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Clinic website optimization

SEO promotion of medical website Medlogist

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SEO case study of medical treatment website Medlogist

From development to TOP Google and Yandex. How to get a steady stream of customers.

BK Medical Logistic
SEO promotion
SEO for a medical website BK Medical Logistic - photo №1

The main goals of optimization:

After completing the development of the site more BK Medical Logistic , our team began to promote the site. It is important for a client to have not only a website that can be shown to clients who have already come, but also to get a new audience. Considering the large number of companies in this niche, we understood that it is important to show the quality attitude of Medlogist towards each client, while getting results in attracting free traffic from the Google search engine.

Initial site analysis

At the first stages of the development of the site, we did work on the formation of an understandable and well-thought-out structure of diseases, clinics and doctors, the ability to pass tests and get results. We eliminated all basic mistakes during the development of the site, which made it possible to simplify the optimization of the site and show it as a strong player in the niche at the start.

At the first stages of work:

  • Prepared basic technical improvements for medical sites;
  • Compiled a detailed structure of the site, identified priorities for the business;
  • Collected the semantic core for the selected sections;
  • Received initial traffic and position indicators, set up analytics tools;

Initial metrics:

  • Semantic core (queries) in tracking: 3811 queries
  • High traffic potential: 140 pages
  • Potential traffic: 104,460 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Site positions at the start:

TOP at the start Amount requests % of requests to TOP
TOP 1 0 0
TOP 3 0 0
TOP 5 0 0
TOP 10 1 0.03
TOP 30 21 0.55
TOP 100 673 17.66
Not in TOP100 3138 82.34
  • (In The table shows the position of the site in the TOP100 of the Google search engine results. Positions were taken through a specialized service based on the semantic core in promotion, for example TOP1 indicates that the site at the start had 0 out of 3811 keywords on the first position).

The potential of the main traffic is small, but taking into account the specifics of the search from potential customers, later they made several cardinal decisions that affected the reach.

Building a growth strategy

Having received extensive information on the initial positions of the site and conducted an extensive analysis of all major competitors. We were able to build a strategy for tasks and content writing that will bring the target audience to the site and show the quality of the resource.The long-term strategy promised a gradual increase in the quality of the resource with an increase in coverage of key user requests, thematic diseases and services provided.

Stages of promotion work:

  • Generation of useful content;
  • Distribution of key queries across the site to increase domain indicators;
  • Constantly expanding the structure of referrals and diseases;
  • Improving crawl and indexing rates;
  • Continuous analysis of speed and convenience for mobile devices;
  • Working out an additional link of diseases and doctors ;
  • Coverage of low-frequency disease queries;
  • Formation of useful blocks (Frequently asked questions, internal navigation).

SEO results

The site is still moving according to the planned strategy, the amount of possible content and potential is huge. During the optimization of the site, the results on priority pages for business are visible, the number of users has increased tremendously, and even travel restrictions to Israel did not prevent customers from providing comprehensive information, registering them for routine examinations and booking time for a trip. Now, in addition to expanding the structure, work has begun on the formation of useful content for the blog and coverage of information requests of users.

  • Semantic core (requests) in tracking: 3811 requests
  • High traffic potential: 140 pages
  • Traffic potential: 104,460 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Overall position growth :

TOP at the moment Number of requests (was) % of requests to the TOP (has been) Number of requests (has become) % of requests to the TOP (has become)
TOP 1 0 0 195 5.12
TOP 3 0 0 590 15.48
TOP 5 0 0 941 24.69
TOP 10 1 0.03 1494 39.20
TOP 30 21 0.55 2427 63.68
TOP 100 673 17.66 3100 81.34
Not in TOP100 3138 82.34 711 18.66

Changing positions for keywords:

  • Frequency - the number of searches per month
  • Position at the start - during the initial analysis of positions
  • Position now - after our work
  • High-frequency requests for this niche are shown, medium- and low-frequency requests for these directions have higher positions.

Site visits in April:

Search query Position at start Position now Frequency
uterine adenocarcinoma > 100 1 390
lymph node cancer > 100 2 590
get treatment in israel > 100 3 260
adenocarcinoma > 100 3 2400
immuno-histochemistry > 100 4 390
histology > 100 5 3600
cancer treatments in israel > 100 5 170
pedget cancer > 100 8 590
medulloblastoma > 100 10 580
Indicator 04/2020 04/2021
Google analytics clicks 518 13527
Google search console clicks 621 11260
Google search console impressions 18641 407448

Service prices

SEO package "OPTIMAL"
(for B2B websites)
500 $ / month
SEO package "ADVANCED"
(for B2B websites)
700 $ / month
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