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SEO optimization of information site

SEO blog promotion Technical Tips

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SEO Case for Information Blog Technical Tips

We rocked the new blog from zero traffic to a large flow of stable customers.

Technical Tips
SEO promotion
SEO for Blog Technical Tips - photo №1

The main goals of optimization:

At the initial stage of website development on the part of the client, it was necessary to fully optimize the resource, followed by the promotion of traffic and stable growth of traffic. We carried out an analysis and understood what is needed to obtain stable growth.

Initial site analysis

Considering that the site was not created by us, we had to spend a lot of effort on the initial site analysis. All technical elements have been checked by our SEO specialists to ensure they match the search engine.

At the first stages of work:

  • Prepared basic technical improvements for the blog;
  • Compiled the main site tree (structure) for business;
  • Prepared recommendations for writing content;
  • Placed a large number of pages at the start;

Building a strategy growth

The promotion strategy was based on the amount of monthly generated content (new articles). General linking and constant expansion of the site. It is important to show the search engine that the resource has a large amount of useful content for users, which can be seen anywhere in the world. Blogging in English made it possible to immediately target the resource to the whole world and collect user traffic.

Stages of promotion work:

  • Generation of useful content;
  • Distribution of key queries across the site to increase domain indicators;
  • Continuous expansion of the number of articles;
  • Improvement of crawling and indexing of pages;
  • Continuous analysis of speed and usability for mobile devices;
  • Formation of internal linking of articles;
  • Coverage of low-frequency queries by written articles;
  • Formation of useful blocks that improve performance.

SEO promotion results

During our work, we have received a stable growth in performance. Regardless of the search engine updating its algorithms, the site shows big leaps and a constant increase in both positions and targeted traffic to the site. The site is still moving according to the planned strategy, the amount of possible content and potential is huge. Now, in addition to writing new articles, they began to form new sections and receive more traffic for thematic queries.

Changing positions for key queries in the US:

Search query Position at start Position now Frequency
hamachi relayed tunnel > 100 1 580
ps4 sound delay > 100 1 370
cooleukor > 100 3 390
wqhd vs 4k > 100 3 480
esn sonar > 100 5 2400
bluestacks gps > 100 6 130
twitch on samsung tv > 100 7 1000
flixbus wifi > 100 8 640
backslash mac > 100 10 210
  • Frequency - the number of searches in month
  • Position at the start - at the initial ana lease of positions
  • Position now - after our work
  • These requests are submitted only for the United States, the site is ranked all over the world, providing a constant influx of users from all over the world.

Site visits July:

Metric 07/2020 07/2021
Google analytics clicks 22048 87455
Google search console clicks 19740 86421
Google search console impressions 792293 4942818

Service prices

SEO-promotion, package "RETAIL PLUS"
(for stores /catalogs)
800 $ / month
SEO-promotion, package "OPTIMAL"
(for b2b sites)
500 $ / month
SEO-promotion, "ADVANCED" package
(for b2b sites)
700 $ / month
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