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Order online store

Development and creation of an online store

Like any website, an online store has two components: technical and visual. It is important to design both of these components wisely, because they greatly affect the conversion of the site. As for the visual part of the site, there are two options: ordering the development of an online store from scratch or developing a project using a ready-made template.

Template and unique design can be compared to clothes: you can order a ready-made suit in the store, or you can use high cost to develop individual tailoring in the studio. Other people will have the same costume from the store as yours - although it is not a fact that you will meet them. A suit from the atelier can be created taking into account all your wishes: color, material, style, size. At the same time, the price of the first option will be significantly lower than the second.

Perhaps every entrepreneur wants to distinguish his business against the background of the general mass so that his company will be well remembered by clients. One of the surest ways to achieve this is to professionally develop an online store with a unique design from scratch. The price of such a solution is relatively high, so it is more suitable for large projects for which cost is not a key criterion.

Another solution is to create and develop a website using a template. This option implies that the project will be typical: similar sites can be created by other companies. For the price, creating such an online store will be much cheaper, because the price will not include a unique design that requires the involvement of both developers and designers.

We can develop a design based on your budget. An e-store with a unique design is usually created for large projects, while a small business may well limit itself to a high-quality template.

How to develop a convenient online store?

A convenient online store is different from an inconvenient software a number of criteria:

  • well-thought-out navigation;
  • understandable category pages;
  • informative product cards;
  • easy checkout;
  • high loading speed.

Navigation is the elements by which the user finds what he needs on the site. Navigation includes menu items, breadcrumbs, filters, and other links that are on the site. When creating an online store, it is important to think over navigation already at the first stages of development, since the convenience of a commercial site directly affects its success.

Product categories are the most important pages after the main page. If you decide to order a website, you should pay special attention to creating convenient and informative product lists. If an online store offers more than several items of goods, then it is imperative to create a filter based on different criteria, such as brand, color, size, price, etc. It would be very appropriate to create sorting by popularity, novelty, ascending or descending price. When developing, it is important to create a concise interface.Do not overload cards in product lists with unnecessary information, otherwise the user's attention will be scattered, distracting from important details.

Being on the product card page, the user understands whether he wants to order a particular item. Therefore, it is important to create cards that contain comprehensive information about the product: the current price, the availability of discounts, the cost with discounts, sizes, material, a short description of the product, the regions in which it can be ordered. When developing, you should pay enough attention to the order button. It should stand out from the rest of the page elements, be large enough. There should be no links next to it that can distract the user from the purchase.

For a successful sale of a product, it is important that the process for the user is as simple as possible to order a product or service. Therefore, when creating a website, it is important to think over each stage on the way to selling a product, paying special attention to the shopping cart. For large online stores, it will be appropriate to create a personal account that stores a purchase history, a list of desired goods and services that a user can order in the future.

High-speed Internet has increased user requests. A quarter of them close the tab if it takes more than four seconds to load the page, that is, they hesitate to order goods and services on slow sites. Therefore, for a modern online store, creating a fast website is not a whim, but a necessary condition for receiving orders.

What does it mean to develop an online store with high quality

Sales optimization depends on understanding customer behavior. An advantage of online sales that you may not have thought of is how easy it is to collect, measure and process customer data. If you want to improve your customer experience, you need to own your customer data. Development of an online store allows you to collect first-hand information and track interactions with customers. You will have constant feedback on actionable ideas to keep innovating with your customers.

A well-designed online store can also provide more information about your business or how to use your products: it can reveal your brand story or how your offerings are created. This increases trust in the eyes of the client. Along with a wide range of advertising opportunities when developing an online store, publishing reviews of your website visitors is a live advertisement in the words of real buyers.

The highly competitive nature of online commerce will continue to reshape the retail industry and influence customer behavior. Ordering the manufacture of a turnkey online store means becoming a part of modern trends in online sales. The result of the professional development of an online store will be your position in the top of search engine results and a wide base of loyal customers. Sell ​​where your customers are.

How much does it cost to create an online store in Kiev and Ukraine?

The price of creating an online store depends on the complexity of the project (design and content development) that will satisfy your interests. The turnkey online store development service includes a full cycle of website creation: from idea to implementation and testing of the finished product. an online store can be made both on a ready-made template and on an individual layout, which will include all the necessary functionality and your wishes. You can order a brief of the professional development of a turnkey online store by leaving a request on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the project and its estimated cost. Development of your business and taking care of your commercial interests is our priority.

Leave your details and our operators will call you back to calculate the cost and agree on a discount especially for you
Order online store

Online store development service

The creation of online stores has revolutionized the field of commerce. Previously, online shopping was a convenience and luxury, today it is a necessity.

A well-developed turnkey online store saves not only your time, but also the buyer's time - a resource whose price is high. Choosing a product or service, buying and paying for an online product takes just a few minutes. In addition, online stores are open 24/7. With the creation and development of an online store, you do not limit your potential customers: they can view your site at any time of the day. This means that as a business, you will maximize your sales and profits. You can expand your services to a global audience. An order for the manufacture of a turnkey online store from us takes into account your business development ambitions and understanding of the client's behavior with the resource.

We have many years of experience and high-quality analysis tools for any target audience. Ordering an online store with us is an opportunity to create an attractive offer for a buyer, to which he will definitely respond. We not only know how to create a high-quality online store, but also how to create motivation to order from you.


Why do you need to create an online store?

An online store to order helps to solve the following tasks:

  • Entering the global market

The service of developing and creating an online store will give You have the opportunity to offer your products and services not only regionally, but all over the world.

  • Brand extension

You can develop wider range of its products and increase sales in accordance with customer requirements.

  • Wide advertising coverage

The online store is convenient for promotion through contextual advertising, through SEO in Google and Yandex search engines, as well as in any social networks.


