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Order SEO promotion of an online home appliance store

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Case SEO promotion of an online store Warmth

Promotion of the online store of heating and climatic technology Warmth in the Google search engine. How to create a niche leader in the direction of technology from a small store. "RETAIL" SEO service package.

Appliances, SEO
SEO promotion
SEO promotion of an online store Warmth - photo №1

Client's goal:

At the end of 2019, the owner of contacted our company to analyze the possibility of website promotion. The company deals with heating equipment, climatic equipment and related products.

The main goal is to become a leader in the niche and increase sales in Kiev and Ukraine. The client was skeptical about the effectiveness of SEO promotion, since the extensive experience of working with a freelancer and other contractors did not bring results. But understanding the global trend of the Internet market and the potential for obtaining new customers, I set out to find a company that would help in this.

Initial site analysis

We faced a big the task is to promote the heating equipment hypermarket. The site has existed for a long time and the number of sections, products and related pages is difficult to count. The store sells a large number of heating equipment for every taste.

At the first stages of work:

  • We carried out a technical analysis of the site;
  • Collected the site structure and highlighted a list of priority pages;
  • Prepared the semantic core;
  • Made a starting measurement of positions and traffic.

Initial metrics:

  • Semantic core (queries) in tracking: 14,026 queries
  • High traffic potential: 405 pages
  • Potential traffic: 1,597,190 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Site positions at the start:

TOP at the start Number in requests % of requests in TOP
TOP 1 118 0.84% ​​
TOP 3 254 1.81%
TOP 5 375 2.67%
TOP 10 685 4.88%
TOP 30 2,159 15.39%
TOP 100 6 903 49.22%
Not in TOP100 7 123 50.78%
  • (The table shows the positions of the site in the TOP100 results of the Google search engine. Positions were taken through a specialized service based on the semantic core in promotion, for example, TOP1 indicates that the site at the start had 118 out of 14026 keywords on the first position).

We saw the full potential of the site, which can be obtained with increased SEO promotion. Considering the size of the large size of the promoted online store, we, together with the client, identified priority pages that are in demand and the potential for getting users from the Google search engine.

Building a growth strategy

Having a proven promotion strategy tested on a large number of projects, an individual plan for promoting the Teploradost website was worked out.Considering that the project was previously engaged in, and the result was not high, we conducted a full analysis of the changes that will give guaranteed growth.

Stages of promotion work:

  • Improving crawling and indexing rates pages;
  • Correcting site errors based on the recommendations of the search engine;
  • Increasing the site's performance as an online store;
  • Writing and placing targeted content on promoted pages;
  • Formation of useful blocks that increase the site's quality score;
  • Fix technical problems with site filtering and catalogs;
  • Fix speed of work;
  • Fix mobile version of the site;
  • Increasing the number of pages with the potential for traffic in the search engine;

Problems and solutions

On At the stage of work, we faced a number of problems that required an additional solution.

The site has a long history and the internal functionality affected the loading and site health . Hard work was done to increase the performance and optimize the code of the site, which made it fast along with the competition. The search engine now has the ability to quickly analyze the pages of the site.

Confusion of information. The search engine did not perceive the information well at the start of the project and gave out non-target pages upon requests, for example, on the request "Buy a boiler" the page of Double-circuit gas boilers appeared, which did not quite meet the user's request. After working with the content and metadata of the pages, we clearly delineated the understanding of the search engine.

Complex structure. The number of pages on the site is so large that users get lost in navigation. A large number of filter parameters did not allow users to find the product of interest. Together with the client, we carried out a step-by-step work with navigation and filters. Allowed to improve to reduce the "Bounce rate" and page loading speed.

Ukrainian version of the site. In December 2020, it became necessary to create a Ukrainian version of the site. The old site, a lot of functionality did not make it possible to easily translate the site into Ukrainian, as would be the case with simple sites. For us there was a daunting task with which we coped. The Ukrainian version of the site is fully operational, the full development of the language version was carried out by the hands of our developers within 20 hours using the internal developments of our company.

SEO promotion results

Internet heating equipment store Warmth, including the owner himself, during the year of working with us, they were convinced of the quality of SEO promotion. We managed not only to fulfill the main tasks, but also to improve the site itself. The well-coordinated work and coordination of all issues made it possible to do what others failed.Most of the pages have grown to TOP3 while providing a greater flow of customers to the site compared to last year. The client was able to entrust us with further promotion and the choice of strategy, and he himself was able to devote time to visitors to the resource and get loyal customers.

  • Semantic core (requests) in tracking: 14,026 requests
  • High traffic potential: 405 pages
  • Potential traffic: 1,597,190 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Overall growth positions :

TOP at the moment Number of requests (was) % of requests in the TOP (was) Number of requests (now) % of requests in the TOP (now)
TOP 1 118 0.84% ​​ 880 6.27%
TOP 3 254 1.81% 1 916 13.66%
TOP 5 375 2.67% 2 612 18.62%
TOP 10 685 4.88% 4 155 29.62 %
TOP 30 2,159 15.39% 8,688 61.94%
TOP 100 6 903 49.22% 11 999 85.55%
Not in TOP100 7 123 50.78% 2 027 14.45%

Changing positions for key queries:

Search term Frequency Start position Position now
electric boilers 5 400 61 1
radiators 4 400 37 1
thermal heads 1 000 > 100 1
heat accumulator 1 000 11 1
sewage pumping station 5 90 > 100 1
double-circuit boiler 1 900 53 2
heating radiators 6 600 17 3
buy a heating radiator 1 600 26 3
  • Frequency - number of searches per month
  • Position at start - during the initial analysis of positions
  • Position now - after our work

Site visits December:

Indicator 12/2019 12/2020
Analytics Clicks 7 106 27 817
Google search console clicks 6,575 28,006
Google search console impressions 603 503 1 207 564

Clicks per year Google analytics:

  • 59,423 clicks - December 2019
  • 161,033 clicks - December 2020

Service prices

SEO package "RETAIL"
(for online stores/catalogs)
600 $ / month
(for online stores/catalogs)
800 $ / month
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