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Website development for a cleaning company

Order website development for a cleaning company

To order the creation of a website for a cleaning company, just leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section.

If you liked our case, you can order a website for cleaning services on our website by filling out a brief and indicating there "" company "" or scroll the page up and click on the "Order a site" button under the heading of our case on developing a website for a cleaning company for Sweden

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Cleaning company website

Cleaning services website

Our client is a company in Sweden that is involved in cleaning and looking after and managing the apartments of Swedish property owners in Spain.

Scandi Home Services
B2b segment
WEB development
Sweden, Spain
Client site
Website development for a cleaning company - photo №1

Client Task

It was necessary to develop a website describing all the services: cleaning and the full cycle of real estate management. The client needed a simple site with a nice design for the presentation of services in the web space.

Website development for a cleaning company - photo №2

Development features of a website for cleaning services

For the development of the site, we chose the simplest platform - Wordpress, since there was only a feedback form from the functionality on the site according to the terms of reference - there was no need for something more expensive.

After the implementation of the site layout, all that remained was to connect the site template created by design to the Wordpress platform and the site was ready.

Website development for a cleaning company - photo №3 Website development for a cleaning company - photo №4
Cleaning services website - photo №5

Website design for a cleaning company

For the client, design was the top priority, but from the graphic materials there was only a logo in gray. Therefore, we independently selected the colors and thought out the design concept: a green palette with gray tones and background graphic elements. The main emphasis was placed on two colors - white and green, in order to make the site pleasing to the user's eye and associate with "cleanliness" and "comfort", calming green - calming, saying that the client is in good hands. We made a gradual transition from gray to white as the user moves deeper into the site, similar to the cleaning process itself.

Cleaning services website - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Cleaning services website - photo №7

Results of the project for the development of a website for a cleaning company

We completed the project in a month and a half, however, unfortunately, it did not last long, because a few months after the launch, a pandemic began and the company was forced to stop its work due to the long absence of tourists from Sweden in Spain, and, as a result, there is no need for the company's services.

SERVICES: design + development
ADMIN-PANEL : Wordpress
DESIGN: 8 unique pages
MOBILE VERSION: responsive
DATE: 6 weeks
BUDGET: $ 1800

Service prices

Business card website
from 1 000 $
Business card site * Ready-made solution DIGIANTS
from 700 $
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