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Order a business card website of a design studio

How to order the development of a vector graphics website?

To order the creation of a business card site for a design studio, just leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section.

If you liked our case, you can order the development of a business card site for a design studio on our website by filling out a brief and indicating there "creating a business card site for a design studio" or scroll the page up and click on the "Order a site" button under the heading of our case on developing a business card site for a design studio.

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Design studio website

Website development for a vector graphics studio

We were contacted by the vector graphics agency "Papa Vector" for the site which would help them show the high level of the company and optimize the recruitment process. Website for the company vector graphics who sells her work on stocks was not needed, as long as they did not there was a need to build a recruitment funnel with training materials and a test task. The DIGIANTS company learned about all the cases of staff recruitment and proposed the optimal website structure, which would replace the average HR when submitting test assignments and help applicants complete the test assignment.

Papa vector
WEB development
Ukraine, Europe
Website development for a design studio - photo №1

Client Task

The vector graphics company" Papa Vector "has been on the market for more than 3 years, their main task is to create graphics and sell them on stock photos, so the website for the vector graphics agency was not their primary task. But as the company grew, so did the claims of recruiters and job seekers against the vector graphics company's website.

After talking with the HR director of the company and the assistant manager, DIGIANTS company understood what business processes the company needed to optimize and offered terms of reference based on the needs of the client. We have developed a vector graphics website in the style of minimalism, based on the client's logo book and his wishes. The vector graphics studio website gives a complete understanding of the company, its team members and the products that the company manufactures.

She also has a training page that will help prospective candidates better prepare for the position, as well as a vacancy page "which with full information about the position, a test task and a feedback form. The client also ordered the integration of the site with the CRM system.

Website development for a design studio - photo №2

Features of vector graphics site development

We used the Laravel framework to develop the Papa Vector website. The admin panel was made as simple and convenient as possible so that any employee can quickly and easily replace information without resorting to instructions. Also, this site has been integrated with CRM Hurma, to receive responses to vacancies.

Website development for a design studio - photo №3 Website development for a design studio - photo №4
Website development for a vector graphics studio - photo №5

Website design for a vector graphics studio

In the design, we used the style of the logo and brand book, given that the company is engaged in vector graphics, we focused on the quality of the site images, using the unique content of our client to show the site visitors the high level of the company's work. The site is made in two main colors: purple and yellow.

Website development for a vector graphics studio - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Website development for a vector graphics studio - photo №7

Results of the Papa Vector website development project

The result of the project is a developed website that perfectly acquaints future candidates with the company, helps them undergo training and complete a test task for obtaining a position in the company. Vacancies are updated from the administrator, and applications come to the Hurma CRM system.

SERVICES: design + development


DESIGN: 6 unique pages

MOBILE VERSION: responsive

TIME: 6 weeks

BUDGET: $ 2200

Service prices

Business card website
from 1 000 $
Business card site * Ready-made solution DIGIANTS
from 700 $
WOW business card site
from 3 200 $
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