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Blog articles affecting website promotion

When developing a blog, many are engaged in building link mass, advertising their blog on social networks, and forming a behavioral factor that influences the rise of articles in search results. But the question is how to make blog articles that will work independently, bringing more and more customers to your site every day.


All of the above methods are fine for blog development, but without basic work, all attempts to attract customers in this way will be in vain.

What is SEO article for a blog

When optimizing a site, information is often heard that it is necessary to write articles for a blog, thereby attracting new users to the site. When writing such articles for a blog, you can reach a large audience.

A common mistake is the senseless filling of articles with key queries and expectations of a miracle, they say, such articles will grow by themselves and become useful for the search engine and users. A big misconception. A correct SEO article for a blog, in addition to the content of the key queries of users and their correct use in the text, must also fulfill other requirements for SEO texts.

Regardless of whether the site owner, optimizer or company marketer, this material will be useful for forming a task for writing content and controlling the final result of articles.

Basic principles of writing SEO texts for a website

The first step in writing blog articles

Determine the end user who should interact with the article. For example, for an online store selling shoes, the actual blog will be writing thematic articles on the topic of shoes. It is important to cover the maximum range of problems and questions that buyers have when choosing products.

Such questions can be identified in several ways:

  • Collect a semantic core for each article, and then add it to the text.
  • Ask people interacting with customers the most pressing questions.
  • Analyze thematic blogs of competitors and identify articles of interest for your site.

In these ways, when writing SEO texts, identify the main pressing questions of users and understand what should be article. Each blog article should disclose the "pain" of users with a subsequent decision.

For example:

Due to the prevention of hot water, in many cities for weeks, or even months water.

It would be a mistake to write an article about the quality of boilers and their advantages.

The correct solution would be to write a blog article related to the problem and offer alternative sources of hot water.

In this way, you can attract not only a user who may be interested in the product, but also solve his urgent "headache".

The second stage of writing SEO texts

The copywriter is given the opportunity to write a blog at his own discretion and as a result, "his own discretion" is very often erroneous. The number of edits that are eventually made to the written articles is large, errors, lack of structure and other problems.

If you, as an esthete, are accustomed to seeing the quality of high-quality articles on your blog, then it is best to immediately draw up a plan for a future article for the copywriter or ask him to show it before writing. Having received the detailed content of an SEO article, you will see what it is about, what problems it solves, what will be in each block. Each written text should be based on a topic that needs to be covered.

Having compiled abstract notes when writing an article, we will get a clear understanding of what headings, what questions and topics the blog article will cover.

When forming the structure, it is better to use a formula according to which the article will be interesting to the user and will help to solve his problem, with the subsequent benefit for you:

The third stage, drawing up the technical characteristics of the text in the blog

1. An attractive SEO text title, headline that will attract the user to come in and read the article. Desirable in the title of the blog post was the most important keyword, the purpose of the article.

2. Writing SEO articles with the use of keywords, is best as rich as possible, so that the article is useful and at the same time has a common goal. Key queries in the blog text should be written harmoniously and while reading not create problems with understanding and "hitching".

3. Compliance with technical specifications for correct SEO text writing:

  • 100% Uniqueness. The parameter speaks about the uniqueness of our text in the blog, in comparison with other articles on this topic. The indicator must be no less than 90%, otherwise the search engine will consider such text to be partially borrowed and the usefulness has already been described on other resources.
  • Word-density (Spamming). The written SEO article should contain a goal, usually the most used words in the article and are its goal. But the word rate should not exceed 3% of the total text.
  • There should be headings in the text based on our structure.

4. The usefulness of the site's articles in the blog. A subjective factor, but you also need to think about it when writing articles, although the search engine is a machine, it understands the content of each page and can evaluate the usefulness of each document. What to look for:

  • Usefulness of the text. When writing SEO articles, it is important to write a minimum of "water" and maximum useful information that specifically reveals the purpose of the article.
  • Truthfulness. All written information must be up-to-date and not contain lies and not confuse users. Your article is not the only source, which means that the comparison will show distorted information.
  • Resourcefulness. You can use not only established information for SEO text, but new information that can help users.
  • Expertise. The article should be written in such a way that the reader can see the author's knowledge in this area. Use verified static data, diagrams, tables. Such uses should be moderate for readability of the text.
  • Plain text. Write SEO blog articles in simple sentences, without heavy use of complex sentences or frequent use of specialized terms and concepts.
  • Volume. Paragraphs are best divided into blocks of 1000 characters or separated by statistical data, pictures. This increases readability and does not turn reading into a routine.
  • The volume of the article. The volume of an article in a blog directly depends on the purpose and the questions being disclosed, the search engine perceives from 2-4 thousand characters without spaces. But to write a quality article, most often you need to go beyond this framework. With this writing SEO text, it is better to adhere to all the characteristics listed above for filling with key queries and word density.

5. The most significant articles that we remember were written in such a way that they remain in the memory of the reader. The person who will write the article should use phrases, comparisons and metaphors that will create a vivid impression on the reader.

The fourth stage, the correctness of the article's narration

There are a lot of articles on the Internet that throw the user halfway. Don't actually end up with targeted responses or conclusions. There is a misunderstanding of reading the SEO article, doubts creep in in relation to the entire resource.

It is important to write a story and satisfy the reader's interest. To answer the questions of interest of users, which were disclosed at the very beginning of the articles. Summarizing all the important information, summarize, point out the most important points and the fact that all the main questions asked in the blog article are disclosed.

What's next and how to write blog articles ?

Having examined all aspects of writing an article, you can see that their presence in any text leads to correct writing, clarity of the purpose and questions of the article. The user, like the search engine, wants to spend time only on those things that are worthy of his attention.

A correctly written blog article can interest the user to visit the site and read new topics, new questions. Constantly come back and trust the resource. And "garbage" resources that provide introductory information without a final and interesting facts are left behind everyone.

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