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Website for a construction company - 7 tips

The image of a company often depends on how customers perceive it. This is extremely important because the first contact and the friendly feeling when browsing the website influence the desire to make contact. Also, a construction company website should be contact-focused as its main purpose is to generate leads. Few people want to be associated with a company that has a bad image on the Internet. In such situations, one may get the impression that if the site is bad, then the quality of the service itself may be low. So check out what a construction company website should contain.


What should a construction company website contain?

1. Team

An increasingly popular feature on websites is the team page. Brands are increasingly willing to share information about individual team members. They usually show each employee a photo and a brief, often non-specific description.

First of all, because there are several people behind each brand. In a sense, they are the ones who build the company and make it strong. Also, showcasing team members creates a better connection with the user. Thus, the brand ceases to be anonymous and shows that it is open.

In addition, you can often find pages of this type with photographs of people, which are usually made in a relaxed, even humorous style. This leads to a friendly feel to the page, and in this way you can at least slightly identify with the team.

In addition, from this we can conclude how big the brand is. Some clients are attracted by large companies or vice versa. Also, if you're a construction company, make sure your website presents the team in an interesting way.

2. Services, i.e. show what you do

A construction company website should be mostly service based. They are usually the main axis of the site and at the same time represent the amount of work that the company can perform.

Here it is worth presenting, for example, several tiles with a brief description of the service on the main page and additionally linking this to the highlighted one below the page. Usually these types of items are presented in columns, for example, in two rows with three services in each row. In addition, this can be supplemented with images or icons to enhance the visual aspect.

It might look something like this:

Grunt to represent what the company does and what range of services it provides.

3. Convince why you should use the services of the company

Another important aspect in terms of website usability is the presence of a section that will show the benefits of working with a particular company. The user must know why it is worth using the services of this company and what he or she will receive in return.

It can be the timeliness of the project, X years of experience in the market, Y completed projects or the quality of services. Of course, it is advisable not to be colorful and state the facts, since everything will be revealed later anyway.

Such benefits should also be presented more or less in the same way as in the previous paragraph. Here it is also important to imagine the period of existence on the market, because in the construction industry, experience gained over the years is of great importance. Therefore, a company with, say, 20 years of experience is certainly attractive in the eyes of a potential client.

4.Completed projects

The website of a construction company must necessarily include a portfolio, that is, completed projects or works. Thus, one can reliably represent what the company has managed to do to date.

Photos depicting completed projects to a certain extent reflect what the company can do. In this way, we can evaluate the complexity of the work performed, its volume and, perhaps, even its quality.

This is just a confirmation of what the company has managed to do so far.

Posting before and after photos can also be fantastic here. In this way, you can post photos, for example, before the renovation of the room, and then after the renovation.

The picture presented in this way shows the progress of the work and the final effect. This type of visualization has a powerful effect on the imagination, especially in relation to repairs. Usually you repair something that is already in a deplorable state. Therefore, the final effect (i.e. the "after" picture) will always be much more attractive.

5. Contact Orientation

The website of a construction company should also be focused on establishing contact with customers. This means that you need to take care of the conversion of the site so that as many visitors as possible want to contact the company. Here you should take care of things like:

  • Highlighting the contact number - let it appear above the site menu, in the footer and in sections that link to the contact.
  • As an alternative, it's worth presenting the email address in the same way - some users will probably prefer to call and some prefer to write.
  • The standard contact form is another important element. It usually appears on the contact subpage. Here it is worth including fields that will give a general idea of ​​the request, i.e. in addition to contact details, ask to write how much work, at what address and ask for a budget. This will allow you to get more details about a future implementation.

Here it is also worth reporting the best time to contact you and, above all, the region in which the company operates.

Example of contact information presentation. The absolute minimum, i.e. email, phone and address. Of course, this example is not visually appealing, but it shows what is worth including.

6. Feedback from others

Reviews on the site are confirmation of what the company has done to date.

When we choose a company on the Internet, we rely solely on our intuition. Reviews, on the other hand, are confirmation that the work done has been done properly.

In this way, we can convince ourselves that it is worth using the services of a particular brand.

Also, in terms of trust, it's worth trying to get written references, especially if you're doing projects for companies rather than individuals. Such a written reference is simply very reliable.

7. Demonstrate cooperation

The last element we propose to include on the site of the construction company is a section containing information on how the cooperation takes place.

This is a purely informative section in which a party potentially interested in the service can find out what the various stages of cooperation look like. What is at the beginning and what is at the end, what are the different stages, etc.

Elements like this can be attractively presented, so from a visual point of view, it's worth having something like this on your construction site.

Website for a construction company - what should be on it?

A construction company website should be, above all, informative and visually appealing.

Here it is worth focusing, first of all, on implementations, since their representation and number is simply huge.

It's also worth considering the aforementioned "before and after" effect, as it's a great way to show the effect of the work done.

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