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Website development - a set of 11 comprehensive guides

How to develop a website the right way? What should you pay attention to when planning the development of a website? You will find the answers in this text.


This time we are discussing website development and more specifically the steps you should take when developing your own website.

They range from analyzing statistics to creating nicer graphics and security issues . Among other things, these topics are covered in the articles linked below.

Just follow the links superimposed on the images.

Texts you need to read to create a website


1. What tools are useful for website development?

Let's start with the text of Jakub Ozorowski, in which he lists no less than 11 different types of tools and services that are useful in many ways when creating your own website.

They include the absolute basics like Google Analytics or Yoast SEO, but of course it doesn't stop there.

Among the less popular but very interesting services you will find for example. It is used to browse a specific website in order to search for email addresses present on it.

There is also SEO Minion, which is a kind of analogue of the popular Screaming Frog, but is intended for the Google Chrome browser as an extension.

2. How do you know when you need to overhaul your site?

Developing a website, of course, involves making major changes to it periodically.

What period is right? A few months? Or maybe a few years?

There is no single answer to these questions, since each site is individual.

However, we come to your aid by suggesting that you read the text on how to determine the timing is right for operations on a larger scale.

In fact, there are quite a few symptoms that may indicate that it is time for a change.

Obviously, the most basic of them include deteriorating stats, ever-decreasing search volumes, or your competitors obviously moving away from you in terms of the aesthetics of their sites.

What other aspects should be taken into account? You will learn about it by reading the above article.

3. How do I use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is, on the one hand, a very popular service, but on the other hand, many people still... don't look into it.

We often encounter situations where the site developer has set the tracking code, but the end user does not check the statistics in the panel.

This is very unfortunate, because the analysis of the data collected by Google Analytics can sometimes take several days - when provided, of course, that you have enough data.

In the above text, we explain the main features of this popular service.

4. What usually annoys website visitors?

In order to properly develop a website, sometimes quite a few changes need to be made in terms of user preferences.

That's because some things just annoy us all.

Long page load times, lack of highly visible contact details, an abundance of artificial stock photos, ubiquitous pop-ups - there is no person in the world for whom these elements would be absolutely indifferent.

This is the end history?

Of course not. There are many other things that annoy us. You can find out the rest in the above post.

5. What are the characteristics of a secure website?

Security is one of the most popular words with which website development is inextricably linked.

The basis, of course, is a trusted hosting provider. Not the one that ranks first in the search results, but the one that is actually recommended by users.

Then, of course, there is the SSL certificate - the standard for several years.

It is also important to ensure regular updating all site components if the site is based on the WordPress CMS.

In fact, there are quite a few such bases.

6. What graphic design tools can we recommend?

You don't need Photoshop to create visually appealing images. There are many tools on the Internet to make your job easier. Even for those who are not very good at graphics programs.

You are probably familiar with Canva - it is simply impossible to ignore it.

But of course, the world does not end there.


Stencil, PicMonkey, and Piktochart are just a few of the ones you can find online.

For my part, I can add two more that many users call "online Photoshop". I mean Pixlr Editor and Photopea. They save you when you don't have your favorite program at the moment and need to do something more complicated.

7. How do you stand out as a star in Google search results?

Given the development of your site, after a while you may want to optimize it for SEO.

If so, you will want your site stood out in the so-called SERPs, the subpages that display Google search results.

A great way to get users' attention is to introduce asterisks. They can be visible for blog posts, for example.

All you have to do is use a wordpress plugin called kk Star Ratings. We will talk about its functions in the post dedicated to it.

8. What is involved in maintaining a WordPress website?

In fact, fitness should be taken care of in many areas of life.

This includes the condition of the website. By that, I mean the overall health of the site, mainly in terms of usability, design, and security.

We have an article in our text collection dedicated to just that. This is especially useful for those who have been developing their site based on WordPress for a long time.

The fact is that this is a very convenient CMS, but there are many things to keep in mind when using it in order to avoid various problems further.

9. How do you encourage people to visit your site?

Company offerings have evolved over the years of their existence. This is absolutely normal.

Therefore, if you have a company website, you may want to change the look of your offer a bit after a while.

If so, then our article on this topic will be very useful to you.

Remember that the right combination of text and design plays an important role. All this should form a single whole, so that users will enjoy reading it.

10. What should be avoided when using forms on the site?

Forms are an absolutely basic and at the same time important element that we have found on websites almost from the very beginning of our interaction with the Internet.

Please note that so many years have passed, and they are still strong. In fact, they have evolved a lot, mainly in terms of usability. They are much more comfortable than before, in some respects you can even say that they are "smart".

Therefore, it is still worth paying close attention to them. It is very easy to make a mistake that makes it very difficult for visitors to use them.

What kind of errors are we talking about?

As usual, I refer you to a special text on this topic.

11. What features and elements of the site are already outdated?

At the very end, a note that should have been here.

Development is the opposite of moving backward, becoming obsolete.

And if so, it's useful to know which elements of websites are currently outdated. In different ways: some we now consider ugly, while others do not play the role they once played.

You will find a list of exactly such elements in our last article on website development.

Website development - short text

I'm sure you'll find something to your liking in the above guides.

There are indeed quite a few texts in our collection that may be useful if you plan to create your own site in the next few years.

What topics do you think would be worth covering from this angle? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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