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Hardware product website

How to order the development of a presentation site?

In order to order the development of a promo site for the presentation of a product, it is enough to leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section. If you liked our case, you can order a presentation site for a product on our site by filling out the brief and indicating "creating a promo site" there, or scroll up the page and click on the button "Order a promo site" under the heading of our case on developing a product site.

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Hardware product website case

Creation of a product presentation site

A Luxembourg company contacted us - they needed to create a website presentation of a refrigerator with an autonomous power system for employees of large offices and corporations.

B2b segment
WEB development
Client site
Product promo website development - photo №1

The client's task

The essence of the product was not only in the refrigerator itself, it was necessary to present the entire product as a whole: the refrigerator itself, a system of cards for employees, which can be used to purchase meals with fixing the amounts and subsequent compensation of the cost from wages boards, specially designed menus from chefs with various options (gluten-free, vegan menu, as well as sets for various diets depending on calorie content and composition).

Product promo website development - photo №2

Features of developing a promo site for a product

As a platform choice, we opted for Wordpress, since this is the easiest way to develop a promo site. In the context of our task - there was no need to develop custom functionality - the presentation site does not imply this. It is important to be able to connect as many language versions as possible and the ability to edit content throughout the site. For this task, Wordpress is more than sufficient. In addition, the client had no plans to promote SEO due to the fact that the product has a rather narrow audience and they planned to search for potential customers through other channels.

Product promo website development - photo №3 Product promo website development - photo №4
Creation of a product presentation site - photo №5

Design of a product promo site

"In this project, we paid much more attention to design, in comparison with development. healthy food only from non-polluting manufacturers).

In this connection, we focused on smooth animations, clean design in order to emphasize the bright and tasty colors of the products in the pictures.

The color scheme of the site is dominated by green colors to create a feeling of naturalness and harmony with nature, and the concept of animations was based on “recycling” - graphic elements moving in a circle symbolize non-waste production, while the system itself is cyclical and self-renewable. "

Creation of a product presentation site - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Creation of a product presentation site - photo №7

Results of the project on the development of a presentation site for the product

"The result of the project was the developed site in three language versions with a description of all the details of the product, which the client was satisfied with

SERVICES: design + development

ADMIN PANEL: Wordpress

DESIGN: 7 unique pages

MOBILE VERSION: responsive

CONTENT: graphic elements

TIME: 6 weeks

BUDGET: $ 1750 "

Service prices

Business card website
from 1 000 $
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