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Order SEO promotion of an online store of household appliances

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SEO promotion of online store Trokot

Case SEO promotion of online store Trokot

Promotion of the online store of auto accessories Trokot in the Google search engine. How to create a niche leader in the direction of automotive equipment from a small store. Package of SEO services "RETAIL +".

Automotive, Auto parts
SEO promotion
Client site
SEO promotion of online store Trokot - photo №1

I would like to focus not on who we have previously worked with, but on what results the business has received during cooperation with us.

Client goal:

We were developing a new site that was supposed to replace the old one, more details Development of the Trokot site. At the time of the start of work, we already had information about the current positions of the site and audience coverage. The company has been on the CIS market for a long time, but the state of the site and SEO is very low. After developing a new version of the site and debugging all product groups, the site began to show positive dynamics, and the client and I agreed on the promotion of the site in the Google and Yandex search engines.

We chose Russia as the basis, since there were separate sites for selling goods in other countries. The company is a manufacturer and seller of its own products of car accessories, one of the first to start producing car curtains in the CIS. Many competitors have been able to occupy online business niches and sell their products over the Internet even without such trust from users.

We set a goal to increase the volume of users every year during the season and measure the ROI of each visit. Based on the current coverage and expansion of the product range, we thought over KPI and goals that should have been achieved in a certain season. An additional goal is to obtain new dealers and wholesale sales.

Initial analysis of the site

According to our recommendations, during the creation of the site, a large list of car curtain products for each make and model of the car was prepared, this allowed us to speed up the promotion at the initial stage. The site has existed for a long time, but the number of sections is small.

At the first stages of work:

  • We got acquainted with the business and the product group;
  • An audit of competitors and useful elements on the site;
  • Prepared a semantic core according to the current site structure;
  • We made an initial measurement of positions and traffic.


  • Semantic core (queries) in tracking: 1740 queries
  • High traffic potential: 55 pages
  • Traffic potential: 123,650 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Site has been released a couple of months before the start of SEO, so a number of positions were already received at the start.

Site position at start:

TOP at the time of launchNumber of requests% of requests in the TOP
TOP 1482.76%
TOP 31579 .02%
TOP 524714.20%
TOP 1037221.38%
TOP 3055331.78%
TOP 100157290.34%
Not in TOP1001689.66%
  • (The table shows the position of the site in the TOP100 of the Google search engine results. Positions were taken through a specialized service based on the semantic core in the promotion, for example, TOP1 indicates that the site had at the start 48 out of 1740 keywords in the first position).

We saw the full potential of the site that can be obtained with enhanced S EO promotion. Given the size of the large size of the online store being promoted, we, together with the client, have identified priority pages that are in demand and have the potential to receive users from the Google search engine.

Building a growth strategy

We built the promotion strategy based on the gradual expansion of the product line and the proven dynamics tested on a large number of projects, an individual plan for website promotion was developed.

Promotion stages:

  • Putting things in order on the site, remove duplication, delimit pages;
  • Improvement of crawling and indexing of pages;
  • Correction of site errors based on search engine recommendations;
  • Writing and placing the target content on promoted pages;
  • Formation of useful blocks that increase the quality of the site;
  • Fixing technical problems with site filtering and directories;
  • Improving the speed of work;
  • li>
  • Mobile development oh version of the site;
  • Increasing the number of pages with potential for traffic in the search engine;
  • Extension of the site by filtering Autoshutter + brand;
  • Extension of the site Autoshutter + region;
  • Formation of new catalogs and pages (Eva rugs + filters, organizers, pages of dealers and wholesales).

Problems and solutions

At the stage of work, we encountered a number of problems that required additional solutions.

Constant turnover of goods and assortment. The client was debugging production and marketing in parallel with our work and problems arose such as duplication, deletion of goods. Also, changes in links with 1C resulted in filtering changes 3 times, which led to slower results and a large amount of duplication. We applied creative solutions to eliminate it.

Expansion of the product group.The new product categories were an advantage, but also a challenge. catalogs immediately got with a large product base without optimization, photos, texts. In fact, a large number of new unoptimized pages got to the search engine. We solved the issue by generating data and debugging template photos for different types of products.

Creative solutions of the SEO department

If you read and saw the design of the site at the time of its creation, you can see what SEO has brought a lot of useful functionality for both users and for the search engine, which allowed us to break into the leaders of the niche. Below are examples, we cannot list them all here, of course:

Regional pages:

Switching to car brands:

Color palette and photos for EVA mats:

SEO promotion results

Trokot car accessories online store, including the owner himself, has been convinced of the quality of SEO promotion over the years of working with us. We managed not only to fulfill the main tasks set, but also to focus on the constant growth of orders and clicks to the site. The coherence of work and coordination of all departments made it possible to do what others could not and to overtake all competitors. Most of the pages have grown to TOP1-3, while providing a greater flow of customers to the site compared to previous seasons. The site is constantly growing and our work has been fixed even after the rupture of all relations with the client.

Our moral principles did not allow us to continue working with the client. Therefore, now we can only be proud of our work and the result, but not the country where this result was obtained. You can see our other cases with Ukrainian clients and companies from all over the world.

  • Semantic core (queries) in tracking: 1740 queries
  • High traffic potential: 55 pages
  • Traffic potential: 123,650 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Total position growth:

TOP at the momentNumber of requests (was)% of requests in the TOP (before)Number of requests (before)% of requests in the TOP (before)
TOP 1482.76%37921.78%
TOP 31579.02 %60334.66%
TOP 5 24714.20%85048.85%
TOP 1037221.38%114865.98%
TOP 3055331.78%147284.60%
TOP 100157290.34%160992.47%
Not in TOP1001689.66%1317.53 %

Change positions for key queries:

Search QueryFrequencyStart PositionNow Position
eva mats9900>1004
eva mats8100>1004
eva floor mats5400>1004
car curtains1900112
trunk organizer1900>1008
eva floor mats1300>100 1
frame curtains130041
covers for car seats1300>1004
frame blinds 880 21
fur seat covers720> 1002
Alcantara capes590>100 1
car organizers480>1007
alcantara covers390>1007
automotive mat eva390>1003
  • Frequency - the number of searches per month
  • Position at the start - during the initial analysis of positions
  • Position now - after our work

Site visits for the year:

Google analytics clicksup to 350006714083448
Google search console clicksup to 3500071724100970

Clicks for 2020-2022 Google analytics:

Clicks in 16 months Google Search Console:

Service prices

SEO package "RETAIL"
(for online stores/catalogs)
600 $ / month
(for online stores/catalogs)
800 $ / month
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