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Modern Website - 12 Distinguishing Features

Web site - which can successfully generate customers for your business. Often it is the presentation of the site that influences whether we want to interact with the brand or not.


So, let's see what a modern website should contain and what the latest trends have in common.

1. Banner on the site

Banners are the section that the user sees immediately after entering a particular site. Until recently, image sliders were used here, but now they are increasingly being replaced by a hero image, i.e. a static image instead of multiple moving images. Therefore, we can say that this is just one slide.

Read about the reasons for this in our other article - is it worth use slides on the main page.

  • Such a section is characterized by several aspects:
  • First of all, it has some kind of slogan or motto that represents the brand or benefits.
  • It has an image or video in the background that matches the brand and its industry.

It has a CTA button that grabs the attention of the audience and redirects to the next noteworthy section of the page.

Below is an example of such a solution.

2. Minimalism

An important aspect of a modern site is minimalism, or simplicity. This is undoubtedly the first element that is identified with the modern approach to websites.

Modern style means that the page should be in uniform colors, with a clear separation between the primary and accent colors. In turn, the elements themselves are devoid of unnecessary decorations (contours, shadows, textures). This is most easily seen in any Google service (e.g. Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Search Console) where minimalism is clearly visible.

In addition, these services are dominated by a flat style, another indicator of a modern approach to the theme of pages.

3. CTA

Another feature of a modern website is to put more value on effectively attracting customers through the website. All of this is done primarily with the help of CTA buttons, which are designed specifically to direct the audience to a specific place on the page.

In addition, they improve navigation so that the user does not have to think about where to go next, but rather simply follow the path just laid out by the buttons.

Besides, such buttons are, above all, stand out and pleasing eye. An important role is played by the content on them, which should additionally perform the function of a bait. Currently, descriptive solutions work well, where instead of, for example, the single phrase Contact, descriptive equivalents work better:

  • Contact us
  • Set up partnerships
  • Ask us a question
  • Use free version
  • Talk to us, etc.

4. More analytics

As I mentioned earlier, websites are increasingly focused solely on customer acquisition. Hence the need for deeper analysis of broader analytics on websites.

For this basic and indispensable Google tool Analytics is not enough. Increasingly, there is a need to more accurately track user behavior on the site in order to optimize the site even better. So the analytics expands to include things like:

  • session recording
  • click tracking
  • A/B tests on pages
  • mouse tracking
  • page scroll depth
  • shape analysis

Having such data, it is easier to decide on making changes because you have evidence that a particular section or color is not generating results in terms of number of clients.

5. Marketing content and blog

A modern approach to the theme of the site also applies to the content that will be on it.In this regard, it is important to create content that encourages the user to accept the offer. Thus, the so-called benefit language is used, and the elements are highlighted in such a way that they represent what the user will receive when interacting with the company.

Another useful element in this aspect is the company blog, which is also a good feature of modern websites. Content creation is not only about being open to the needs of users and sharing the information they need, but also about driving traffic to the site from search engines.

6. Illustrations

Illustrations are another feature of a modern site.

Illustrations create an amazing atmosphere because they are individual and exactly match the specific section on the page. As a result, they fit into the pleasing experience of the page and certainly add an aspect of difference.

See below. the following example of using such illustrations.

7. Video

Besides illustrations, another trend that is gaining momentum is all video. Usually they are used in the section with the hero image and in those places where it is necessary to reposition the product or functionality.

They certainly bring life to often static texts and images.

8. Animations

Animations are also increasingly entering the world of websites. Typically, individual elements are animated so that, for example, they appear as you move down the page. In this case, elements are usually pushed out from different sides, creating a sense of dynamism and simply modernity.

9. Symmetry and asymmetry

Today you will also notice that the pages are symmetrical - there is a division that is defined by the so-called grid. Everything is based on columns, where, for example, four benefits are presented in a row or opinions divided into two rows of three positions each.

Such a scheme is particularly powerful in terms of responsiveness. Simply put, elements can be easily scaled to fit different screen resolutions.

On the other hand, the modern approach is to break that grid and create elements that are exactly asymmetrical. With this approach, for example, subtitles overlap images, or you can just see with the naked eye that the elements do not line up in a grid.

10. Contact tools

Another aspect of modernity is the tools for establishing contact through the website. This is done in order to stimulate contact and increase the chances of acquiring a client. Therefore, when visiting new sites, you will notice various pop-ups that allow you to establish contact, different from the traditional one - a message through the form.

These include, for example:

  • Live Chat
  • contact query tool
  • Facebook Messenger site integration

11. SSL certificate

The modern website also has an SSL certificate to increase security when communicating. This is somewhat of a forced change for websites due to Google, where sites that have a certificate installed get extra "points" in their search engine rankings.

Also, sites without a certificate have a disturbing "Not secure" message in the browser.

12. Optimized menus

A modern site is characterized by a menu layout when only key subpages are placed in the main menu, and the rest of the subpages hidden under one button or in the footer of the page. Again, it's all about conversions.

Also, you'll also notice that sometimes the entire menu is hidden under the button, and only when you click on it, the individual items appear in front of us. This is no doubt taken from the menu in the mobile version, where it is always displayed.

What should a modern website?

I hope the above text has given you an idea of ​​what I'm talking about, and now you can easily define what a modern site is.

What else do you think is a modern website?

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