Worldwide sales

Happens over the internet - don't miss the opportunity!

IKEA sales

Was done online all over the world! Spoiler alert: Growth is projected in 2020!;)

Our advantages
Great service
Quality assurance
Affordable price

Advantages of developing a turnkey online store:

  • Low price

The cost of creating an online store is lower than for offline business. With the development, you save on rental prices, utility costs and a large team of staff. This will allow you to sell your products at competitive prices.

  • Customization flexibility

An online store is not easy to set up, but easy to maintain. You can independently change and maintain its content, functionality, control prices and payments.

  • Convenient for the buyer

online store makes it possible to make purchases comfortably and conveniently, which increases the number of sales, the average cost of orders, and increases customer loyalty. An online store allows a business to adapt its development strategies in accordance with the client's lifestyle and technological development.

  • Remote Management

Internet -Shop lowers any location restrictions that you usually encounter in the offline realm. You can be anywhere in the world and at the same time successfully control your business.

Creation for an online store: which technologies are better suited?

There are three ways to develop online stores:

  • from scratch - in a pure programming language or using frameworks;
  • using one of the popular CMS - content management systems;
  • using a constructor.

For the price, the service of developing an online store website from scratch is the most expensive option. Development from scratch is suitable for large and medium-sized businesses, while for small companies such a solution would be too expensive and, moreover, impractical. To create such a site, developers must be highly qualified and spend a lot of time on development, which explains the high cost of such projects.

Creation of a turnkey online store based on a content management system is most often decided to be ordered. Ordering such a service is the most optimal option in terms of quality, price and development opportunities. The CMS development service is suitable for almost all small businesses, a significant part of medium-sized businesses, and in some cases even large businesses. When creating a website on a CMS, you get an affordable standard solution, which was developed for the individual needs of your company, with a set of standard tools for online trading. If necessary, the developers offer additional services: they can develop functionality that is missing in the standard set, and also offer the creation of a unique design.

Ordering an online store created using a special constructor service is the most affordable, but in most cases it is not the best option.The main disadvantage of such a service is the limited functionality that most modern designers provide for development. More often than not, these functions are insufficient, and the ability to develop and implement new ones is limited. In addition, the development of such website builders implies a monthly rent, which should also be taken into account if you want to develop such a website.

Disadvantages of an online store in comparison with an offline store and how to fix them

Although, in general, creating an online store is profitable due to the popularity of online shopping, but there are several reasons why it is easier for people to order a product or service offline. For buyers, the main disadvantage of an online store is the ability to evaluate the product only by eye. This leads to the fact that often people receive a product that does not correspond to what they would like to order in reality. The solution to this problem is to develop an informative online store that contains a sufficient number of high-quality photos in the product cards, as well as their detailed descriptions and characteristics.

Most online stores have consultants who can suggest information about the product, check the price or recommend the item you need. When creating a website, it is desirable that the online store has an online chat, which the user can contact if he has any questions about the cost of goods, delivery or payment.

Another factor that can convince the user to make a purchase is difficult registration. The less effort a user has to make to register on the site and order a product, the more likely a person will make a purchase. If you order the production of a convenient and intuitive online store, then it will be easy for users to purchase goods and services, then sales will not be long in coming.

Work process
First contact

You can call us, write on Facebook, send a message to the mail, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp


Most likely after the first communication,
we will ask you to fill out the brief online
or together with a member of staff to find out all the details.

Analysis and preparation of the proposal

We analyze the market, your business tasks
and needs. Preparing an offer
in several versions

Contract and advance payment

After agreeing on the terms of reference
we prepare all documents and
we send you for signing and payment.

UI /UX design

We think over the optimal location
elements and visual concept.
We provide a ready-made layout with design
every page of the site.

Development of

Layout, animate, connect
admin panel and some more magic,
to make everything work as it should
and on all devices;)

QA (x3)

We check the online store three times (!)
for errors and bugs. Testing
ordering and payment.
We deliver only the finished product.

Content insertion

If you don't want to fill content
on our own - we are always ready
do it for you.
By prior arrangement.

Delivery of the project

We sign acts, transfer the site
or an online store for your domain and hosting.
We issue a final invoice and ask for your feedback :)

Creation of an online store - prices

Fill out the brief and we will find a solution to your problem

Find out the cost of the project online! ?
Answer a few questions and find out how much it costs to develop your site!
fill out the brief
Examples of our work
Our portfolio

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As an independent company, we started our activities in 2016. During this time, we managed to go from a startup to a well-coordinated team with branches and representatives in 5 countries of the world.

Why is the development of an individual website expensive?

An individually designed website will be able to optimize all the client's business processes and make website editing very simple and straightforward. Individual development of Creation of an online store may include:
- Full study of UX /UI with full immersion in the client's sphere and study of references and successful competitors.
- Writing a technical task for the script of the site, adjusting the application to the technology in two clicks, integration with marketing tools
- Creation of an admin panel convenient for the client, in the language he needs and with the ability to edit 95% of the site
- Selection of hosting and linking it to a domain name.
- Basic SEO or complete SEO for a site and placing it in search engines such as (Google /Bing /Yahoo /Yandex, etc.)

What is the price of website development?

All prices you can see on this page .
The most popular website development services:

What are the advantages of our company?

In our work, we always focus on the result, terms and an adequate price. We have extensive experience working with Ukrainian and foreign companies in more detail on About the Company , as well as Portfolio of our work. The main goal of our company is the fulfillment of the assigned tasks, which we clearly prescribe before starting work. We coordinate every action with the client and clarify complex tasks in order to get a 100% result.

Consulting on the service Creation of an online store

Our experts can help you choose a service, define all aspects of your new site, just call +38 (044) 299 27 66 , or write to chat, email [email protected]

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