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The Best Chrome Plugins for WordPress Users

We all know very well that WordPress is a very powerful tool. It already offers a lot of features by default, and the add-ons available for it greatly expand the number of functions of this CMS.


This browser repository is full of interesting additions, and in this text we will introduce you to the best Chrome plugins for WordPress users.

15 Best Chrome Plugins for WordPress Users

1. Manage WordPress Admin

WordPress Dashboard. We love some, hate others. This feature is really useful when you need quick access to various useful options in WordPress, but it can be annoying at times. Especially if we are going to take a screenshot or see how the site looks to other users.

Comes to the rescue an add-on called WordPress Admin Bar Control. With it, we can hide the toolbar or restore it with one click.

Very simple but extremely useful option.

2. WP Write

A list including the best Chrome plugins for WordPress users cannot be complete without this plugin. WP Write allows you to add entries directly from your Google Chrome browser. It has not only a powerful text editor, but also several other side options.

It is important to note that it works not only with WordPress hosted on independent servers, but also supports blogs hosted on

Update 01/2/2018: The link to the plugin in the Chrome Web Store is unfortunately not currently working.

3. WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector

A plugin called WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector allows us to quickly determine which theme and plugins we are dealing with on a specific site.

Yes, all this can be checked manually by looking at the site code . However, if we can use a Google Chrome extension to do it for us - and much faster too - then this option is worth considering.

4.Version Check for WordPress

Version Check for WordPress is a plugin with which we can easily check whether whether the site is WordPress.

Moreover, the extension will also show which version of WordPress is currently installed on the site. We'll also check if it's up to date.

5. WordPress Style Editor

WordPress Style Editor is a nod to those people who like to "dig" in files CSS of your WordPress site.

I'm sure you sometimes use the Google Chrome developer tools to check how your site will look after making some CSS styling changes. The WordPress Style Editor makes sure you don't lose your changes when you refresh the page. With this plugin, you have the ability to save your edited CSS files - without having to modify any files or set up an FTP connection.

6. WordPress Site Manager

The directory containing the best Chrome plugins for WordPress users couldn't do without WordPress Site Manager. That's because this simple plugin makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress installations.

All you have to do is it is to enter basic information about your WordPress sites with it. After that, you can easily switch between different WordPress features (cockpit, style editor) without having to go to different admin panels each time.

7. Plugins SVN Link

A plugin called Plugins SVN Link should be familiar, in particular , developers who are actively involved in creating plugins or modifying their code.

With this extension on the plugin page on, an additional "SVN Repository" link appears next to the "Upload" button. This gives us the opportunity to see how this or that plugin looks "from the inside".

Important note: to link the repository was visible, you must be logged into at any given time.


WPSNIFFER is an add-on that will help you know (in theory at least) what theme is being used on a specific site.

Why did I add this "theoretically?". The effectiveness of this extension sometimes varies. Sometimes it happens that it cannot determine the theme used - even if, for example, it is very popular and there is a lot of information about the "skin" used in the site code. However, if it works correctly, it can provide not only the title, but also the URL of the topic in question.

9. ColorZilla

While this post features the best Chrome plugins for WordPress users, couldn't miss this very popular extension .

ColorZilla is one of the most popular plugins for Google Chrome. It adds a so-called eyedropper function, thanks to which we can quickly find out:

  • the current color on which specifies the cursor, in HEX and RGB format
  • dimensions (in pixels) of the object pointed to
  • name of object in page CSS files

It's undeniable that this is one of the most useful extensions for Google Chrome.

10. Web Developer

Formerly deprecated, the Web Developer extension is one of the most useful tools you can use on Google Chrome if you are a web developer.

The Web Developer plugin allows you to:

  • disable individual page elements (e.g. graphics, JavaScript, popups)
  • manage cookies
  • Working with CSS and forms in advanced mode
  • control the graphics displayed on the site

Lots of options are really powerful. Be sure to install this addon and check them all.


Lightshot, like the aforementioned ColorZilla, is a highly regarded add-on. With it, we can easily take a snapshot of the view we currently have in the browser.

Important to note that Lightshot really has a lot to offer. We can save not only the entire region, but also the area we have allocated. In addition, we have the ability to quickly edit the screenshot and send the file through various services.

12. WhatFont

Have you ever tried to figure out what fonts are used on a particular site? If yes, then WhatFont will come to your rescue.

With this add-on, you can easily find out the names of various fonts. What's more, you will also know their exact color, style or size. In fact, all this information can be found in the developer tools, but with WhatFont you will only know it when you hover over the element you are interested in.

13. Dimensions

I'm not hiding that I'm a big fan of Dimensions, so I really wanted to include this plugin in an article about best Chrome plugins for WordPress users.

What options does Dimensions give us? This very simple plugin allows you to find out the distance in pixels between different elements on the site. All we need to do is move the cursor to the appropriate place - so that the vertical and horizontal lines of our "viewfinder" meet with an obstacle. Then we find out how many pixels separate different parts of the page from each other.

14. Evernote Web Clipper

If you've used Evernote in the past, Evernote Web Clipper is a must have. But it's not for nothing that this is one of the most popular extensions for Google Chrome.

With Evernote Web Clipper, you can save any content to your Evernote account. There are a number of features that will allow you to conveniently manage what you find on the Internet. Highlighting, underlining, cutting out parts of articles - Evernote Web Clipper really provides a lot of possibilities.

15.Simple Time Track

If you've read my text on how to be more productive at work, you know

Simple Time Track is a trivial addon with which you can accurately measure how much time you spend on certain tasks. The interface of this extension is incredibly simple, making time management extremely easy. Be sure to try this plugin if you're experiencing performance issues sometimes.

Update 2/01/2017: link to the plugin in the Chrome Web Store, unfortunately, is currently not working.

16. LastPass

With LastPass: Free Password Manager, you won't forget a single password again. This very popular add-on for Google Chrome allows you to remember passwords for various websites or services and use them on any computer.

LastPass: The free password manager has many customization options, including, for example, the ability to attach additional files to the password. Also worth noting is a very nice interface that organizes work very well and just pleases the eye.

What are the best Chrome plugins for WordPress users?

I hope the above list of add-ons for Google Chrome will make your computer experience more efficient and

True, only some of the listed plugins are directly related to WordPress, but all of them , will undoubtedly be useful to people working with this most popular CMS.

Do you know of any other interesting extensions that I didn't include in my list? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments section.

I'm sure you're on these lists as well find some very useful things.

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