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Order SEO for the music website of the Rhymesmusic label

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Case study SEO promotion of the Rhymesmusic label

From website development to getting top positions in Google. How we have collected all possible traffic by group, musicians, songs and other targeted queries.

Entertainment, SEO
SEO promotion
SEO promotion of the Rhymesmusic label - photo №1

Purpose of the client:

The client turned to our company for the development of the website for the Rhymes label , it was important to emphasize the prestige and reliability of the project. After development, the client took up the goal of increasing the popularity of the label in the search engine. The company is constantly adding to the list of performers that a large number of people are looking for. And it is important that the information is found on the primary source, which means that people should visit the label's website.

The site should receive users to the site not only for the brand requests of Rhymes, Rimes, but also for the performers with whom a contract has been signed, the names of songs, albums, biographies, everything related to the activities of the company.

Initial site analysis

The highlight of the project is to show results without relying on the actions of others. After analyzing the niche, we realized that in organic search results we will not come across sites of similar topics, our competitors are news resources, music platforms, information aggregators. And similar labels in Russia did not provide information on what to do to get all traffic for key requests related to groups and the company.

In simple words, apart from standard project actions, we did not find anything that would help to quickly build a strategy for project. We had to collect information bit by bit to build a strategy for improving the site.

At the first stages of work:

  • Analyzed the niche, news, music and others resources;
  • We got into the business process, artists, information related to the business;
  • We checked the English-language sites of labels, took the best practices for the arrangement of elements on the pages;
  • Collected information about performers, prepared the structure of page nesting;
  • Prepared the semantic core;
  • Generated additional pages for user requests;
  • Conducted content optimization of the pages
  • We made a starting measurement of positions and traffic.

Initial indicators:

  • Semantic core (requests) in tracking: 701 Requests
  • High traffic potential: 26 pages
  • Traffic potential: 475 570 (Google) /80,523 clicks per month (p about Yandex data)

Site positions at the start:

TOP at the time of start Number of requests % of requests to TOP
TOP 1 0 0%
TOP 3 0 0%
TOP 5 0 0%
TOP 10 0 0%
TOP 30 0 0%
TOP 100 0 0%
Not in TOP100 701 100%
  • ( The table shows the position of the site in the TOP100 of the Google search engine results.Positions were taken through a specialized service based on the semantic core in promotion, for example TOP1 indicates that the site at the start had 0 out of 701 key queries on the first position).

We saw the full potential of the site, which can be obtained with increased SEO promotion. Considering the size of the large size of the promoted online store, we, together with the client, identified priority pages that are in demand and the potential for getting users from the Google search engine.

Building a growth strategy

The main strategy of the project is to create pages for target user requests, without losing the convenience and quality of the site. Show the search engine that the site is the primary source of all information and thereby overtake fan sites and news resources.

Stages of promotion work:

  • Increasing site crawling and indexing of new pages;
  • Analysis and correction of all errors according to the recommendations of the search engine;
  • Reaching the target audience;
  • Writing texts, publications on promoted pages;
  • Increasing the usefulness of the resource;
  • Extending the site to new landing pages;
  • Fix the speed of work;
  • Fix the mobile version of the site;

Results of SEO promotion

For After 3 months of work, we were able to get the first indicators of strong site growth, the site pages began to quickly occupy TOP100-TOP10. From our side, additional extensions of results began to be made on such pages and getting TOP5 positions on requests. The Rhymesmusic label project gained overall domain value as a site for bands and artists. After a short promotion, we realized that we had done everything for the resource to occupy top positions by requests and this site no longer needs to be optimized, because any new pages on it grab quickly enough. Recommendations were provided for filling the site and maintaining its quality.

  • Semantic core (queries) in tracking: 701 queries
  • High traffic potential: 26 pages
  • Traffic potential: 475,570 (Google) /80,523 clicks per month (according to Yandex)

Overall position growth :

TOP on at the moment Number of requests (was) % of requests in the TOP (was) Number of requests (now ) % of requests to TOP (now)
TOP 1 0 0% 64 9.13%
TOP 3 0 0% 123 17.55%
TOP 5 0 0% 176 25.11%
TOP 10 0 0% 327 46.65%
TOP 30 0 0% 571 81.46%
TO P 100 0 0% 664 94.72%
Not in TOP100 701 100% 37 5.28%

Changing positions for keywords:

Search Query Frequency Start Position Position now
dl 1900 > 100 1
rave kids 2900 > 100 1
bodiev 480 > 100 2
xassa 1000 > 100 2
children rave 3600 > 100 3
Hofmanita 49500 > 100 3
makelove 4400 > 100 3
pyrokinesis 8100 > 100 4
hofmannita 14800 > 100 5
egor nuts 6600 > 100 8
mukka 12100 > 100 9
  • Frequency - number of searches per month
  • Position at start - during the initial analysis of positions
  • Position now - after our work

Confidential information on the statistics of visits, but you can judge from the position of the site what traffic this resource collects.

Service prices

SEO package "ADVANCED"
(for B2B websites)
700 $ / month
SEO package "OPTIMAL"
(for B2B websites)
500 $ / month
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