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Affordable marketplace development

Order the development of a marketplace website with Digiants

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Marketplace website development

Why do you need to develop a marketplace?

A marketplace is a platform that enables companies to offer their products online, allowing buyers to find the specific product or service they need. In simple terms, a marketplace facilitates transactions. It can be compared to a shopping center that provides businesses with trading space. Marketplaces are categorized into three types based on the nature of interactions:

  • B2B - a business interacts with another business. Both parties are legal entities;
  • B2C - business offers services to the client. Example - Rozetka: companies display their products for retail sale;
  • C2C - users interact with each other on an equal footing. Example - BlaBlaCar: the driver and fellow travelers team up to save money on the trip.

Marketplace development has become profitable recently as people want to save time when ordering services and shopping. The audience has three desires. First, they want the ability to examine the products all in one window, without having to browse multiple websites. Secondly, they want a guarantee that sellers will fulfill their promises. Thirdly, they want to order goods, make payments, and leave reviews quickly.


Occur online - don't miss out on these opportunities!


We developed an approach that allows us to offer up to 30% lower prices than other IT companies

Our advantages
Timely project delivery
Affordable prices
KPI-based results

When would it be appropriate to develope an aggregator website?

In the narrow sense, an aggregator is a reference website that collects information about companies of a certain subject. In broad terms, it is a thematic portal with a wide variety of information in a specific niche. The development of an aggregator website is attractive in that such resources offer an exhaustive amount of information of a narrow focus, and this, in turn, leads to a large flow of visitors to the resource. As a result, we observe that for many requests, Google gives out first of all links to aggregators and only then - to other resources. Thus, developing an aggregator in an unoccupied niche is a great idea for a profitable business.

To develope an aggregator website, you need to carefully prepare: study the field, analyze competitors, take into account many subtleties. Before ordering the development, you need to think in advance about the way to monetize the project:

  • payment for priority placement;
  • payment for any placement;
  • commission on sales;
  • banner advertising;
  • native advertising, etc.

At the same time, it is important to provide potential partners with benefits that encourage them to be placed on the website. Although the development of an aggregator is a relatively popular direction, there are still many free niches in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. The attention of users will go to those who are the first to occupy these niches.

How to develop a trading platform?

The development of a trading platform has specific goals: to create a space for sale and purchase transactions between companies and conduct electronic trading ... Customers post procurement information on trading platforms, and suppliers participate in tenders. Suppliers can be both legal entities and individuals.

Digiants Agency is engaged in the development of marketplaces, aggregators, electronic trading platforms and other platforms with a complex architecture. In our arsenal there are popular frameworks that allow us to implement the most daring projects, regardless of the complexity and volume of work.

Development of an online trading platform, aggregator or marketplace are projects that require a unique approach. To order a website, leave your phone number and we will call you back to discuss the details.

How we work
First contact

Reach out via phone, Facebook, email, Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp to discuss your project

Learning about the project

We collect project details either by
requesting the completion of a brief form
or through direct discussions with our
dedicated manager

Offer preparation

We analyze the market and your business
objectives to prepare tailored proposals
in various versions

Contract and advance payment

Upon agreement of the project scope,
we prepare and send you all the necessary
documents for signing and payment

UI /UX design

We strategize the optimal placement of
elements and create the visual concept,
providing a layout for each website page


Our team designs, animates, integrates
the admin panel and applies additional
optimizations to ensure everything
works fine across all devices

QA (x3)

We thoroughly review the online store
three times for errors and bugs,
rigorously testing ordering and
payment processes.
You get the final product

Adding content

If you prefer not to add content to
the website on yourself, we are always
ready to do it for you.
Available upon prior arrangement.

Project delivery

Your project is done! We hand over
the ready website to you, ensuring
results exceed your expectations

Marketplace website development - prices

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Check out a couple of projects where we've provided our marketplace website development service. Curious to see how we handled it? We're confident you'll love our work!

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FAQ about our services

Find answers to common questions below or get in touch with us to get a free consultation.

What is the price of website development?

You can check our prices on this page .
The most popular website development services are:

Do you provide discounts on Marketplace website development?

Yes! We often have Special offers for website development and SEO for our clients. You can also contact us to learn more about discounts.

Why is custom website development costly?

A uniquely designed website can streamline all your business processes and simplify website maintenance. Custom development of Marketplace website development may include:
- UX/UI research with a deep immersion into the client's industry, studying references, and analyzing successful competitors.
- Drafting a technical specification for the website's architecture, ensuring seamless integration with technology and marketing tools.
- Creation of a user-friendly admin panel in the selected language which will allow for easy editing of 95% of the website's content.
- Selection of hosting and domain name setup.
- Basic or full SEO implementation to optimize the website's visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Where can I see examples of websites created by DIGIANTS?

We have a portfolio with our works where you can check examples of completed projects.

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