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Website for Alyona Alyona

Website for rap singer Alyona Alyona

We consider this project to be truly successful. We suggest you look at it :)

Alyona alyona
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Alena Alena's website - photo №1

Client's task

Back in 2018, our partners contacted us with a request to urgently develop Alena Alena's website. A separate wish was to develop a design in accordance with the 8-bit theme of her new video ("The Great Smishna").

The site was entirely in English, focused on the foreign market for the artist's presentation at festivals and other events.

Alena Alena's website - photo №2

Features of website development for Alena Alena

Alena Alena's site was not technically difficult, but there were some nuances that definitely needed to be taken into account.

We made a player for listening to songs on the site, at the same time, we “stuffed” the site with animations and documents (rider, contract, terms of cooperation).

As a result, we had to really work hard to get the site loaded in a few seconds while the bomb was burning on the loading screen.

For the desktop version - we have chosen the technology of the screen layout of the site :)

Alena Alena's website - photo №3 Alena Alena's website - photo №4
Website for rap singer Alyona Alyona - photo №5

Website design by Alyona Alyona

Honestly, it's better to show than tell, so if you haven't visited the site yet - there is a link at the top;)

Nevertheless Let's leave a few words: the creative director of the company worked on the project together with the designers and the programmer and, in our opinion, they produced a truly worthwhile and unique product.

Website for rap singer Alyona Alyona - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Website for rap singer Alyona Alyona - photo №7

Results of the Alyona-Alyona website development project

As a result, Alena Alena got a cool website, and we are a cool case for our portfolio :)

  • SERVICES: design + development
  • DESIGN: 1 unique page
  • MOBILE VERSION: responsive
  • CONTENT: graphic elements and texts
  • TIME: 3 weeks

We are sure that he served well and, most importantly, that he was consistent with the artist's image and style.

Service prices

Landing page
from $ 500
Landing page design
from $ 295
WOW landing page
from $ 1200
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