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Furniture website optimization

SEO promotion of a furniture website Dvorsky Studio

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SEO case for furniture website Dvorsky Studio

Increase in traffic and site growth in organic search results. Leading positions in custom-made furniture in Kiev and the region, satisfied customers, individual approach and quality for Dvorsky Studio

Dvorsky Studio
SEO promotion
SEO for furniture website Dvorsky Studio - photo №1

Main goals:

It is difficult for a small business to survive among aggregators and companies that can suppress competitors by reducing the cost of products. An individual approach to each client and organic search results from Google are the only salvation for a small business.

Dvorsky Studio is a small website in Kiev and Kiev region, which makes custom-made furniture for the individual needs of the client. In the course of planning the strategies and goals of the company, it was clear that we needed to maximize the site for regional requests, make edits in convenience and speed, so that all users could find furniture for themselves. One of the difficulties is that the furniture is exclusively made to order, there is simply no opportunity to buy a finished product.

Initial site analysis

Having analyzed the TOP100 search results for furniture, kitchens and wardrobes thematic queries, we came to the decision that the main goal of the site is key queries related to individual design and furniture ordering. However, many competitors provide ready-made solutions for these requests, which significantly complicates the work. At the start, the site consisted of pages with photos and prices, a small number of pages compared to competitors hindered promotion.

At the first stages of work:

  • We checked the technical characteristics of the site, blocking, sanctions;
  • We worked out the structure of the main sections and highlighted a list of priority pages;
  • Prepared a semantic core in terms of structure (taking into account user requests related to ordering furniture);
  • We made an initial measurement of positions and traffic.

Initial indicators:

  • Semantic core (requests ) in tracking: 533 requests
  • High traffic potential: 57 pages
  • Traffic potential: 48930 clicks per month (by data of Adwords)

Site positions at the start:

TOP at the time of start Number of requests % of requests to TOP
TOP 1 0 0
TOP 3 0 0
TOP 5 0 0
TOP 10 9 1.69
TOP 30 53 9.94
TOP 100 102 19.14
Not in TOP100 431 80.86
  • (The table shows the position of the site in the TOP100 of the Google search engine results. Positions were taken through a specialized service based on the semantic core in promotion, for example TOP1 indicates that the site at the start had 0 out of 533 keywords on the first position).

The potential of the main traffic is small, but given the specifics of searching for furniture from potential customers, they later made several cardinal decisions that affected the reach.

Building a growth strategy

An individual strategy for achieving results was built for the Dvorsky Studio website, all the elements requiring implementation were agreed, the ultimate goal is getting customers from the Internet.

Stages of promotion work:

  • Increase of the main pages of the site, structure;
  • Formation of separate project cards in each category.
  • Improving page crawling and indexing performance;
  • Improving technical performance and site loading speed;
  • Forming a responsive version of the site for mobile devices;
  • Writing and placing targeted content on promoted pages and project cards;
  • Strengthening the site through thematic sections, blocks, elements on the site;
  • Adding filtering for users and thematic pages for the search engine;
  • Creation of pages of regional coverage, appearance in the search results of each district of Kiev;
  • UI /UX edits, updating of the design of some blocks of the site, the formation of consistency and convenience.

SEO promotion results

A large amount of work was done, our team and the client's team completed everything in a short time work on project optimization, strengthening of leadership in Kiev. With the help of heatmaps of user behavior and constant analysis of convenience, we were able to increase the volume of calls and requests in the main directions. The achieved results are intermediate, the client entrusted us with the optimization of the site and the choice of strategy, and he devotes time to the visitors of the resource and the expansion of the regional network of salons.

  • Semantic core (requests) in tracking: 533 requests
  • High traffic potential: 57 pages
  • Traffic potential: 48930 clicks per month (according to Adwords)

Overall position growth :

TOP at the moment Number of requests (was) % of requests to the TOP (has been) Number of requests (has become) % of requests to the TOP (has become)
TOP 1 0 0 74 13.88
TOP 3 0 0 153 28.71
TOP 5 0 0 221 41,46
TOP 10 9 1.69 306 57.41
TOP 30 53 9.94 444 83.30
TOP 100 102 19,14 506 94.93
Not in TOP100 431 80.86 27 5.07

Position change by key queries:

Search query Position at start Position Now Frequency
Custom Cabinets 82 2 480
custom-made furniture Kiev > 100 3 1600
custom hallways > 100 4 210
custom-made cabinet furniture 79 5 260
furniture slide 46 5 260
custom-made furniture > 100 5 1900
custom-made wardrobes > 100 9 2900
custom kitchens Kiev > 100 11 2900
  • Frequency - number of in searches per month
  • Position at the start - during the initial analysis of positions
  • Position now - after our work

Site visits in May:

Indicator 05/2019 05/2020
Google analytics clicks 1014 3200
Google search console clicks 1134 3126
Google search console impressions 53726 223120

Clicks per year Google analytics:

  • 13707 clicks - 2018-2019
  • 34757 clicks - 2019-2020

Service prices

SEO-promotion, "ADVANCED" package
(for b2b sites)
700 $ / month
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