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Website Support

Website support services were in great demand before, but now website support has become not just a bonus but a necessity to keep a website updated and fix any possible issue.

What is website support?

Comprehensive website support allows business owners to completely relieve themselves of the headache of maintaining the website. Specialists will take care of the website's stability and all needed updates. Website support services also eliminate the risk of cyberattacks and allow quick bug fixes, information replacement, adjustment of incorrect resource operation, the addition of new functions, and changes in the design and layout.

When ordering a subscription to DIGIANTS website support services, you get a quick implementation of your technical changes at a competitive price. Each client who signs a contract for technical support on the website gets their personal account manager. His area of ​​responsibility is working with the developer and designer, calculating the work to be done, and getting the result. Transfer the project to professionals and do not waste time on providing access, explaining the problem in detail, and waiting for an answer about the possibility of its implementation. The cost of a website support service depends on several factors and the number of hours required. For more details on what tariff options you can order, you can check our price table below.

Why do you need technical support services for your website?

We have created the opportunity to order website technical support via the subscription of Website Support for our regular customers to support their projects and constantly monitor task quality. By ordering a website support service from DIGIANTS, you can be sure that the tasks implementation for your project is our top priority.

Advantages of ordering DIGIANTS Website Support services

  • Dedicated manager. A dedicated project manager is always in touch with you, fully aware of your project's status, and can provide answers regarding task implementation while monitoring the process.
  • Priority for your project. You can expect us to prioritize important tasks like site maintenance and edits, ensuring they're completed within a day. Your project is always our priority.
  • Costs savings. As this is an ongoing website support service rather than a one-time service, the cost of maintaining the resource is much more advantageous. The more hours you purchase, the more money you save. This is clearly more cost-effective than hiring a professional in your company.
  • Consulting. In addition to monthly resource support, your dedicated project manager will also help you make the right decision on the development and optimization of the website based on the experience of more than a hundred completed projects.
  • Saving time and stress. You communicate only with one person, your dedicated personal manager, while we handle all internal communication with our employees or contractors, organizing their work and providing a finished final quality product.
  • Experience. Do you want to integrate a warehouse, CRM or connect new analytics tools and programs? We already know how to do it and will help you figure it out.
  • Always available. Even if the tariffs for the "website support" service are different, we will fix a critical error as fast as possible, even on a weekend, without increasing the price.
  • Guaranteed results. Choosing our website technical support services you can expect quality and results.


What is included in the DIGIANTS technical website support service:

  1. Changes to the website design, layout, design study, and adding pages.
  2. Editing in admin panel and website structure.
  3. Uploading documents and photos to the website.
  4. Adding a privacy policy.
  5. Adding social networks to the website.
  6. Adding and changing phone numbers.
  7. Connecting chats to the website.
  8. Connecting marketing tools.
  9. Design and development of pop-ups and lead forms.
  10. Replacing fonts on the website.
  11. Editing the website menu.
  12. Replacing links on the website.
  13. Development of additional functions on the website or in the admin panel.
  14. Optimization of business processes for unloading and loading.
  15. Integration with third-party services.
  16. Integrating with CPM and 1C.
  17. Integrating with telephony.
  18. Connecting payment to the website.
  19. Fixing critical errors.
  20. Changes and fixes for SEO.

Please note that the DIGIANTS monthly service does not include working with servers and hosting, domain, and setting up mail by domain. Edits under the contract for the technical website support are made only if it is technically possible. We always approve the terms of reference with you and discuss in advance the number of hours spent on making each change.

Prices for DIGIANTS website support services

The cost of website support per month depends on the number of hours required to work on it. We offer three pricing options for website support services. The minimum amount of hours is 10.

350 $450 $500 $

One of the most common questions we get is: “What if everything is working fine for us, and I want to order fewer hours for supporting the online store or website? Does the price remain the same?” We are confident that even excellently functioning resources have room for improvement. Therefore, we can always allocate extra time to implement new tools that will help your company grow. Thus, as in the case of other services of our company, the monthly cost for the website support service is justified.


We have created a Website Support subscription to make life easier for our regular customers: we support their projects and give them the opportunity to sleep peacefully, knowing what that their website is in the hand of professionals. When deciding to order DIGIANTS Website Support subscriptions, you can rest assured: your project is not just in the top of our priorities, but is in the first place in our daily plan, and the price fully aligns with the quality.


Not sure which package of  website support you need? Fill out the form to get a consultation and our specialists will contact you to suggest the most suitable pricing for the techincal support of your website.



We provide support for websites not only in all cities of Ukraine and the CIS but also in Israel, Sweden, France, Spain, the USA, Austria, Canada, Germany, Poland, and Kazakhstan. If you still have additional questions about how much it costs to support your specific website, we will be happy to select the most convenient offer for the maintenance or support of your website.

Leave your details and we will call you back to discuss pricing and arrange a special discount just for you.
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