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Interior design studio case

Creation of a website for the ARTUA interior design studio

In design, we have revealed each direction of the company's work (there are quite a few of them - from restaurant consulting to furniture design). What and how we did it - read the case :)

B2b segment, Interior Design
WEB development
Client site
Website of the ARTUA interior design studio - photo №1


An interior design studio contacted us. They were interested in website promotion on the Internet. At the time of the first contact, the client already had a website, but its design is outdated. The site was hosted on an inconvenient platform designed for online stores, and most of the content was duplicated on the site. It was inconvenient to leave applications, in addition, the interior design studio should have an appropriate website - modern, stylish and bright. In addition, the company provides a wide range of services, and it was important to reveal the entire range of work on one site, logically building the structure, leaving the emphasis on interior design.


Before starting the development of the site, we offered the interior design studio several options of various prices. As a result, the owner of the interior design studio settled on the best option for himself. Unique design, individual admin panel. Development was carried out on the popular Laravel framework with a responsive mobile layout. This decision was due to the fact that the client was interested in further optimization of the site of the interior design studio both for ease of use and for search engines. Photo content was provided by the client, the client ordered the text content from our company.

Website of the ARTUA interior design studio - photo №2


The main feature was the speed of work. Despite the small amount of functionality, we had a huge number of pages and a framework on hand. From the layout of each unique page to building the admin panel - in 10 working days, with the efforts of two developers, we prepared a completely finished website, and we still had a whole week left for testing, writing instructions for using the admin panel for the client, and holding the final presentation for delivery of the project on time.

Website of the ARTUA interior design studio - photo №3 Website of the ARTUA interior design studio - photo №4
Creation of a website for the ARTUA interior design studio - photo №5


At the first stage, we worked out the style and design concept (the company did not have a brand book and, accordingly, a corporate identity, therefore this task was also set in front of our designers). Also, together with an SEO specialist and a marketing specialist, the optimal site structure and UX-design of the site of the interior design studio were developed. The project manager, meanwhile, communicated with the client for operational approval. After approval of the concept and structure of the site, the site architecture was developed by technical specialists. As a result, we offered two layouts of the main page design, and the interior design studio chose a clean design for its website with a lot of animations and additional design elements. Having decided on the motion vector, we set to work. This stage took a week and a half.

The second stage of development of the interior design studio was devoted to the appearance of the site (UI-design). Our team prepared layouts of all 16 unique pages of the site, which we demonstrated to the client and, having received approval, began to develop. Term - one week.

Creation of a website for the ARTUA interior design studio - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Creation of a website for the ARTUA interior design studio - photo №7


As we mentioned earlier, in addition to the site development itself, the client also used the services of our company in the field of copywriting and SEO. We optimized the site according to Google's technical specifications, and in parallel with the site development process, we prepared text content for all pages of the interior design studio site. At the moment, thanks to SEO optimization, the site is in the top of Google for key queries agreed with the client, with constant targeted traffic to the site from search engines.

  • SERVICES: design + development
  • ADMIN PANEL: individual
  • DESIGN: 16 unique pages
  • SPEED: 95/100 (google page speed)
  • MOBILE VERSION: adaptive
  • TIME : 1 month 2 weeks
  • BUDGET: $2100

Service prices

Business card website
from $ 1100
WOW business card site
from $ 2500
Site design
from $ 350
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