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Medical site

Order the creation of a turnkey medical website

In order to order the creation of a medical website, it is enough to leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section.
If you liked our case, you can order a website for a medical company on our website by filling out the brief and indicating "creating a medical website" or scroll the page up and click on the button "Order a medical website" under the heading of our case on website development for the medical company BK medical logistic.

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Medical site

Development of a medical website for BK medical logistic

Our client is a company that provides a wide range of services: from remote services and testing to the treatment of patients with complex diagnoses in Israel. For BK medical logistic, we made a website that accommodated all the services provided by the company, placed cards of clinics and doctors for more confidence and improving the prospects for scaling the website in the future.

BK medical logistic
WEB development
Medical company website - photo №1

The client's task

The client had a simple task - to create a website that will correspond to the strict style of the brand book, will be understandable, clear and presentable for an audience of 40+, will correspond to the image of a medical company and, most importantly, will have high SEO potential.

Medical company website - photo №2

Features of the development of a medical site

We have worked out the structure of the site based on the main areas of the company's work, namely, remote services, analyzes, treatment (general), and oncology treatment. They also placed cards of doctors and clinics, adding the ability to intelligently search the site and filter - to make the medical site even more authoritative and trustworthy. The large-scale structure of the site helped us to build up the mass of pages and describe a large number of diagnoses and their treatment, helping users to get information and an immediate solution on one medical site. We also paid special attention to dynamic blocks, which have a great advantage for SEO. In fact, we have prepared a large medical reference book, packed into the company's medical services catalog site.

In the development of the medical site, we used the Vue.js and Laravel frameworks. At the moment - these are the most high-tech frameworks in their languages, allowing "" to roam "" during development.

Medical company website - photo №3 Medical company website - photo №4
Development of a medical website for BK medical logistic - photo №5

Design features of a medical site for BK medical logistic

Besides the fact that we had a fairly detailed brand book, this was not the first creation of a medical site in our history :) Here are some tips regarding the design of medical sites. which should be adhered to when creating a website for a medical company:

  • Clean and clear design (should be understandable to everyone from 20 to 70 years old, with an emphasis on content. Standard navigation and hints are welcome)
  • Positive images (don't scare the user with tumor images).
  • Classic typography (emphasis should be placed on content, not visuals).
  • Lack bright colors (despite the fact that the generally accepted color is red, colder tones have a calming effect, helping the client to perceive the content and understand what he is looking for)

Of course, this is not all, what you need to know, but this must be taken into account if you plan develop a medical website.

Development of a medical website for BK medical logistic - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Development of a medical website for BK medical logistic - photo №7

Results of creating a website for a medical company

As a result of the completion of a project to develop a medical website for BK medical logistic, we launched the website two months after the start. Since the release, the site has tripled its traffic and continues to grow, even in the absence of regular promotion actions (due to COVID-19).

The client was satisfied with the developed medical site, with its feedback and reviews from others clients - you can read about us :)

  • SERVICES: design + development + SEO
  • ADMIN PANEL: Laravel
  • DESIGN: 14 unique pages
  • MOBILE VERSION: responsive
  • CONTENT: graphics and texts
  • TIME: 12 weeks
  • BUDGET: $ 3400

Service prices

Internet catalog
from 2 500 $
Business card website
from 1 000 $
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