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Music label website

Order the creation of a website for a music label

In order to order the creation of a website for a music label, it is enough to leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section.
If you liked our case, you can order a website for a music label on our website by filling out the brief and indicating "creating a website for a music label" or scroll up the page and click on the button "Order a website for a label" under the heading of our development case website of the music label Rhymes Music.

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Music label website

Creation of a website for a music label Rhymes Music

We will tell you how we created a creative project for a music label and how the website was developed.

Rhymes music
Show Business, Artists
WEB development
Music label website Rhymes Music - photo №1

The task of the client

The manager of the Rhymes Music company contacted us for a proposal to develop a website for a music label. The client had a very precise understanding of what was needed:

Present the brand on the Internet in such a way as to emphasize the integrity and reliability of the label. It was necessary to present and present not only artists and projects, but also the company itself in order to attract young artists.

We managed to prepare the most tempting offer, we agreed on the terms and started working.

Music label website Rhymes Music - photo №2

Website development for a music label

The Wordpress platform was chosen for development. The site did not have serious functionality, besides, this is a label's site, where SEO is needed only for branded queries, while there were time limits (2 months). Therefore, it seemed logical to us to save the client's money and offer a cheaper and more efficient solution for creating a music label website.

Music label website Rhymes Music - photo №3 Music label website Rhymes Music - photo №4
Creation of a website for a music label Rhymes Music - photo №5

Music Label Website Design

As we mentioned earlier, the client had a very accurate understanding of what needs to be done in terms of design and what the site should be like. After a short bench marketing and selection of references, we settled on a clean design interspersed with modern graphic elements and a changing black and white website theme. It was decided to highlight some interactive elements with a contrasting red color.

For each start screen of the pages - we thought over an automatic slider with clips of the label artists presented on the site.

Creation of a website for a music label Rhymes Music - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Creation of a website for a music label Rhymes Music - photo №7

Results of creating a website for a music label

Two months later, as agreed, we presented the client with a finished website, which made the music label very happy, since they did not expect the work to be completed on time.

Here is a brief information about the project:

  • SERVICES: design + development
  • DESIGN: 9 unique pages
  • MOBILE VERSION: responsive
  • CONTENT: graphics, videos and texts
  • TIME: 8 weeks
  • BUDGET: $ 2800

After the completion of the project, we signed two contracts - for the development of an online merchant store and SEO for brand queries. Wait for new cases on our website :)

Service prices

WOW business card site
from 3 200 $
Business card website
from 2 100 $
Business card site * Ready-made solution DIGIANTS
from 850 $
Site design
from 550 $
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