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What site to create? - 12 types and offers

Do you like a new project, but you are not sure what site to create? Look at our 12 offers. Perhaps you will like one of them.


He has been involved in various start-ups, opening and closing companies, while at the same time developing various types of websites for his own business. The sites he created were really of a different nature.

If you are also looking for something for yourself, dreaming of a new site, but do not know which site to create, perhaps this note will be useful to you.

Below you will find 12 different types of websites.

Some of them are more or less interconnected, and using one type does not preclude using the other at the same time. However, they can always serve as a basis for a specific starting point.

Don't know what site to create? - here are 12 sentences

1. Corporate site

This is what we would call our website.

This is just a website, which is also a kind of business card of the company.

In particular, a range of services and offers is presented here, that is, those areas in which potential customers may be interested.

In our database, there are indeed quite a few texts that can be useful to you when it comes to about this topic. Here are five sample articles:

  • The first website of a company - what you need to know to get started?
  • Company website on WordPress, CMS for business
  • Web -company website - what to put on it?
  • Why does your company need a professional website?
  • How to outperform larger companies in Google search?

2. Personal blog

Company blogs have been an integral part of many companies' websites for several years now.

However, it should be remembered that the blog was originally created as an online diary. It was conceived as a digital version of a place where various, sometimes purely personal information and thoughts are recorded.

There are still many blogs on the Internet that are not associated with any company, but simply run by individuals.

3. Promoting a personal brand

Many people create a personal brand.

Those who do this want to be associated as experts in a particular field. They want to be recognized with their name.

There is a lot of competition in almost every sector these days, so you have to work hard (in terms of labor, time and sometimes luck) to get the biggest piece of the pie.

4. Site directory

If you are thinking about what kind of site to build, you might think of a site directory, for example.

A dozen or so years ago, site directories were considered the cornerstone of link building . Today their importance has definitely decreased - it is difficult to find a valuable directory from which it would be really profitable to get a link from.

However, you can always try to start working in this area and create some elite site, for example, for your chosen industry.

5. Portal

In recent years, the concept of a portal has become very broad.Some would lump Facebook, the Google search engine, or Onet for example, in different ways - in fact, they are quite extreme services in terms of assumptions and mechanics.

Thus, in total, three sites The ones I talked about earlier fall into the same category.

In fact, I know people who start their day on Facebook, Google, or a news site like Onet.

6 . An online store

The general principle of an online store is very simple.

We have a product list view, an individual product card, a shopping cart and the so-called checkout, i.e. a place where you enter shipping information and select a payment method.

That's a very, very general theory for you. This is because there are a number of deviations from the aforementioned assumptions - for example, stores that only offer one product or that combine the functions of the shopping cart and the aforementioned "cash register" in one panel.

In any case, the goal one is the sale of goods via the Internet.

7. Portfolio

What website should you create? For example, a portfolio, i.e. sort of a portfolio with your best work to date.

A portfolio is an integral part of the creative industry. It allows photographers, architects, web designers and other professions where a creative invention is of great importance to present their work.

The purpose of a portfolio is simple - to present previous work to potential clients so that, based on previous work, they want to take advantage of services.

8. An online service

An online service can combine the functions of, for example, a company website, as well as an online store.

I'm thinking here - for example, Ahrefs, which represents is a set of tools useful for SEO and positioning purposes.

Using this service, you can purchase access to the service and use its capabilities by paying a subscription fee.

9. Promotion of e-books

The website can also be used to promote your own e-book created under your personal brand or company.

A growing trend nowadays is to publish an e-book based on existing content, those. previously written articles.

This is not a bad solution, especially for individuals or companies that have solid text material, which, with fairly minor changes, can be published in a completely new form.

10 . Encyclopedia

If you are thinking about what kind of site to create, you might be interested in the topic of encyclopedias.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel - you can use, for example, MediaWiki - open source software code with which you can create your own wiki.

11. Non-commercial activity

Non-commercial activity, that is, for example, the creation of a website to promote a private or public good.

Of course, not guided by making a profit for yourself, but, for example, focusing on achieving a specific goal.

12. Fansite

If you have an interest in a subject or an idol who doesn't yet have a fanclub, then a fansite might be just what you need.

I myself know something about this, since I managed to create my first fairly serious (at that time) site somewhere in the middle classes of the school. It was a site (along with a forum that became very popular) dedicated to information about all kinds of games in the world of Dragon Ball.

It was a really great time when I learned "the basics of the basics". Without a doubt, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now if I hadn't been "lost" many years ago in this very respect.

What kind of website should I create? - summary

As I said at the beginning of the text - if you feel like starting a new project, you just want to realize yourself, but don't know from what angle yet, then perhaps this post will be useful to you .

Take another look at the above list - I hope you find inspiration in it.

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