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CMS - which one is better to choose

Making a website in 2021 seems like an easy task. However, with such an abundance of popular and not so popular content management systems (CMS), choosing the right one is not so easy. Let's take a closer look at what a CMS is, what they are and how to decide on the best option for your site.


What is CMS?

CMS (from English Content Management System) is a platform through which a user can manage a website. In professional jargon, another name is often used - "site engine".

The main advantage of a CMS system is that you don't need to know programming to edit content. The main work of the site content management system takes place in your personal account, where you can customize the functionality of a ready-made template according to your parameters. So, without the help of a programmer, you can manage your site and order some module updates.

Which CMS is better for the site?

There are various types of sites on the market today. Therefore, before deciding which CMS to choose for the site, you need to decide on the goals of your business. Almost every platform has sufficient functionality to launch a website, but in 90% of cases, CMS are paid or work incorrectly. There is also a paid option to extend the CMS with additional plugins. Let's first tell you about each engine separately.


The most popular and free CMS, which is used to create both regular blogs and multi-page online stores. Even the most inexperienced user can easily figure out the engine interface to fill the site with the necessary content. One of the main advantages of the engine is its intuitive interface. Everyone can master the platform without even working in this direction before. A large selection of ready-made templates will simplify the creation of a website.

At the same time, there is a major drawback of the platform - free templates usually have an outdated interface. The cost of modern options ranges from $ 200 - for a business card site without placing on the network, and for creating an online store - about $ 700. Also, open templates are very vulnerable: even the simplest bot is able to reconnect payment methods on such sites and withdraw money.

As reported on the official website of CMS WordPress, more than 40% of sites run on this engine and this number is constantly growing. Such well-known organizations work with this CMS: The New Yorker, Samsung, Coca Cola, etc.

Pluses of CMS WordPress:

· free basic functionality of the engine;

· fast in development and no need to create a backend site from scratch;

· intuitive interface of the engine is easy to fill;

· use of the common PHP language.

Disadvantages of CMS WordPress:

· "heavy weight" - during operation there is a significant network load on the server, which is due to the algorithms of the CMS;

· Lack of technical support for the platform;

· a large number of plugins reduce the performance of the engine;

· low reliability and protection of the platform;

· limited functionality;

· due to system updates, problems often occur.


Popular engine suitable for store management. All tools are for e-commerce. The OpenCart platform offers useful opportunities for organizing sales and order management. A free engine allows you to significantly save your budget and at the same time implement the necessary functionality. But only if it is provided in the CMS itself. For example, you can use it to customize product ratings, display customer reviews, and add different payment systems.

CMS OpenCart advantages:

free platform;

work with a large number of payment systems;

Security - the system takes care of the protection of transactions, warns of hacking and data loss;

open source, which allows, with the help of the developer, to expand the functionality of the system and individual settings;

the engine control panel has a built-in store of add-ons with access to the database of templates, extensions, plugins;

· import into Excel.

CMS OpenCart cons:

· unnecessary platform fields cannot be disabled without editing the code. For example, you will not be able to independently change the section “shopping cart” or “registration”;

· lack of a “live” search, that is, the necessary options are not issued on request on the site;

-for a large number of add-ons and plugins, conflicts may arise;

· low loading speed of the site;

· high cost and long terms when finalizing additional functions on the site. For example, to improve the work of personal accounts of buyers, you will have to change the platform or half of the site;

· Difficulties during the updating of the site design, i.e. when the site is outdated - you need to make a new one from scratch;

· error of some modules after updating.


If you need an online store on WordPress, then this is a free plugin for it. After installing WooCommerce, the site turns into a fully functional store. The plugin has become a powerful business tool. There is also an opportunity to offer any product with any additional services to it. With WooCommerce, you can arrange products into dozens of different categories. And with a new order, the administrator receives email notifications. It is believed that thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, you can make online stores on the WordPress CMS.

Pros of WooCommerce:

· Fast and intuitive store setup;

· You can add photos and videos for the product;

· the ability to conduct detailed analytics;

· multilingual;

· many payment methods;

· suitable for small online stores (up to 100 products). If it is more, problems begin with cathologization and speed of work.

