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Elements on the page to increase conversion - 11 offers

There are many tricks to increase conversions, but in essence, it is the content and elements created on the page that determine whether the user will complete the business task.


There are many tricks to increase conversions, but in essence, it is the content and elements created on the page that determine whether the user will complete the set business task.

Achieving this goal is very often desired on the web websites of companies or online stores, where the owner expects the website to generate as many requests and orders as possible.

In other words, it will convert.

So what are the elements on website increase conversion? The ones that build trust and improve the user experience. So, let's look at what needs to be included on the site to achieve this goal.

Suggested elements on the site to increase conversion

1. All graphics

It can be argued that the presentation layer of a website is text and images. Text is the absolute foundation, but without the right graphics, even the best material will not contribute to the interaction.

Therefore, all graphics on the site are extremely important in terms of capturing the attention of the audience and creating a positive impression. In addition, today there are a number of options, because in addition to static images, illustrations, icons or, more and more popular, animation work well.

A site enriched with such graphics becomes more colorful, which makes a positive impression on the eyes of the audience. This, in turn, is an important step in attracting users to your brand.

2. Video

As you already know, static graphics are a great way to increase the attractiveness of a site. It's also worth including videos, which have a lot of uses.

This seems to be most useful for pages that are typically sales-focused (such as a landing page) or offer a product. Showing it in action is a great and, most importantly, very quick way to demonstrate the capabilities of the product. It often takes 2-3 minutes for the video to present enough qualities to intrigue the users who watch it and encourage them to buy.

3. Customer Testimonials

If we're describing conversion-boosting elements on a website, we can't help but mention testimonials, one of the most important elements in this regard. Why? Because we want something to back up every buying decision. I don't think there are many situations where users buy a product without at least checking what others have written about it. The same applies to any service.

We always want to check if the desired products or services are worth buying. Therefore, reviews are a great opportunity to do this. They show us what others think of the company in question, their feelings and comments. In addition, positive feedback affects our trust. After reading a few of them, we immediately begin to look at the company /product more favorably and usually just decide to make a purchase or take advantage of the offer.

4.Customer logos

Like testimonials, customer logos are part of the so-called social proof family. By their presence, they convince us of a brand or product. They also show that others already trust the brand, so why shouldn't I?

This is all the more true when the logo is accompanied by a more familiar symbol. This increases prestige, which is desirable in terms of conversion.

5. Button or CTA section

A conversion is usually equated with making a contact, signing up, or making a purchase. Therefore, it is necessary, first of all, to design the page in such a way that the user can easily achieve this goal. So a CTA button or an entire CTA section is another element to increase conversions.

These buttons take the user to the right place on the page. They simply help the user "get" to the desired destination, such as the contacts tab. The thoughtful inclusion of such an element can effectively increase the frequency of achieving the goal.

In addition, they are very easy to implement, since there are many places where they will work perfectly and be effective. For example:

  • a slider or so-called hero image
  • at the end of each subpage
  • in the middle of the content
  • as interludes between the content of the respective subpages
  • in the footer
  • in the sidebar of the page, the so-called sidebar

6. USP

Another thing that will help increase your desired conversion is to create what is known as a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). It is nothing more than presenting, for example, in the form of an advertising slogan or key phrase, a unique feature that your competitors do not have.

Having such value is extremely important - especially now, when almost every industry is very high competition. Thus, with this uniqueness, you can stand out from a really dense crowd and, above all, present yourself to users in a completely different light.

7. Contact information

This may seem like a rather banal moment, but when browsing various sites, one can all too often encounter a situation where even the address data is missing on the company's website. Of course, this is not necessary, but the absence of such data seriously undermines the credibility of this brand and immediately arouses suspicion.

In addition, contact information is also a kind of element that shows the "strength" of the brand. A multi-branch company presents contact details broken down by specific area of ​​responsibility (eg customer service office, secretariat, management) and certainly immediately evokes prestige. This proves that we are dealing with a specific company.

8. Implementations

Realizations are, in a way, a blueprint for what a given company can do. It is a demonstration of the possibilities and an acknowledgment of the services rendered to others.

This element significantly influences the purchase decision, so its placement can play an important role in terms of conversion. In fact, the user can decide based on the implementation because he can see, in some way, what effect he can expect. While it is true that not every industry provides a service that can then be hosted as an implementation.

9. Demo

To stimulate the full offer, it's best to just show the demo. Nothing motivates full service like a feature sample.

This is a very common procedure in which the user has the opportunity to test the product. Usually, the features are not fully unlocked, of course, but they are accessible enough to encourage subsequent use of the full offer.

In addition, the user does not have to buy something blindly, but there is an opportunity to experience the qualities first hand. While demos usually work well in industries where online tools are involved, online retailers can also benefit from this procedure, such as cosmetics, bridal (invitation) or food industries.

10. Benefits

We often touch on the topic in our posts that a brand should avoid constantly boasting based on "I am this", "we are that", "we are X", because in essence it is not very good for the user. interesting. He or she is interested in self-interest, i.e. what he or she will actually get by making a purchase or using a service.

Therefore, highlighted elements with benefits for the user are a great way to communicate to him or her what he or she will receive and what problems will be eliminated.

11. Certificates, awards, prizes

Additional elements on the site that increase conversion are all kinds of awards and won certificates. Like implementation, various awards show recipients that you are skilled enough in your industry and successful.

This also helps to create a positive image among your audience and encourage cooperation. The person on the other side of the screen sees that they are dealing with a reliable brand.

Which page elements that increase conversion are cost-effective?

All elements on the site that increase conversion in the first place designed to inspire brand trust and improve user experience.

They have in common that they are created with the user in mind. The user is the most important part of any content on the site, and by using these elements, you can be sure that users are more likely to respond to you.

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