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Online miscalculation for the development and promotion of sites

Why do you need a website creation brief

Regardless of whether you are going to order the development of a website from scratch or update an already working web resource, the beginning of our cooperation begins with filling out a brief. This is not the same thing with the terms of reference (as many people confuse). A website development brief is a kind of action plan, a clear instruction from you to us, where your expectations, tasks, requirements for a future project are spelled out.

What is a brief for creating a website for?

First of all, the document helps us to get acquainted and understand whether we can cooperate. The DIGIANTS team is an expert in web development, and can, according to the completed brief, calculate the cost, terms of completion, the number of involved specialists required for this task.

A website development brief will help you, as a customer, clearly present your requests to us, and our team to get acquainted with the project. This saves time spent on communication between the customer and the contractor, and helps to optimize the processes.

Website development: brief and technical assignment. What is the difference?

The brief for website creation does not contain small details, in contrast to the statement of work. The size of the buttons, their appearance and location will be prescribed in the terms of reference. But in the brief, the client prescribes his wishes in general terms and the goals that he wants to achieve with the help of the developed web product.

It seems that the brief is not as important as the technical specification. However, the result depends on the quality of its filling! The more detailed the client prescribes the requirements and how he sees the final product, the easier it will be for us to implement it (and the less we will bother you with clarifying questions).

The volume of the brief for the development of the site does not exceed five pages, while as a technical assignment can take up to 30 sheets.

What is a brief for creating a portal

In general, each team adjusts a commercial proposal for the development of a site for themselves, including or excluding some questions and details. However, there are a number of common elements that form the basis of any brief.

These include:

  • Development goal. Here the client prescribes the business tasks that the site must solve.
  • Information about the business. It is important not only to drop the link to the “About us” column, but also to describe in detail why you are better than your competitors, what your products /services are the most popular, who is your target audience, what are your short-term and long-term goals, etc. All of this will help us piece together the puzzle of your project and understand how we can help you achieve your business goals.
  • Details of the future site. Description of the product functionality through the eyes of the customer.
  • Formation of the visual component. If the client has ideas /references /design wishes, it is imperative to write it down in the brief.

Cost and time frame. The DIGIANTS team will find a solution for almost any budget and time frame.

It is worth adding a little information for those who do not want to create a website from scratch, but to update an existing one. In this case, answers to the following questions are added to the brief:

  • When was the previous site created?
  • How many visitors come to it and from what devices?
  • What would you like to fix it?
  • What features /elements of the web product do you like?
  • What are we keeping from the old version, and what are we removing and replacing with new elements?

Thus, a brief is a document that not only helps to calculate the cost of making a website, but also contributes to the maximum connection between the customer and the contractor. Thanks to him, work is progressing smoothly, on time, and the number of clarifying questions is minimized.



  • If there is no technical task - the brief will help evaluate the project as soon as possible
  • We save you and your time on calls and communication if the price does not suit you.
  • Filling out the brief helps you understand what exactly you need and structure the data even for yourself :)

Especially useful if you plan to order a website, online store or SEO promotion.

We look forward to your brief!

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Fill out a web development or SEO brief

You no longer need to endlessly chat with the sales department just to find out the price. We made the process easier and more convenient :) Fill out the brief in 10-15 minutes and today you will receive a preliminary calculation of the project!

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