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I think you know as well as we do what the situation is in the world. You need to go online! Developing a large custom online store is expensive. And selling goods on the Internet is necessary. Therefore, especially for you, we have made a promotion and offer a ready-made online store on a framework with an individual design for only $ 1099.

What do we offer?

In fact, we offer a ready-made store in which we only change the design.

There is a standard page structure that we can provide, minimally customizing it for the needs of the client .

Details below.

What can be edited through the admin panel:

  1. All content on the site (texts /pictures )
  2. Style design
  3. Contact information.
  4. Prices
  5. Edit and add categories where products are located
  6. Moderate product reviews
  7. Display promotions on the site
  8. Change banners and links on the main page.

What means minimally customized?

  1. This means that we can match colors, fonts, arrangement of elements and other points in the design.
  2. We do not change the structure of the site, filter pages and functionality of the catalog.
  3. Icons in the footer and header also remain unchanged.
  4. We connect the analytics tools provided by the client - Facebook pixel /GA /GSC /GTM
  5. We customize the feedback form to your email address.
  6. We customize the cart for your payment methods.
  7. We customize the catalog categories for the provided goods.
  8. We put links to the client's social networks, phone numbers.
  9. We do not make adjustments to the admin panel. Only for an additional cost.
  10. Integration of one delivery service by prior agreement with the developer.
  11. One language version.

What else is included in the price:

  • Implemented standard meta data generation formula - header | title
  • Selection of graphics - icons, neutral images for banners.
  • Filling the website with content and goods (only when it is ready at the time of creation or when filling out the goods according to our example).
  • Creating standard opengraph markup for social networks
  • Transferring to the customer's domain and hosting
  • Setting up online payment with the liqpay service or similar, but by prior agreement with the developers

What's not included in the price:

  • Hosting and domain - provided by the customer and not included in the price.
  • Filling the website if the content is not provided by the customer prior to development.
  • Editing the site.
  • Editing the admin panel.
  • 2nd iteration for any edits (for example, change the color a second time, re-upload products, fix social media links, or change the payment method) are charged an additional $ 20 per hour.

Work process:

  1. Discussing design improvements - what we can and what we don’t.
  2. We show the admin panel and provide instructions on how to work with the admin panel.
  3. After approval, we proceed to development.
  4. In two weeks, we show the finished site.
  5. Upload the products to the site
  6. Make paid edits, if necessary.
  7. Transfer to the customer's domain and hosting.

Cost, terms and procedure of payment:

  • Cost - $ 1099
  • Terms - 2 weeks
  • Payment is made 50 to 50 - an advance payment before the start of work and a fee - after.

A template, an analogue of which we offer, can be viewed at the link:

Examples of work of ready-made sites on this template:

To gain access to the admin panel, send a message to this mail with the subject line “Online store template”, your name and surname, phone number and contact details in text. Or just fill out the feedback form below.

You can also contact us by the phone number in the header of the site!

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