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online store of insoles

Order the development of an online store for the USA

To order the creation of an online store for the USA, just leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section.

If you liked our case, you can order an online store for the USA on our website by filling out the brief and indicating there " creating an online store for the USA "or scroll the page up and click on the button" Order an online store "" under the heading of our case on developing an online store of insoles for the USA

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Online store for the USA

Online store of insoles for shoes

Our client is a company that successfully sells its product through Amazon in the USA. To strengthen the brand, as well as to accumulate sales through his own store and avoid Amazon commissions, the client decided to develop his online store, starting from the landing page and gradually moving towards a full-fledged online store.

Easy feet
WEB development
Creation of an online store of insoles - photo №1

Client Task

The client approached us with a request to develop a landing page based on the provided content and the marketing structure of the site. The peculiarity was that it was necessary to carry out a number of complex integrations, in particular integration with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon - delivery service), as well as with several payment systems in the USA (Paymentwall, 2checkout, stripe, paypal).

Creation of an online store of insoles - photo №2

Features of the development of an online store of insoles

In order to integrate with fulfillment and payment systems in the United States, you must comply with a huge number of conditions and rules. Each payment system has its own. And, of course, the shopping cart and checkout pages are a must.
As far as the FBA integration is concerned, we faced a big problem as Amazon just updated the API version, and no experience with the new the version was neither in our company nor on the Internet. It took us a month and a half to complete the task, but in the end - it was completed.

Creation of an online store of insoles - photo №3 Creation of an online store of insoles - photo №4
Online store of insoles for shoes - photo №5

Design features of an online store selling goods in the USA

Since the buying process in the USA is quite different from the similar process in other countries (more data needs to be filled in, and there are special legal requirements), our designers have worked out several versions at the request of the client. Also, during the development of the design, the client tried various options for how individual blocks /checkout pages might look to make the most optimal decision.
3 iterations of edits were made for each page, in order to finally determine the most optimal one.

Online store of insoles for shoes - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Online store of insoles for shoes - photo №7

Results of the project of developing an online store for the US market

Initially, we promised the client the release of the project in a month and a half. However, given the large number of design edits, as well as our project delay due to the integration of third-party systems and additional functionality, the project was released only after 4.5 months. Nevertheless, the client was sympathetic to the delay and we continued to work together :)

Since the project was assessed at a fixed cost - for the additional hours that were required to implement the functionality included in the price (integration with Amazon delivery), we did not take payment.

SERVICES: design + development


DESIGN: 3 unique pages

MOBILE VERSION: mobile first

CONTENT: graphic elements

TERM: 18 weeks

BUDGET: $ 2900

Service prices

Online store
from 3 000 $
Landing page
from 499 $
Online store on "TIM"
from 1 900 $
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