a profit.

  • Support for partner networks

Bitrix online store provides for the integration of CRM and 1C systems. This is important for getting up-to-date customer data and monitoring customer interactions. You get deeper and more meaningful feedback.

Online stores on Bitrix: main advantages

  • Availability of analytics

Bitrix online store allows you to add any number of products and track their status from the purpose of clarifying the development strategy

  • Accessible management

1C Bitrix online store provides the ability to share access rights, which simplifies the administration of the resource

  • Feedback in real time

Creating a 1C Bitrix online store involves setting up letters and messages between buyers and managers of your online store

Disadvantages of creating a site on Bitrix

The main disadvantage of Bitrix is ​​the relatively high license price. It is advisable to renew the license every year. Without it, the site will still work, but the platform will not be regularly updated. For this reason, developing an online store on Bitrix may not be suitable for a small local business with a limited budget. On the other hand, for a business that plans to scale and reach a new level in the future, it makes sense to order a website creation service on this platform in order to lay a solid foundation for the future.

The Bitrix system does not have the simplest logic , in connection with which high-quality development on it is relatively expensive. To create a site on Bitrix, a developer needs deep knowledge of development standards and good experience.

Some owners of online stores on Bitrix are faced with the fact that the site does not withstand the load and slows down. The platform is not to blame for this, since the reason usually lies in the wrong choice of the virtual server. As practice shows, with the proper capacity, performance problems and Bitrix sites do not arise.

How we work
First contact

Reach out via phone, Facebook, email, Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp to discuss your project

Learning about the project

We collect project details either by
requesting the completion of a brief form
or through direct discussions with our
dedicated manager

Contract and advance payment

Upon agreement of the project scope,
we prepare and send you all the necessary
documents for signing and payment

UI /UX design

We strategize the optimal placement of
elements and create the visual concept,
providing a layout for each website page


Our team designs, animates, integrates
the admin panel and applies additional
optimizations to ensure everything
works fine across all devices

Adding content

If you prefer not to add content to
the website on yourself, we are always
ready to do it for you.
Available upon prior arrangement.

QA (x3)

We thoroughly review the online store
three times for errors and bugs,
rigorously testing ordering and
payment processes.
You get the final product

Project delivery

Your project is done! We hand over
the ready website to you, ensuring
results exceed your expectations

Creation of an online store on 1C Bitrix - prices

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Why is custom website development costly?

A uniquely designed website can streamline all your business processes and simplify website maintenance. Custom development of Creation of an online store on 1C Bitrix may include:
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- Drafting a technical specification for the website's architecture, ensuring seamless integration with technology and marketing tools.
- Creation of a user-friendly admin panel in the selected language which will allow for easy editing of 95% of the website's content.
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