What is platform and site engine?

One of the most common misunderstandings among clients who rarely deal with website development is the concept of "Engine" and "Platform" of a site. Let's figure out what is what once and for all :) "Engine" or "platform" is a content management system, part of this system is represented by the admin panel, through which all content is entered. "Engine" is most often of two types - CMS (content management system) or framework.


What is a framework and CMS?

CMS is a ready-made content management system. This is a ready-made or semi-finished solution that must be adapted to the customer's requirements for the website. The most common CMSs are Wordpress, OpenCart.

A framework is a more flexible platform that does not have any initial "blanks". The admin panel, in this case, is written and agreed with the customer individually. The most popular frameworks at the moment are Laravel and Symfony.

In simple terms, imagine you are building a house. In the case of a CMS, you take a finished project of a house and adapt it to the peculiarities of the landscape, soil and customer preferences (plumbing, electricity, plumbing, rooms and room zoning, the number of outlets, etc.). And choosing a framework, the architect draws up the entire project on his own at home, initially planning the future home based on your preferences (in the case of a website, based on the company's business processes).


  • The development process is faster and cheaper if the functionality is simple.
  • Due to the prevalence, it is easier to find a contractor for edits and maintenance.
  • Simple and easy-to-use admin panel, outside depending on the developer.


  • Great platform flexibility. If you need something beyond the standard CMS functionality, then it's better to choose a framework.
  • It's easier to add new features and change old ones.
  • High speed of the site.

If you still have questions - write to us, and we will be happy to tell you everything we know about the site's “engines”. And in the next posts we will go through individual platforms and analyze in detail all the pros and cons.


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