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Startup website

How to order the development of a presentation site for a startup?

To order the development of a promo site for a startup presentation, just leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section.

If you liked our case, you can order a startup site on our website by filling out a brief and indicating there " creating a promo site for a startup "or scroll up the page and click on the button" Order a startup site "under the heading of our case for developing a medical application.

Leave your details and our operators will call you back to calculate the cost and agree on a discount especially for you
Startup website

Creation of a presentation website for a startup in Germany

Our client is Lampix, a technology development company based in Frankfurt. For the presentation, launch and testing of a new hardware startup, they needed a promo site and they turned to us to develop it.

B2B, Hospitality
WEB development
Client site
Development of a promo website for a startup - photo №1

Client Task

The task was to make a simple and understandable presentation of the product for users who came to the site via a direct link. The main goal was to get to know the product and form the client's understanding of what a technological solution is - how it automates the process, how it helps to save money and, of course, how it works in general.

Development of a promo website for a startup - photo №2

Features of developing a startup promo site

The client's request was to make the site on Wordpress, since the internal administration specialists were already familiar with this platform and reusing it would save time on learning a new tool.

The main feature in the development of a startup promo site for a German company was to reproduce part of the functionality of the product itself, namely - the process of contactless ordering in a restaurant, which does not require a waiter.

We agreed and reproduced the ordering process exactly as it will happen in real time so that potential customers were able to see it clearly, on the website.

The client was delighted with our proposal and implementation as they planned to simply describe the process.

Development of a promo website for a startup - photo №3 Development of a promo website for a startup - photo №4
Creation of a presentation website for a startup in Germany - photo №5

Startup site design

In the design of the site, we, of course, proceeded from the client's vision, the style of the provided graphic materials (content) and guidelines.

We were required to make a clear European site with intuitive and large elements for users of all ages (target audience - 35-70 years old).

The final design was approved by the client with minimal revisions and submitted to our development specialists. In his feedback to our company, the client indicated that he got exactly what he wanted :)

Creation of a presentation website for a startup in Germany - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Creation of a presentation website for a startup in Germany - photo №7

Results of the project on the development of a startup presentation site

The result of the project was a developed website in two language versions (German and English) with a description of all the details of the product and its visual demonstration. The client received the necessary tool for his business and thanked us for the work done.

After the completion of the project, the client's company has repeatedly recommended us to its partners, and we look forward to starting the development of sites for products of the company :) After all, working with a client who knows exactly what he wants, but at the same time trusts the contractor and is open to new proposals is always nice!

SERVICES: design + development

ADMIN PANEL: Wordpress

DESIGN: 1 unique page

MOBILE VERSION: responsive

TERM: 6 weeks

BUDGET: $ 1250

Service prices

WOW landing page
from 2 200 $
WOW business card website
from 3 200 $
Business card website
from 1 000 $
Business card site * Ready-made solution DIGIANTS
from 700 $
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