Cons of WooCommerce:

· lack of technical support for CMS;

· low speed;

· instability with high traffic;

· inflexibility of the basket, for example, the checkout process cannot be replaced;

· non-variability of the catalog;

· cannot withstand high traffic;

· focus on the western market - by default, delivery methods and payment options are designed for the western market;

· high cost of advanced CMS functions;

· most plugins for English-language sites;

· high possibility of hacking;

· with a large number of products on the site (more than 5 thousand) conflicts arise;

· conflicts with other add-ons are possible.


This CMS has an open source code, which allows with the help of specialists to modify the site or change in accordance with their own needs. The platform allows you to create several online stores at once and manage them from a common center. It is convenient to work with prices using CMS Magento. For example, to reduce the cost of goods for a certain period or to establish a promotion. At the same time, the CMS focuses on the foreign market. Most of the engine support sites are in English, and the interface can be difficult for users. Therefore, additional tools will be needed to adapt the platform to a Russian-speaking audience.

Advantages of CMS Magento:

an abundance of built-in functions: a visual editor in the page builder, a built-in analytics system , convenient tools for managing prices.

· there is a free version of the platform;

· the personal account of the engine has great functionality: users can rate, write reviews, make wishlists.

Disadvantages of CMS Magento:

· slow page loading;

· the engine is not well suited for the CIS market segment - the platform is originally English, but it exists paid Russian assembly;

· most of the documentation for working with the engine is in English;

· with a large number of products on the site (more than 10 thousand) conflicts arise;

· The cost of the license.


If you need a popular engine for creating any sites, in particular Internet pro ktov, then CMS 1C-Bitrix will be an excellent find. This is a platform for large businesses that are ready to allocate significant funds to support the site. CMS is a modular system with additional applications.

Advantages of CMS 1C-Bitrix:

· Marketing tools are available on the engine. So, in the version 1C-Bitrix "Site Management" 15.5 useful marketing tools have appeared: triggered mailings and a business model for predicting the company's profit;

· there are several levels of protection against the most common attacks and each level increases the security of the site;

· A system for differentiating user rights;

· a large number of visitors, the load on the database or errors in the program code load the platform. CMS 1C-Bitrix is ​​optimized for such loads.

Disadvantages of CMS 1C-Bitrix:

· for permanent use of the system, you must purchase a license, the package of which starts from $ 70 up to $ 5400;

· paid annual updates;

· expensive developer services;

· has a very narrow functionality;

· complex in work for amateurs, therefore, the team must have a specialist or an outsourced team to fill the site;

slow page loading;

coding skills are required for independent work.

Is there an alternative to ready-made CMS?

Almost always CMS is a fast and ready-made solution, but usually they all have a small range of possibilities. Therefore, the DIGIANTS company has developed solutions that are not limited in functions and complete freedom in design development. For a nice price, you can get all the necessary functionality, which will be much easier and more convenient to work with.

Wide functionality

The main highlight for our users is wide functionality and ready-made solutions, you can choose both the ready-made functionality and add your own functions and we will calculate them. All tools have detailed instructions, which guarantees ease of use. You customize the site for your own requirements and get an original product.


Slow sites are becoming less popular, so we guarantee decent site loading speed, site speed largely affects both purchase conversion and indexing speed for SEO. Also its placement on the hosting and the client's domain. And in order not to waste your time adding one product after another, the export and import function is provided. You will also have the opportunity to offer discounts for any group of products.

Customer feedback

To contact a customer, online stores need an email newsletter. Using auto-mailing, you will receive an order confirmation email. We understand the need to organize communication with clients and provide you with integration with telephony. We also want to offer you a tool for supporting clients in online chat, and the "Personal Account" module will provide convenient work with site users.

Entering the international market

Our system is multilingual, which allows you to work with foreign markets.

Smart assistant for finding products on the site

For high-quality navigation on the site, we provide the "Ajax Search" function.It is enough to enter the first three letters of the product and it will display all suitable options for this request.

The function of accepting online payments

In our system we offer integration with various payment services. As soon as the client places an order, the system will add sales tax to the cost of the goods and save the administrator's time. In order to competently build a dialogue with the client and avoid mistakes when processing orders, DIGIANTS connects CRM to the site.


We carefully studied the market, carefully analyzed the experience of interaction with SEO- companies and implemented basic SEO optimization into the platform.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. You can find out more about the offer in the "Promotions" section.


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