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Family bakery website

How to order the development of a bakery website?

In order to order the development of a bakery website, it is enough to leave a request on our website in a pop-up form or in the contacts section. If you liked our case, you can order a bakery website on our website by filling out the brief and indicating “creating a bakery website” there, or scroll up the page and click on the button “Order a bakery website” under the heading of our case on developing a business card website for a bakery.

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Family Bakery Website Case

Bakery website creation

The co-owner of a family bakery in Kiev contacted us for advice on developing a website for her business. They had just started work, so there was no idea what kind of site was needed. We helped to determine what exactly the business needs now and have developed a business card website.

Bakery 73
B2b segment, Food and drink
WEB development
Website development for a bakery - photo №1

The client's task

"Before contacting DIGIANTS, the client turned to a number of other companies for project miscalculations and commercial proposals. They were immediately offered to create large, voluminous and expensive sites, without even trying to figure out whether they needed it.

We tried to find out more about the client's business processes, and found out that in fact the site is needed just to show the products to potential distributors, who were contacted first by phone or in person. there was no b2c segment, respectively, we immediately discarded the online store or website catalog due to the fact that online sales or targeted delivery were not part of the company's business processes.Also, there was no large amount of text content, only photos of products and descriptions of product types and With a large website - they simply would not have anything to do, and besides, it was the client's first website - so we suggested starting with a business card and looking at how to use the site and further refine or alter it based on the need and not on the basis of the possibility, because the opportunity - in any case, will always be, and it makes no sense to spend money blindly :) "

Website development for a bakery - photo №2

Features of bakery business card website development

"For the development of the bakery website, we used our ready-made solution on the Wordpress platform, we made the site in 3 days.

In the admin panel, we split the prices and product descriptions into separate fields and implemented the cataloging of bakery products. On each page, a static horizontal feedback form was fixed. "

Website development for a bakery - photo №3 Website development for a bakery - photo №4
Bakery website creation - photo №5

Website design for a bakery business card

In the design, we started from the style of the logo and brand book, however, we took into account the fact that the main emphasis should be placed on attractive and well-taken photos of the bakery products. Therefore, we removed the emphasis from background elements and even from prices and CTAs (after all, the main purpose of the site is not an application, but an introduction to the product, and the form itself is static, not a pop-up). Clean design with focus on products - the client liked it and we successfully implemented it on the platform template.

Bakery website creation - photo №6

Color palette and typography

Bakery website creation - photo №7

Results of the project for the development of a bakery website

"The result of the project was a developed website that fully meets the business needs and budget of the client. After the project, the co-owner of the company left a warm comment about the work of our team:)

SERVICES: design + development

ADMIN PANEL: Wordpress

DESIGN: 5 unique pages

MOBILE VERSION: responsive

CONTENT: graphic elements

TERM: 2 weeks

BUDGET: $ 450 "

Service prices

Business card site * Ready-made solution DIGIANTS
from 700 $
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