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Order online food store

Order the development of an online grocery store

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Creation of an online food store

Website development for a grocery store in Israel

We have developed an online food store for an Israeli offline store. In this case, we will tell you about the process of creating an online food store.

Food and drink
WEB development
Creation of an online grocery store - photo №1

Client Task

Our client is a grocery store in Israel. The main product of the client is high quality meat products, and in addition the client sells “goods from the shelf”, cheeses, ready-made meals (cookery) and other related products.
The client's task was to make it possible to order food via the Internet by developing an online food and beverage store.

Creation of an online grocery store - photo №2

Features of developing an online food and beverage store

Initially, customers wanted to create an online store on the Magento platform. Nevertheless, upon a detailed examination of the terms of reference. - we found that the functionality they needed was not included in the platform, which meant that it was necessary to customize it.
The main difficulty was that most of the goods must be weighed and the price was set with different steps (50/100 /250/1000 grams), and there were also additional types of goods - with a fixed number of grams, as well as measured in “pieces” (units). At the same time, there had to be a huge number of connections of products with each other, with categories and subcategories, as well as with receptors.

When calculating the project, it turned out that it would be cheaper and more efficient to write a website from scratch on a framework than to customize Magento.

From the suggested frameworks - the client chose the Laravel framework.

Creation of an online grocery store - photo №3 Creation of an online grocery store - photo №4
Website development for a grocery store in Israel - photo №5

Design and layout of an online food store

The design and layout features consisted of a huge number of unique pages (about 32), as well as information blocks and pop-ups that were supposed to tell users how to use the online store. Also, many interactive elements and UX solutions were added to the design in order to make the user experience as familiar and convenient as possible.
Also, due to the large number of background elements, working with adaptive for different devices has become more complicated. An important point was also to treat the layout carefully, and check the format of the text so that everything is displayed from right to left (because the language of the online store is Hebrew).

Website development for a grocery store in Israel - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Website development for a grocery store in Israel - photo №7

Results of the project for the development of an online food store

Due to the large number of functionality and improvements after the project, the development process lasted six months, during which we either added something new, then removed and completed the originally unplanned functionality, which, of course, was done by the worker the process took longer and stretched out until release.

However, in the end, the site worked the way the client wanted.

SERVICES: development


MOBILE VERSION: responsive

DATE: 24 weeks

BUDGET: $ 6400

Service prices

Online store
from 3 000 $
Online store on "TIM"
from 1 900 $
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