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Local SEO Optimization - Voice and Mobile Search

Because of this, in order to rank as high as possible in local search results, you need to be high on Google Maps.


If your company is a new online business, then you need to focus on more than just local SEO.

Where to start?

First of all, do everything every good SEO expert advises to get as many organic views as possible.

Secondly, optimize local SEO, that is, everything that will increase your position in Google Maps.

If your site is well optimized for local SEO and organic results, then it has a high chance of ranking high.

Where to start?

First you need Make sure you have filled in all the information in the Google My Business panel. You also need to pay attention to whether the information on the page matches what is written in Google Moja Firma.

It is very important. Google then thinks that because all the information is consistent and matches the information on the site, it can mark such a site as "trusted" (by design).

Here it is also necessary to mention whether the website is user-friendly and search engine-friendly, whether the site users find it easy to navigate, etc.

The next step is a strategy for getting good and favorable reviews.

Reviews are a key factor that makes local SEO more effective.

The last thing that has a big impact on the success of local SEO is, of course, local links.

Try to acquire links from other businesses or organizations that are in the same geographic area as you.

The Importance of Online Reviews and Local SEO -optimizations

No company can shut themselves off from reviews anymore. They are on the Internet and will remain so. 80% of users check reviews about a company before using its services or products.

In this regard, their cannot be ignored.

Reviews are actually one of the many keys to success, but....

...this key is golden.

Users don't look for businesses that get one or two stars in every review.

They are looking for the very best.

Alternatively, those with the best ratio price and quality.

What can I say - the client wants the best for himself.

For this reason, companies should not beg for more and more reviews. Instead, they need to understand that getting good reviews is about a few simple principles:

  • good service clients
  • Fix user-reported bugs
  • constant contact with users on social networks

Unfortunately, all these rules are "an endless story", but it's important to understand that they are just continuous processes.

What to do in case of bad reviews and reviews?

Chance of losing a future client rather high due to a few bad reviews.

However, its can be levelled. How?

Try to write off every accusation, every bad review. Make it clear that you are looking for new perspectives on solving the problem, that you listen to all customers.

And , the most important thing is that you are constantly trying to improve or change the product in order to achieve the best result.

Where to promote your business?

Of course you want your company to be on all major sites, no matter what you do:

  • Yelp
  • Google Maps
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Yellow pages
  • LinkedIn itd.

The more important reason for creating company profiles on these portals is that a client who wants to add, for example, a good review of your company simply won't find it and won't do it.

However, an even more important reason is that many of these sites provide the opportunity to create a profile for anyone, and if the client has a little time and he does it for you, you will not be able to control it. Sometimes it happens that the company does not even know anything about such a procedure.

After you create accounts on main sites, you can pay attention to portals focused specifically on your service sector.

If you have hotel, you should get a TripAdvisor profile.

If you are in the wedding decorating business, you are strongly advised to use Snapchat and Instagram. They will help you build a broad fan base and possibly even future customers.

The best way to find sites that which you have the opportunity to promote your business is to type in the search engine the most important keyword for you. Let's assume that it will be "hairdresser Olsztyn".

Now check the first two pages of the search engine for exactly those portals where you can place your ad.

These will be sites that customers look at very often.

Now you can say, "Why the first two pages when most people only look at the first anyway?" .

The answer is quite simple.It often happens that search engine results are inconsistent. Site positions change very often. That is, sites located on the second page of the search engine can move to the first and vice versa, and within a short period of time.

Optimizing Local SEO Through Link Acquisition

It's almost impossible to get high local rankings without good toplinks to your site. This is a dogma, and we will not dispute it.

Someone can say that he did nothing and still ranked high for key phrases in local results. Of course, this could have happened.

This could have been due to a residual Google algorithm at the time, and it couldn't model the real world at the time the way Google would have liked.

Now this algorithm is so complicated, that you need to think more about marketing to potential customers, and not about how to forcefully look for holes and constantly deceive Google. Well, if someone knows how to do it and is at the top, then a point in their favor.

You need to create a network of links that will lead to your site.

I have a simple rule for this.

I ask myself: what would you do (or do) to promote your business if Didn't the Internet exist?

For example, you can join business groups in your city. Meet them, shake hands with them and talk to them. Let them know that you are the "cool guy" who gives discounts to those who recommend your business to someone else.

Then you are more likely to get valuable links from their pages that will point exactly to your site. Their pages will redirect customers to you, just like a whispered "good word" in town about your business.

How important are mobile and voice searches as local SEO?

We've had a few lately customers who wanted a mobile site instead of a static site that would later be optimized for mobile users.

It all depends on the type of your business.

You can find the differences between the two terms in my article on choosing between Responsive, Mobile, and Applied Web website.

If you are a plumber, no one will call you all the time until something breaks. It is likely that customers will use their phone, because they always have it with them, and will be able to quickly find your ad on the Internet using their smartphone.

For such a company, I would say: "It's good - it's worth having a mobile site." Sometimes it's not even worth having a regular website.

Now let's look at voice search. The growth in popularity of this method is already a foregone conclusion. Since Amazon has taken on the development of such a device, it means that people really use it.

Voice search will certainly change perception of local SEO results.

The other thing that is starting to affect local SEO is Facebook itself and its initiatives in an effort to bet on friendliness for every business.

They have a wealth of information about the people who constantly online, so they are betting on the development of the Facebook Messenger application and a paid system for local businesses.

Local SEO Optimization - Summary

Finally, I would like to touch on the topic of content on websites. What I've noticed on many local websites is frankly... alarming.

Suppose that if someone is looking for a company to repair their stove, they don't want to read on the front page about the history of stoves or about the company itself. They want to know: "can my stove be repaired", "how much will it cost", "when can a mechanic come".

If a website answers all of these questions that customers are asking, then your company has a chance to get the first call from an interested person.

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