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How to beat competitors with website optimization?

Positioning for high-yielding keywords can quickly turn into an arena fight. In a nutshell: the strongest always wins. In the struggle for positions in search engines, it is necessary to develop an optimal strategy that will allow you not only to outperform competitors on the Internet, but, above all, to maintain your positions. One such strategy might be to analyze the site of your competitors and outperform them in all possible technical parameters. If they can hold their own in the market with a website built in a bygone era, why not make a better, faster, more attractive site that will match your competitors' traffic and new customers over time. In this regard, today I will tell you how, through website optimization, to defeat your competitors on the Internet and, in turn, dominate the search results.


How to beat competitors by optimizing your website?

1. Get your competitors SEO stats

The first thing you need to do to beat your competitors online is to analyze their entire site.

During this analysis, you will find out, for example:

  • Where their backlinks come from.
  • What type of content they post.
  • Nofollow and dofollow links.
  • Subpage titles
  • Heading distribution H1, H2, H3 etc.

How can I get this information?

The best tool for this is, of course, Ahrefs. Of the Polish services, it is worth recommending Senuto.

Keep in mind that many valuable tools are paid, but most of them offer a free trial, usually for 14 days, so you will have enough time to analyze the competitor's site in terms of SEO.

2. Check technical problems of competing sites

Both of the tools I mentioned earlier have a site audit feature in their offer.

This will not be a professional audit of 50 pages listing and explaining all the issues, but a report from e.g. the Senuto tool will include any technical issues, indexing issues, code errors, general weaknesses in the site structure and many other issues.

In other words, you will know what their weaknesses are.

With the help of the information received, you can optimize your site so that it does not have the errors that your competitors have.

3. Do better than your competitors

Recently I read a very interesting article about increasing the number of website visitors using the skyscraper technique.

I will briefly explain what it is.

At a basic level, this technique is about identifying the best articles and posts from your competitors.

Once you find them, create your content based on them (I'm not talking about simple copy/paste) with the only difference being that your posts and articles should be a little more meaningful, long, comprehensive and visually appealing.

You can then link to your content in the same places as your competitors, but with a note that your article deals with such and such a question (and your competitors' article omitted it) or you created additional infographics, etc.

There are indeed many opportunities to beat your competitors online with the best posts and articles.

In this regard, how to write better articles and posts?

Here are a few points that will help you with this.

4. Write content that exhausts the topic

If you are new to our blog, you probably noticed that we try to write long posts.

And for good reason.

Multiple studies over two years have shown that messages with more words tend to outperform messages with fewer words.

So how long should your entry be?

For us, the minimum limit for a long article is more than 1,300 words.

If your competitor's posts are very short, your post with 2 times as many words will likely rank higher in search engines.

Remember not to promote unnecessary content. Your articles should be of some use to readers and, above all, be factual.

5. Take care of the visual design of the site

I may not need to remind you of the power of visual content, but I will anyway.

People by nature prefer what is visually beautiful.

Because of this, we are more likely to respond to text that contains a large number of images, graphs or charts.

If your competitors in the market place only clean text, they provide you with a great opportunity and it will be much easier for you to beat your competitors online.

Including relevant images or graphics not only in your posts and articles, but throughout your entire website will certainly help increase traffic, engagement and, ultimately, higher search engine rankings.

We also suggest experimenting with infographics, but only with well-made ones.

The popularity of infographics has grown to such a level that online tools have even been created to create them, such as Vizualize.

Therefore, infographics have become a powerful tool in the hands of entrepreneurs who rely on online marketing.

It is worth showing interest in visualizing this kind of content.

6. Take care of... the eyes of your readers

It may not seem important to you, but for me, reading badly formatted articles one after another is painful.

You should also know that almost no one reads the entire article. Users simply scan the entire site with their eyes and select what is useful to them.

What if they even stumble upon a very valuable post that doesn't have a title and is just plain text?

I think you already know.

If your posts are "digestible", they will have a better impact on all readers, helping you beat the competition in the next battlefield that is content.

Here are 4 basic content creation techniques:

  • Use short phrases.
  • Use headings H1, H2, H3, etc.
  • Use lists (as in this case) to enumerate.
  • Websites are not books - don't justify text!

7.Beat competitors from a technical point of view

Remember, at the very beginning, I told you about how to identify technical problems on a competitor's website?

For example, your competitor's site does not have a sitemap.

This is problematic from Google's point of view as it's harder for their robots to index it.

Just taking a few minutes to create such a sitemap will give you another edge over your competitors.

I repeat, identify all the technical problems of your competitors and make sure that your site does not have them.

8. Speed ​​up your website

How to beat competitors online with website optimization?

You can speed up your website.

Google has long confirmed that site loading speed is taken into account when determining the ranking.

Although not as important as backlinks, site speed plays a significant role.

Not to mention that improving site speed will have a huge impact on user experience.

In fact, even a one-second delay can negatively impact customer satisfaction by having to wait for the page to load, resulting in a lower overall conversion rate.

9. Make your website mobile-friendly

I'm sure you know how important it is these days to have a mobile-friendly website.

I myself already browse most sites on a tablet or phone.

If your site is not yet responsive, then it has probably already experienced "mobile geddon" (rank drop), and if Google has been talking about it so loudly for a while, then know that this is very important.

That's why my last piece of advice on how to beat competitors online with website optimization will be on mobile devices.

How do you test your site?

Google has already taken care of a suitable tool - the mobile compatibility test.

Enter your website address and Google will provide you with information and valuable suggestions within seconds.

How to Beat Your Competitors Online with Website Optimization - Summary

Let's sum it up...

To beat your competitors online, you need their SEO stats and identifying the best content that powers them back links.

Improve your posts and articles further with these tips and tricks.

Finally, you already know that the speed and portability of your site are very important and you need to take care of all this.

By following these recommendations, you have every chance to beat your competitors on the Internet and get more organic traffic, which will directly affect the number of customers and earnings.

Leave your details and we will call you back to discuss pricing and arrange a special discount just for you.
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