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How to order the development of a medical application?

To order the development of a medical application, it is enough to leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section.
If you liked our case, you can order a medical application on our website by filling out the brief and indicating "creating a medical application" there, or scroll up the page and click on the button "Order an application" under the heading of our case for developing a medical application.

Leave your details and we will call you back to discuss pricing and arrange a special discount just for you.

Creating a medical application

Six months after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a client from France contacted us with a request to develop an application for calling a nurse and taking a PCR test at home - after all, it is much more convenient, and most importantly, safer. Especially considering that there were no such instruments on the French market.

App development, WEB development
Client site
Medical application development - photo №1

The task of the client

Our company was tasked with making an application that would satisfy all stakeholders - users who want to take the test, laboratories that can provide this service, nurses who work on “freelance” with several laboratories for a special certificate and, of course, the company Testify itself, which acts as an intermediary in the process of passing the test.
The original concept within the MVP was that users would be able to call a nurse at home for a PCR test, just like calling a courier in Glovo or a driver in Uber.

Medical application development - photo №2

Peculiarities of medical application development

As part of the work on the project, we divided all the necessary functionality into 3 stages:
The first stage - MVP application with three types of users - nurse, client and laboratory. The client can call a nurse and, upon completion of the test, receive the result in his personal account with a unique QR code that cannot be faked. Nurse - by activating the application, she can accept “orders” for delivery of the PCR test and transfer them to one of the nearest laboratories. Laboratory - after processing the test, it places the result in the application and sends the file to the user, who sees the result in his personal account.
At the second stage, it was necessary to add the function of recording to the laboratory for a certain time. This functionality was necessary for one of the stakeholders - laboratories.
Also, in the process the option of online registration for vaccination with the choice of vaccine, time and place of vaccination was added.
Within the framework of the project, we have also developed a web version of the application and a business card site for presenting the project to users.

Medical application development - photo №3 Medical application development - photo №4
Creating a medical application - photo №5

Medical Application Design

When designing, it is imperative to first work out the user's path, interact with each screen, and then work on the user interface.
At the first stage, we created a prototype to work out the logic of user interaction with the application and designed the entire path from registration to receiving the result. This path is individual for each type of user, and it is especially important to think over their interaction within the framework of using the application.

From the point of view of UI, our goal was to make the application as simple as possible for all ages, because the topic is medical, which means that one way or another the application will be used by people of all ages.
The design of the medical application was made in green tones on a white background in order to focus on functional elements and not to distract the user's attention from the CTA with an abundance of graphic elements and animations.

Creating a medical application - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Creating a medical application - photo №7

Results of the project on the development of a medical application

After agreeing on all the details, we have outlined the timeline for the release of the MVP as well as the next two versions.

SERVICES: design + development + version update and maintenance
Number of user types: 4 (laboratory, medical worker, user and administrator)
DESIGN: mobile app + web version
DATE : 2 months for MVP /5 months for full functionality

Service prices

Web applications
from 3 000 $
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